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How To Pick Up Bohol Girls And Get Laid

If you’re looking to hook up in Bohol, the ladies here are not only inviting and saucy, but most of them are into foreign men.

The major challenge you face when you visit Bohol is that there aren’t too many girls. So, the chances of you just showing up and getting laid aren’t that high.

In this guide, I’ll show you just how you can score in Bohol… And not with bar girls and prostitutes, but everyday girls interested in foreign men.

If you prefer to learn about the sexual services available on the island, consider reading the Bohol sex guide for single men.


How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Bohol?

Honestly! With the little traffic of girls around, chances are slim – especially if you aren’t prepared.

The good thing going for you in Bohol is that you are a foreign man. And that carries a lot of weight. There are many girls eager to hook up with a foreign man.

Since Bohol doesn’t have an active ‘girly bar scene’ like in Angeles City or Subic Bay, your game needs to be sharp.

A good starting point is to treat women well, whereas most men would treat like whores. For example, that bar girl that is seen as nothing but a piece of ass, show her something different. Your chances to score get higher with every small gesture.

Also, don’t be too quick try to jump into her panty. Take your time.

And though ladies in Bohol are eager to sleep with you, all they need is a little incentive from you to do so. A simple gift can go a long way. Get her a dress from the market for a few dollars, and see how she is going to pay you back 😉

To answer your question: “How easy is it to pick up girls and get laid in Bohol?” It all depends on how well you’re prepared to approach the situation and know the right places to meet girls.


Best Places To Get Girls In Bohol

Some of the best places where you can meet Bohol girls are:

1. Online

meet girls in bohol

Do you want an advantage over other foreign men visiting Bohol to hook up with girls? Then start chatting with the girl online.

When you talk with girls online, you prepare them mentally to get intimate once you arrive in Bohol. You can meet Filipino girls interested in foreign men on popular dating sites like Filipino Cupid.

Many girls are often on these sites for various reasons. Some want serious relationships, while others just want the thrill of hooking up with a foreigner. One thing they share is that they have a genuine love for foreign men.

Upload your best pictures, write something about yourself and mention you are going to Bohol soon and then upgrade the memberships so you can message the girls. Select a few girls, and when you are in Bohol, hook up with them.

2. Night Clubs & Bars

bohol nightlife girls

Like in most places, the best time to find girls for hookups is usually at night… And Bohol isn’t different as it has nightlife as well.

And though there are a few girly bars in Bohol, clubs are still the best chance you have to get laid at night. But they are a lot of work compare to hook up with girls online.

You have to approach girls, and you never know if they are working girls or everyday girls… You have to entrain them with drinks and dance until late in the morning… And sometimes you have to go for a date the next day to get in her pants.

Anyway, the best clubs and bars to pick up girls are:

  • Pinarella Bay
  • Atmospheres
  • Oops Bar
  • Helmut’s Place

It should also go without saying that there are hookers around. You don’t want to wake up to the disappointment of being asked to pay up the next morning.

3. Beaches & Malls

hookups in bohol

Not everyone is a fan of the nightlife or like to meet girls online, then take advantage of the beaches and the malls.

Please don’t get that hard on quick though, Bohol girls will make you work for it before you get laid. They won’t come in all wet and dropping panties because the girls tend to be a bit shy during the day here.

Also, you have to pick out your spots carefully. Girls on the beach are more on defense mode than girls in the mall.

1. Alona Beach

Along Alona Beach should be a perfect spot for you since this where most tourists come to hang out. There’s an influx of girls due to that fact. Timing is quite crucial in this approach, and you have to withstand rejection.

Also remember, while you’re stalking your prey at Alona Beach, it’s hard to find pretty girls.

2. The malls

In Bohol, the reliable options with plenty of girl traffic are Island City Mall and Alturas Mall.

After you open up a girl, get her to have a coffee with you. Gratitude work wonders in the Philippines.


How To Get Bohol Girls Interested In You

pick up a girl in Bohol

It’s not a smooth ride with regards to getting laid in Bohol. Even as a foreigner, don’t overestimate your reach.

Lucky, I have a few tips to share with you that will wildly increase your chances…

  • Smile

If you aren’t generally a happy person, then it’s time to up your game. For some reason, Bohol girls love friendly faces, and nothing shouts friendly more than a smile.

  • Look And Smell Sharp

Assume that most of the guys she’s met have been shaggy and don’t smell good. It’s your time to wow her with your ‘well kept’ man charm.

  • Be Stimulating

Most Philippine girls are quite simply figures. Go easy on the tough words and make her feel you and her are in sync with each other. Keep stimulating her all through your conversation.

  • Ask Her For A Date

Never be shy to ask her out for a date if you’re interested in hooking up with her. And you can take her for a walk along Alona Beach or go to the chocolate hills.

  • Invite Her To Your Room

You want her, right? Then don’t choke when it comes to inviting her to your room.
That’s after you have followed all the steps to the letter. She’ll be dying to burst wide for you in the bed.

You know have all the tips to use to pick up Bohol girls and get laid. It’s your time to make good use of them and shine.


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