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Guide To Dating Makati Girls For Single Guys

If you are looking for the best places to meet and date single girls in Makati, you will get all the info you need here.

I would reveal the best hookups to meet girls at night and during the day.

The first thing is to explore the vibrant Makati nightlife and reveal the best nightclubs and bars to pick up girls.

Then, we’ll check out the day game and meeting girls online. At last, a few tips to make your dates with Makati girls a win.

Let’s start with…


Makati Nightlife For Singles


The best way to start the night in Makati as a single guy is to visit popular pick up bars known to be busy with single women.

Most of the happening hours are between 8-11 pm, and on Wednesdays is ladies night.

It’s a great way to meet some classy independent women who hang out with friends early in the evening. They aren’t going to party in clubs, but rather to sleep early because they have to work the next morning.

From around 11-3 am, the most you’d find will be casual girls and students who want to get drunk and laid.

There are some great areas to enjoy the nightlife in Makati like Greenbelt and Burgos Street where you can find middle-class Filipinas and some foreign women clubbing.

Of course, there will be hookers too. If that’s your thing.

Most of the bars are open till late hours and some spots in Burgos Street are open almost 24 hours day.

Some bars and clubs don’t accept casual dressing. So, you might want to stow away the flip-flops and sleeveless shirts for the night.

Keep in mind that appearance count for Makati women as they are the high end of girls in Manila.

In other words, if you want to get laid, you better to dress sharp.


Best Nightclubs & Bars To Pick Up Girls In Makati

  1. Black Market

This is the best place to be in Makati on a Wednesday night with a great hip-hop scene. The crowd has a good ratio of Filipinas and foreigners. No ladyboys and hookers around.

  1. Royal

It’s an English/French-style designed nightclub with a diverse crowd and great music. Lots of tourists here and locals too. It also hosts special Wednesday events for the ladies.

  1. Long Bar

An exquisite bar with the perfect wine and dine experience. You can expect to meet mostly classy women here and almost no hookers.

  1. Finders Keepers

It’s located in the same building as Black Market and is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays. It offers a less rowdy scene with young girls and no hookers.

  1. 71 Gramercy

It’s the tallest nightclub in Makati located at the top of the Gramercy Residences with breathtaking panoramic views of Makati. There are lots of beautiful girls to hook up with.

  1. Time

This is one of the hottest clubs in the city and often invites international DJs to dish out underground and dance music. The sexiest Makati girls party here.

  1. The Distillery

It’s one of the best bars in Jupiter Street and is the go-to place to enjoy imported and craft beer. It’s a great spot to hook up with easy going women.

  1. Z Hostel Roofdeck

It’s another exquisite rooftop bar/club that offers live music, top DJs and a great crowd. There are lots of tourists, backpackers and local girls.


How To Meet Makati Women During The Day

It’s no secret that not everyone likes to party or enjoy the nightlife. But, everyone wants to meet some beautiful women in Makati and you can do that during the day.

The shopping malls are one of the best places to meet Manila girls while shopping.

It is also more convenient due to the air conditioning and serene environment in the malls. Outside is so just too hot!

The most popular ones are Greenbelt and Power Plant. Here, you can find educated Filipina who can speak perfect English.

If you want to impress them, memorize a few Tagalog phrases, they love to hear a foreigner speak their language.

Here are other great shopping malls to meet Makati girls:


Chat With Single Girls Online


When moving around the malls and pick up spots in Makati, you will find that most girls are always with friends.

You need to have a good game to be able to break into the group and get accepted. If not, your target girl is going to reject you in front of everyone.

That is pretty embarrassing and take nerves to shuffle around groups trying to hook up with a girl.

If you prefer to avoid those sticky situations you can connect with Makati girls by using popular Filipino dating sites.

The Filipinas on those online sites are there because they want to hook up with a foreign man, and you are there because you want to hook up with them.

It’s a Win-Win situation.

No need to get into awkward situations in public or facing rejection. It’s all done privately between you and the girl.

The best part is that you can start talking to the girls before you arrive in the city… That way, you can warm them up and build excitement.

How do you think is going to be when you visit her in Makati?


Tips For Single Guys In Makati

I just revealed the best ways to meet singles in Makati and I will share some tips you will need to prep you for your first hook up.

For setting up cool dates and easy movement around, the Greenbelt area is where you should stay.

At night, hang out in Burgos Street as it’s the best place for nightlife in Makati for singles. There are many bars and nightclubs on this strip where you can find Makati babes and are usually open almost 24/7.

However, you should know that this area is a sex tourism hub with freelancers and hookers lurking around.

As said earlier, you have to stay smart to figure out what games the girls are playing: pay for sex or fuck for free.

There are many classy restaurants and bars around Ayala and Greenbelt which are perfect to take your dates for a night out. Serious Makati girls love this area.

And after dinner, most girls in Makati would love you take them to the karaoke to sing a song.

If you are into classy women or you prefer to hook up with cougars, again the Greenbelt area is the go-to area.

In general, the City is a great place for a single guy to meet single Filipino women.


Enjoy Dating Makati Girls


If you are in Makati or planning to go, finding a hot girl is definitely going to be one of the highlights of your stay.

The good thing is, hooking up isn’t going to be as hard as you imagine.

Your hunt is going to be easy if you follow this guide informations.

Don’t forget to stay in the Greenbelt area for a great overall experience, and stay away from Burgos Street if you want to avoid hookers.

That’s the end of this guide to date Makati girls. Have fun!