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Guide to Dating Manila Girls For Single Guys

It’s not surprising that you want to meet singles in Manila as they are the most beautiful Filipino girls in the country.

This guide is your map to the best places to find these beautiful chicks.

In fact, I’m going to show you where you can get the best hookups with local women at any time of the day and night.

First, we journey into the Manila nightlife to reveal the hottest nightclubs and bars to pick up girls of your taste. Then, we cover spots to find girls during the day. And finally, we talk about finding girls online.

This way, you’ll be able to meet girls regardless of your style of approach. Plus, I’ll give you tips that will give you a better success rate to get laid with Manila girls.

Let’s start the hunt…


Manila Nightlife for Singles


Manila pick up bars are a nice place to start an early journey into the nightlife to meet single girls.

There are many types of girls hanging out in those places, from the professional hookers to the university girls. But this guide focus on singles girls, not prostitutes in Manila.

There are lots of areas in Manila but Ermita and Makati offer some of the best bars and nightclubs where to hook up with local girls.

Nevertheless, there are just a few things that might make the process seem a bit stressful for you.

First, Manila is densely and you can be sure you will experience a lot of traffic.

Second, areas like Makati have a lot of hookers adding confusion between good and bad girls.


Best Bars To Pick Up Girls In Manila

  1. Buddha Bar

This bar offers you the best fun loving Filipina girls looking to have some fun with little or no hookers around.

  1. La Cafe

This is the best bar in Manila if you are looking to pick up hot Filipino girls for a fling.

  1. Sky Deck View

It’s a classy rooftop bar and is close to a campus location.


Best Nightclubs To Hookup With Manila Girls

  1. Valkyrie

This is where you find the classiest of girls with a very low rate of hookers. Although the dress code is formal, you can get away with a casual outfit during the weekdays.

  1. Exclusiv

One of the best nightclubs to meet single girls looking for hookups. The club is open till 6 am.

  1. 71 Grammercy

It’s a rooftop club with breathtaking views of Manila and classy Filipino girls.

  1. Guilly’s

An exquisite nightclub with an army of teenage girls trooping in to have some fun.

  1. Chaos

It’s a modernly styled nightclub that is marketed to the young professionals and co-eds.


How To Meet Girls in Manila During The Day

It’s okay if you are not the party type and want to meet up with beautiful Manila girls. To suit your style, you will have to carry out your hunt during the day.

For a starter, in just about any mall you walk into, you will find attractive Manila girls hanging around.

Most of them speak basic English making the pick up a bit awkward, but it is balanced out by their eagerness to date a foreign man.

There are a plethora of malls to meet Manila women.

In Makati alone, you can find as much as five malls to pick from with Glorietta, Greenbelt and SM Makati located a few blocks away from each other.

Here are some of the other malls where to meet Manila girls:


Chat With Single Girls Online

Manila girls can be a little shy when you approach them in the public and not talk to you as much as you’d expect.

Sometimes, you might just be the type of guy that doesn’t like to approach women at a nightclub or mall.

Relax, there is no need to panic, girls in Manila are even much more conversational elsewhere. You just have to try the other route, and that is meeting them through dating sites.

As a matter of fact, you can hook up more easily with Manila girls online than at bars or malls. Also, you can set up dates even if you haven’t gotten to the city yet.

There are slutty girls who like the secrecy of the dating sites and good girls who are looking for a relationship. The choice is yours.


Tips For Single Guys In Manila

That’s a wrap on the best places to meet singles in Manila. Now, I’m going to share a few tips to prep you for your first hook up.

Setting up a date at the mall is very convenient and the girls appreciate it more than you think.

The Bonifacio High Street area is the best place for nightlife in Manila for singles.

There are many nice restaurants, hotels, bars, and nightclubs where you can meet up or go on a date with Manila babes in this area.

You can just walk into a bar or nightclub after a nice meal at a restaurant making it a great place to hook up with the locals.

Keep in mind that Manila girls love music, so you will enjoy her company better on a date to a Karaoke bar or live music bar.

Also, when on a date, you can start your conversation by asking about her family and you can be sure you are sending the right signals.

In general, it is a great place for a single guy to live without the usual worry about getting a girl. There are lots of single women ready to be yours and taking them out doesn’t cost a fortune.


Enjoy Dating Manila Girls

There is no doubt that you will meet hot Manila girls and get laid, either you are looking for a fling or long-term relationship.

The reason is simple: Manila is a great place to meet and date women, even if you don’t live there.

But don’t expect to walk around and have girls dropping to your feet, like everywhere else in the world, there are hard or easy ways to meet Manila women.

My favorite is to meet them online before arriving in the city, then take them out on a date.

If you are looking for something serious, remember this: don’t fall in love with the first Manila girl you date, she might just be a gold digger.

Yes, there are bad girls also in Manila so you need to watch out, just be patient and meet at least ten girls before making up your mind.

That’s it. The end of our guide to dating Manila girls.