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sex guide in china

China Sex Guide For Single Men

If you would like to meet sexy Chinese girls hot for action and want to know the best places for sex in China, this Chinese sex guide is what you need.

China is known for its mighty economy and to be the factory of the world. But it is less known to be a pussy paradise because of its strict media censorship. There is an army of horny girls that crave to get laid with foreign men.

I’m going to reveal the best places to meet girls in Chinese cities because you shouldn’t worry about where to go, what to do and how to go about it.

The first part of this guide focuses on the P4P scene (Pay for Play Scene). Instead, the second part focus on meeting every day Chinese girls for a serious relationship or just fun.

This China Sex Guide was last updated on 15 October 2019



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Intro to Prostitution in China
General information about Chinese sex culture

Where to Find Sex in China
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices For Sex
General prices for girls in China to help you budget your adventure

What About Girls & Sex In China?
Chinese sex life: girls, hookups and sex

How To Meet Sexy Chinese Girls Online
Best sites and apps to meet Chinese Girls

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In China
How to meet and date Chinese women during your vacation

Best Cities in China to Get Laid
Top hook up destinations in China


Intro To Prostitution In China

There is no shortage of prostitutes in China. Every single Chinese city has streets with hookers, girlie bars, erotic massage places and freelancers easily available online.

china prostitution

Barber shop in Beijing providing sex services… No haircuts.

And if you are wondering how easy it is to have access to paid sex in China, it is most probably the most accessible country in Asia.

For example, in the majority of International chain hotels, you can expect phone calls or a knock on the door from girls offering their sexual service. Yes, you don’t need to look for them, they will find you.

The reason is Chinese prostitution is aggressive. Unlike countries like Thailand, the Philippines or Indonesia, where prostitution is relaxed, in China, most girls are own by pimps and mafia that push them to get more money.

Meaning in most Asian countries, it’s up to the girls to decide the number of men to sleep with every day. In China, they are forced to maximize.

The result is many Chinese prostitutes have low self hygienic habits and mental problems. Also, because they don’t like what they do, they provide terrible sexual services.

Fortunately, there is also a good number of self-independent Chinese prostitutes known as freelancers and escorts. They provide superior sexual experiences while they are less inclined to sexually transmitted diseases…

prostitute in china

But you don’t need to visit the Chinese red-light districts or pay for sex if you want to get laid in China. There are many Chinese girls interested in meeting a foreign man, and why not, have sex too.

In the next chapter, I review the places to meet girls hot for action.


Where To Find Sex In China

If you are wondering about the best places to get laid in China, here’s my review starting with…

1. Online

chinese sex girl

Chinese girls are savvy users of smartphones, the internet, and technology in general. It isn’t a surprise most girls in China go online to find sex, love, and anything between.

For example, on dating sites like China Love Cupid, you can meet hundreds if not thousands of Chinese girls with a fetish for foreign men. Some girls are looking for a serious relationship, others for a sexual adventure.

There are also kinky sites like Asian Match Mate that connects horny couples with single men.  No need to go for long conversations, but straight to the point of the encounter: sex.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

pick up hot chinese girls in bars

Every city in China has a nightlife area that caters to foreigners. You can find nightclubs and bars with party girls as well as working girls.

It isn’t easy to pick everyday girls because of their poor English and the noisy ambients in the nightlife venues. But it is undoubtedly much more comfortable to pick up prostitutes.

If you expect to find only Chinese prostitutes, that isn’t the reality. There are hookers from Africa, Eastern Europe, other Asian nationalities, and even South Americans.

Visit Guangzhou for the best nightlife in China.

3. Escorts – Call Girls

china sex

All over the country, you can find independent escort and escort agencies.

If you have the money to spend and not enough time to recruit girls by yourself, escort services are the way to go.

The downsides besides the high prices are most of the time the girls aren’t the same shown in the photo. Meaning you never know what’s going to turn up.

4. Barber Shops

sex china

For a quick blow job or hand job, barber shops in China are a good value for money. Expect to pay 300-500 Rmb, but that doesn’t include a hair cut 🙂

5. Sex Massage Sauna

sex massage china

Most high-end hotels have a sauna that offers happy ending massage as well as independent saunas scattered around the Chinese cities.

You can get relaxations as well as extras but in most cases no full sex. The prices are fixed and deal with at the reception. Meaning you don’t have to bargain with the massage girl.

6. Street Hookers

chinese sex girl

The lowest type of prostitution, hookers in China, can be found in most dark streets around the cities.

They are cheap, dirty and they can’t speak a single word of English. The worst probably is Chinese street hookers are own by pimps and mafia. If you have trouble with the girls, you are on your own.


Typical Prices For Sex

The sex price among the major Chinese cities is pretty much similar. Expect to pay at least 300 Rmb for a session with a street prostitute and up to 3.000 Rmb per hour with a hot escort.

If you visit the countryside, the girls charge as little as 150 Rmb for sex. But prostitution there is gear forward Chinese men.

However, in the city as well as in the countryside, you can find everyday girls that expect only a “taxi fare tip” like 100-200 Rmb. It takes little game, but nothing so hard as explained here: How To Meet Sexy Chinese Girls Online.

If you prefer to stick businesses selling sex, below their standard prices:

  • Barber Shops: 300-500 Rmb for a massage and blowjob or handjob at the end.
  • Erotic Saunas: depend on the type of service, expect to pay from 500-1.200 Rmb.
  • KTV Karaoke Bar: very expensive way to meet girls in China, you should budget about 1.500-2.500 Rmb. It includes drinks and one girl all night.

If paying money to have only sex with Chinese girls isn’t for you, consider getting a temporary girlfriend in China or arrange a deal on Seeking Arrangement.


What About Girls & Sex In China?

Most people think Chinese girls are short, with white skin and without curves. That is true for typical girls from the North in cities like Beijing. But girls in the South are usually tall, tanned and well equipped.

Check out these girls from Guangzhou, a southern city in China…

china girls

Most Chinese girls aren’t so open-minded about sex, but the minority who does are a lot of fun.

Usually, the girls able to speak English are the ones care-free in their approach towards life and sex. They typically have born in a mix race family or study for years abroad.

In the cities, girls are financially independent and strong-minded. So don’t expect your money to go a long way. What you need is confidence to approach and talk with the girls if you want to get dates and sex.

Speaking Mandarin or Chinese is also a significant skill to have in your arsenal as Chinese girls hardly can resist to a foreigner able to speak their language.

If you aren’t confident or rich or able to speak Chinese, your only chance is to meet Chinese girls on dating sites. You don’t have the face to face pressure and most girls can communicate in English.


How To Meet Sexy Chinese Girls Online

There are many girls in China that go online to meet foreign men. Some want a relationship while others are happy with casual dates.

You can attract beautiful and young girls quite easily…

girls in china

Online dating popularity in China is growing at a staggering 24.3% yearly average. There are Chinese dating sites that provide you with the opportunity to meet Chinese women. The most popular are:


Online Strategy To Meet Chinese Girls

When you get started on a dating site like China Love Cupid or Asian Dating, set your profile photo with you and your grandma or mother. Instead on Asian Match Mate, a naughty photo of you with a sexy girl is going to land attention.

When it comes to chatting with Chinese women, be brief and to the point — no more than six messages without asking her out.

Don’t send more than five messages without asking out. Chinese girls online are eager to meet, don’t need to be persuasive.

Avoid revealing too much about yourself. Chinese girls love mysterious men. Keep that insight for when you meet up, it helps to build comfort and trust.

Places to impress the girls are sky bars or restaurants, but coffee can work well too. The point of importance is to have fun, be natural and create that connection necessary for the next move: sex.

Take her to your bedroom for a film or show pictures of your trips… And have fun.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in China

chinese girlfriend

If you want to meet a Chinese girlfriend for a week or two, to have long conversations and nights of intense sex, I’m going to show how to find her.

Many Chinese women want to meet a decent foreign man to spend time together and have intimate moments.

Just imagine spending your vacation with an attractive, young, and horny woman while visiting China…

china girlfriend

A local girlfriend to help plan all sorts of things, be your friend and lover. That is the best way to experience the country and to learn about Chinese culture.

And while it isn’t easy to meet Chinese girls in typical social venues like nightclubs and bars, girls online are interested to offer intimate moments like only a girlfriend can do.

Imagine chat with her after work, waiting for the moment to meet up. She is waiting impatiently to kiss and touch you, and you want to feel her so badly.

How is it going to be once you meet behind closed doors?

The best way to get a Chinese girlfriend is to use a popular dating site like China Love Cupid. There are girls across China craving to meet you.

If you want to be successful in meeting Chinese girls online, create a profile that catches attention.

First, write an honest profile about you and what you want in a girl. Upload a photo of you with your mother or grandmother. Chinese girls value men that love their families.

Verify profile and upgrade the membership, which is going to land you more attention from the girls.

Search for suitable girls and built a list of potential girlfriend. Once in China, just meet up.


Best Cities In China To Get Laid

china sex tour

The major destination to find sex in China are:

Beijing – The capital of China has great nightlife.

The girls in Beijing are hot for action, and there are a variety of sex venues to keep you busy for days.

Dongguan – This city has so many girls compared to men that it is the norm to have two or more girlfriends.

Guangzhou – Located in the South of the country, the weather is favorable for parties year-round.

Chinese girls in this city are tall, dress well, and know how to please.

Shanghai – It’s the fashion city of China. The girls know how to dress and impress, while being open-minded forward hookups and sex.

Shenzhen – It is one of the youngest cities in China. Meaning there is an abundance of young girls in their 20s.

This concludes this sex guide to China, have fun!


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