6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Laid

If you are wondering, “why can’t I get laid?” these are 6 possible reasons:


1. You Lack Confidence

Are you a person that is generally not confident enough in your own skin? Do you choke when talking to women?

Well… this may be the reason why you aren’t getting laid.

I mean, if you aren’t confident enough about yourself, how can you be confident to approach a woman?

Leave alone, go to the extent of getting laid, just having a simple conversation with her.

Also, the other determining factor is that women can gauge your level of confidence by just how you approach them.

Women aren’t like men that will get turned on by just looking at the beauty of a woman. Women tend to look at more, from how you walk towards her, how you approach her to the tiniest details that you could even imagine.

Face it, if you don’t get your confidence levels up, you probably not getting laid any time soon.


2. Your Lifestyle Is Boring

Can you imagine that you make all that money that you make, you are good looking and you dress well but still don’t get laid?

Well… it happens…

And it is time for a reality check on your lifestyle my friend.

How you live can actually affect how much ass you get, trust me on that.

You may be looking at the other guys who don’t make as much as you or don’t look as good as you get laid quite often and wonder, how the hell do they do it?


They are fun to be around.

That goofy looking guy may be a good guitar player or creates poetry out of anything. And women love that kind of shit honestly

It’s time you turned it a botch higher and reviewed your life and start being more fun to be around.

Don’t just be an all too serious kind of guy with nothing fun to offer women.

Make plans and engage in exiting sports and you’ll see how your numbers will grow quite quickly.


3. You Have A Weak Identity

There’s no bigger turn off than having a weak identity.

I mean, not knowing who you are, you are dishonest and stand for nothing. That can really be a major reason as to why aren’t getting laid.

Like we saw before, women love a confident man and it’s quite clear that you can’t be confident if you don’t know who you are.

You will be fumbling all around your words, your ideas and basically you are just messy and clumsy.

Chances of you getting laid are quite minimal here.


4. You Don’t Groom Yourself

Most men think that being untidy and un-kept shows how macho they are, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Being a macho, you have to clean, not super and extra, but just enough that you don’t produce an odor when you pass by and your beard is well shoved.

If you portray a level of untidiness, most women will think, well “if he can’t take time to care for himself, how can he take care of my needs?” By needs, we are talking of her needs under the sheets.

You see, your first impression does matter a lot when it comes to women and not taking care of yourself will lose you quite a number of points.


5. You Aren’t Approaching Enough Women

Come to think of it, if you aren’t approaching a good number of women, how do you suppose you will get laid?

You’ll not succeed with your first approach and sometimes not even with the second one. But does that mean you give up?

Let’s put it as simple as – getting laid is a numbers game.

It’s more like gambling, the more you play, the higher your chances of winning.

Sadly, most men in the game today tend to think they will win with just their first try… believe me, it doesn’t work that way.

Even after you have established a relationship, in most cases it takes you a follow-up or two for you to get laid.

So, stop sweating it, get out and approach as many as you can. You never know, one may turn up.


6. You Are Being Too Direct

Being too direct screams desperation when you are looking to get laid.

You simply cannot be too direct in this game. Imagine approaching a girl and after a few minutes, you start touching all over.

That’s just nasty and lousy.

Take your time, see where the wind blows and be gentle around it. If you must touch, start with a little brash on the waist when you are leading her through the door.

You want to gentle and attractive with your approach so that can create some sort of a connection.

Only after she’s comfortable with you can you go to the extreme.

Also, remember to read her well or else, you may end up messing thinking she’s comfortable to go down that road.


Remember – There is always a reason if you aren’t getting laid

Getting laid in the world we live in today isn’t as hard.

I mean, people are not as buttoned up and traditional as they were before.

Sexuality is quite free to explore today and easy to get in at any given moment for anyone.

But there’s a catch to it though.

You can’t just approach someone, out of the blue and ask them to have sex with you. That would be unheard of and even crazy to some extent.

Good destinations to learn the game would be Thailand and the Philippines. In these countries, girls are easy going and love to have sex.

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