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How To Pick Up Tashkent Girls & Get Laid

Your trip to Tashkent and the hopes of getting laid there is quite enjoyable even though the country is Muslim.

Most women practice a liberal form of Islam, so no cover-up faces or ninja type of dresses… And you don’t have to marry to get laid in Tashkent.

The hard part about trying to get laid in Tashkent is the language barrier. The official language is Uzbek, but most people speak Russian. However, English remains a challenge for most local women.

Just to be clear, this post talks all about every day girls like students and office girls. If you want to pick up hookers in Tashkent, check out the Tashkent sex guide.


How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Tashkent?

Getting laid in Tashkent comes down to the smallest details of how you approach the situation, really.

The girls are friendly and know how to act within their belief limitations. They leave most of the decisions to the men and follow the lead. So you can approach, do some small talks, ask for the phone number and later hook up.

The majority of the girls in Tashkent are quite liberal about hooking up and getting laid. However, you should never touch the girls in public and wait to be in private.

getting laid in Tashkent with Uzbek woman

Your advantage is the girls crave foreign men since their men don’t treat them that well. Be gentle, respectful, and kind if you want to score.

So, with the right strategy and motivation, you can get laid in Tashkent pretty easily. But before do that, you should know where local girls go to hook up with foreigners.


Best Places To Meet Tashkent Girls

picking up girls in Tashkent

There are a lot of places where you can find girls in Tashkent, but only a few work out well for foreign men. The first is…

1. Online

Do you know you can meet Tashkent girls without even setting foot there?

The dating sites provide a sort of a safe place to meet girls without any face to face pressure. Also, Tashkent girls on dating sites are there because they are genuinely interested in foreign men.

The most popular dating site at the moment is International Cupid. It’s the most popular among Uzbek women looking for foreign men.

You don’t need not have to get to Tashkent, then wait a week or so to get laid. Take the challenge on by creating your profile with great lines about your interests and add some of your best pictures – the most recent, the better.

After get your membership upgraded and your profile verified – the attention you get is immense.

Within a couple of days, you can build up a list of eager girls to hook up with you to keep you busy for weeks once you arrive in Tashkent

If you’re up to it and want to meet more girls, you should check out Tashkent nightlife…

2. Nightclubs & Bars

Well, the nightlife in such an Islamic country is usually fun and silent. Fun, it terms of the people you meet and also if you can locate the hidden joints.

Remember that most of the girls walking these Tashkent streets alone –without male company – are whores.

Everyday girls are usually in the company of their brothers, husbands and other male figures. But some rebel girls can be found in the nightclubs as well, though it’s hard to tell them apart from the working girls.

Some of the night pick up joints in Tashkent:

With Tashkent being Muslim dominated, the nightlife isn’t that exciting and can’t expect much.

You, however, have a much slimmer The chance to pick up girls in Tashkent during the day are even slimmer, but why not give a try?

3. Malls & Parks

Like I said before, your chances are quite slim trying to hook up and get laid in Tashkent during the day.

You literary have a better chance of getting a whore at night –even though it is illegal — than finding a girl during the day.

That, however, should not discourage you from having a look at some of the places where you can pick up girls:

  • Maruyama Park
  • Samarkand Darvoza Mall
  • A. Navoi National Park
  • Tashkent Land

These are some of the places where there’s a high traffic of girls though most of them are foreigners. You can also meet some local horny girls as well who are craving the attention of foreign men.

If I were you, I’d probably be wondering how to get the girls interested in you and how do you get them in your bed…


How To Get Tashkent Girls Interested In You

how I got these girls in Tashkent

What are the chances of a Muslim girl letting you take off her panties? You’re probably thinking, “Zero.”

Well, stick around, and I’ll let you in on how you can get Tashkent girls not only interested in you but also willing to climb your bed.

The girls like you already because you’re a foreigner as they expect you to be kind and gentle, unlike the local brutes. But that doesn’t mean you should be sloppy and expect an easy lay.

You have to be patient and go for at least two dates before having the opportunity to get laid… And, remember that public display of affection isn’t allowed… Chances of you being physical in public should be shelved.

Here are some options you should consider to increase your scoring chances in Tashkent:

  • Remember to Be Nice And Friendly

The girls expect it from you, so be friendly and nice when engaging her.

  • Exercise Patience

You won’t get down to getting on your bed after your first date… Take it slow; it takes some time to get laid in Tashkent.

  • Don’t be Touchy

If I haven’t said it a million times, let me say it again. Don’t be touching on the girl in public.

  • Stimulate Her

When talking to her, ensure you stimulate the conversation. Also, remember to gently flirt. Even if you’re using online, take it easy and slow.

  • Take Her On A Date

It will take a few dates before she can give it up. This applies to even the liberal Tashkent girls.

I don’t know if it’s principal, but it’s hard to get laid the same day you meet her. There are a few that can get down, though.

Follow the tips here, and you’ll end up ‘that guy’ who went to Tashkent and gets laid almost every day.


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