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picking up girls in Uzbekistan

How To Pick Up Uzbekistan Girls & Get Laid

If you’re thinking of all dressed up girls with hijabs when you imagine a country like Uzbekistan. The thought of hooking up with girls and even getting laid may seem foreign at the moment.

But in reality, Uzbek women are quite liberal and don’t cover up as much as you might think… And you don’t have to be young or handsome to hook up in Uzbekistan either.

The challenge, however, is the language barrier here as most speak little or no English. The official language is Uzbek, but most people speak Russian.

Anyway, you might have a few questions that need an answer, so let’s start with the first one…


How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Uzbekistan?

getting laid in Uzbekistan

First of all, Uzbek girls are quite friendly though not in a way that you’d think. The thing is they are welcoming forward foreigners and curious to talk with you.

That is excellent news if you are the confident type of guy that loves to approach women. But local women are limited by their close culture, and they can’t figure out why you are talking to them in the first place.

So, rarely they have thoughts to get intimate with a foreign man. You need to be able to lead the conversations and actions in a sexual way that doesn’t scare them off.

If you work on that fine line when you flirt, not too aggressive but not a flake either, you can easily get laid in Uzbekistan.

Take advantage of the fact that foreign men are seen as a prince on a white horse sort of speak, a true gentleman that treats women with respect and kindness.

Anyway, before all that, you need to find girls interested in foreigners which are the minority of the Uzbek women.


Best Places To Meet Uzbek Girls Into Foreign Men

where to find girls in Uzbekistan

There are some places where local girls go to hook up with foreign men, and it all comes down to personal preference where to hang out.

The easiest one is…

1. Online

How would you like to start meeting Uzbekistan girls today without setting foot in the country? Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, you can start your journey of meeting Uzbek girls right now from your phone. There is plenty of women craving for attention on dating sites like International Cupid.

Uzbek girls using dating sites are there because they want to meet a decent foreign man. These girls don’t go out at night, and the only way to connect with foreigners is to go online.

To get started, create a profile and add a few photos of yourself. Ensure your profile has great lines about your interests.

Once your profile is verified, you need to upgrade the membership to message the girls. Build up a list of attractive Uzbek girls who are eager to hook up with you so you can have variety once you arrive. Your weeks will be busy and fun.

2. Nightclubs & Bars

Uzbekistan nightlife isn’t that great, but in Tashkent, there are a few good places to hunt for girls.

Uzbek women out at night are looser than the typical Uzbek lady, especially the ethnic Russians.

It is quite difficult to meet girls that aren’t in the company of their male counterparts unless they are whores. It’s a challenge when it comes to hooking up and getting laid at night.

Though, there are some horny party girls eager to hook up with foreigners that you can meet at famous clubs. But watch out for the jealous countrymen.

Overall, there isn’t much to expect with the Uzbek nightlife due to the Islam dominance.

If it’s hard to hook up with Uzbek girls at night, hooking up during the day is much harder, but possible.

3. Malls & Parks

Malls and parks present some of the best places with girl traffic during the day in Uzbekistan. But don’t get your hopes high just yet.

In whichever city you’re in, the challenge is much harder due to the Islamic tradition the country abides by.

Most girls are receptive forward foreign men, but the language barrier is a challenge. As said earlier, only a few girls speak English, but if you know some Russian, then you can score easily.


How To Get Uzbekistan Girls Interested In You

Uzbek women want to know you. Actually, they are interested in being your girlfriend.

getting girls in Uzbekistan

With some awareness about Kazak culture and some dating tips, you can get plenty of attention from the local girls.

Here a few useful tips:

  • Be Patient

It’s a long game in Uzbekistan and patience is the key to get Uzbek women

  • Be Kind And Polite

You don’t want to be like the local brutes. Being kind and polite goes a long way to enhance your agenda of getting laid.

  • Shelve Your Physical Desires in Public

Please wait until you get to a private place so that you can touch her. It may be hard as she’s flirtatious, but exercises restraint.

  • Take Her On Dates

It may take a couple of dates before you’re allowed near her panty, but you should not give up. Even the liberal girls won’t get laid on the first date.

Ever wanted to be the guy that went to Uzbek and got laid? Well, if you follow these simple tips outlined in this article, you’ll.