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Why You Should Consider To Marry A Filipina

Why You Should Consider To Marry A Filipina (And The Best Way To Do It)

In the United State, 5 in 10 first marriages end in divorce. In 70% of cases, it’s the women who initiate the divorce.

These are the facts – and if you look at divorce statistics for other countries, you’ll notice the same trends across the entire developed world.

I’m not sure why it happens. It could be because Western women have been focusing on their personal empowerment and pleasure for decades. It could be because Western women are less invested into their men and families.

The one thing I do know for sure, though, is that the end results of a bad marriage – the heartbreak, the public shame, the part where you lose half your property – are painful.

While men who marry Filipinas rarely have to go through any of these terrible experiences.


I’m not saying that Filipinas are better than Western girls. But what I am saying is that Filipino women are great marriage material for 5 specific, explainable, straightforward reasons that you’ve probably never considered.

Don’t believe me?

Then read on – because I’m going to go through these reasons, 1 by 1, and show you exactly why you should consider marrying a Filipina.


They’re Not Spoilt – But Can Spoil You  

Picture this…

You come home after work. Being the man of the house, you’ve been working hard – and now you’re tired. There’s no reason your family, starting with your wife, shouldn’t appreciate everything you do for them – right?

Except that, in Western countries, it’s common for a woman to withhold sex, cook badly and don’t bother to tidy up the house… A complete fvck up.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that’s just plain wrong and unfair.

The great news is, there’s almost zero chance of something like this happening when you marry a Filipina – because they’re raised to have no entitlement and appreciate good men if they happen to luck out and get one.

Filipinas love to cook, making sure you get your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. She’ll even call you at work to make sure you had your lunch. Fantastic!

Beautiful and sexy filipina cooking breakfast and dessert

Expect your woman to satisfy your sexual needs anytime. In Filipino culture is unacceptable for a woman to refuse her husband.

And you’ll be surprised to come back home finding the house welcoming, your favorite newspaper on the sofa while she cooks the dinner with a smile on her face.


Strong Family Values

Hospitality is a prized trait in the Philippines, and taking care of guests and relatives is a big deal.

In a marriage with a Filipina woman, count on her to look out for you, your kids and your relations. Yes – this applies to your kids from previous marriages too, if you have any.

Filipina women has strong family value

In fact, your children become her first priority and are seen as more important than jobs and lifestyle.

Also, in Filipino society, divorce isn’t an option. She’ll be ashamed for the rest of her life. It is the value that drives a Filipino to be obedient and respectful to their husband.


Modesty and Humility

This is my favorite treat.

You don’t have to worry about a Filipina sassing you, displaying an attitude around other people or – god forbid – flirting with the pool boy or salsa dancer.

Instead, these girls are very modest. They have a mix of Christian humility, feminine wisdom, and South-East Asian deference.

Marry Filipina - Modesty and Humility

The end result is that being married to a Filipina is easy. They inherently respect while devoting themselves without challenge you or the people you care about. Something that can’t always be said about Western girls.



A Filipino wife has the inherent understanding that you and her are a team.

You’re supposed to help each other and care for each other. You do your part by being the strong, masculine man – and she reciprocates by being a feminine woman in everything, including sex.

Marrying a Filipina gives you a sexual partner who’s focused on your pleasure. You won’t have to hide your desires around your Filipina wife.

Instead, you’ll find that she wants to make you happy in ways that please you.

Filipina marriage - sexuality women

They understand that a man who’s not sexually satisfied can become unhappy and start looking at other women – and will do anything to avoid this.


They’re The Whole Package

In the Western world, you have to pick and choose the kind of girl you want.

Are you looking for a beautiful girl? A smart one? Someone who’s independent and career-minded?

You may find one or two of these things – but unless you’re a rockstar or millionaire, good luck finding a Western wife that satisfies you in every way!

This, I find, is not the case for Filipino girls.

Unlike their Western counterparts, Filipinas aren’t worried about “out-manning” us or self-centered around their world. This frees their time and energy up to focus on what matters to them as women: the family, you and kids.

This means that marrying a Filipina allows you to have everything you want: a woman who can take care of the family and you while being a love caring mother to your children.

Of course, you might face a few problems marrying a Filipina like bureaucratic work to get her visa approved or to deal with their heavy food, but on the end, it’s worth it.

Now tell me this…

Don’t You Want THIS Kind of Woman?

I’ll be real with you – I know lots of people say awful things about Filipinas. I’ve heard them all, and they usually go something like…

  1. Filipinas are only into men for the money;
  2. Young Filipinas aren’t really attracted to older men;
  3. Filipinas aren’t as smart or articulate as Western women.

And I’ll be real with you: I’m sure that, sometimes, this is exactly true. No nation is perfect; you’ve got to keep your head and use your brain when picking a wife, EVEN with a Filipina.

But at the end of the day, these are all OPINIONS… And the FACT is that every other Western marriage ends in divorce, usually initiated by the woman.

Another fact is that the Philippines has over 436 universities across the country, which means that most young women who live there are educated, ambitious and intelligent.

So you can’t let other people talk you out of even considering marrying a Filipina. Never mind that, at least on paper, it’s the only logical choice.

I know of many successful stories between Westerners and Filipinas.

Joe, from U.S.A, recently sent me an email saying how he met a wonderful wife in the Philippines. 30 years younger!

I am a 71-year-old white guy married to a 30-year-old Filipina. I met her online when she was 19 years old and I went to the Philippines to meet and eventually live with her.

I petitioned her out on a fiancé visa and we got married 10 years ago and are now expecting our first child. She is a nurse and I am a retired contractor.

It was the best thing I ever did. We have had a great life together over these past 11 years.

I tried as a single guy after my 30 year marriage, dating women here in the United States. Lots and lots of baggage, ex-husbands adult children that are still dependent on mommy etc.

I would highly recommend going to the Philippines if you want a young marriage-minded woman. We have made friends here in Southern California with like couples.

Don’t sit in a bar and fantasize over some young hottie that you will never take home and if you did, she will probably want to be paid.

Go to the “land of smiles”, you won’t regret it. JOE – USA

In one word: Truly inspirational! 

What do you think? Are you going to look for your wife in the Philippines?

If yes, consider checking out these popular Filipino sites, hundreds of girls are looking for LOVE and a HUSBAND.

The choice is yours, and you know what to do. But don’t live alone just because seems you can’t find the “right” woman.

Consider an alternative, and why not the Philippines. I wish you all the best in searching for your soul mate.