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sex guide in dongguan

Dongguan Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to visit Dongguan and want to meet girls hot for action, this sex guide has all the answers for you.

Dongguan isn’t famous for tourism, but to be the “world factory”. What is less known is the fact Dongguan is China’s sin city. Brothels are as convenient as Starbucks, and they can even be found in residential areas.

For the most part this guide focuses on the P4P scene (pay for sex scene) like prostitutes, freelancers and sideline girls that accept tips for their time. If you prefer to meet and date regular girls, consider using an English version of a popular dating site.

This Dongguan Sex Guide was last updated on 13 February 2020




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Intro to Prostitution in Dongguan
General information about Dongguan prostitution

Where to Find Sex in Dongguan
The best ways on how to get laid in Dongguan

Typical Prices For Sex
General prices for girls in Dongguan to help you budget your adventure

What About Girls & Sex In Dongguan?
Dongguan sex life: how to have sex in the city

How To Meet Sexy Dongguan Girls Online
Best sites and apps to meet Chinese Girls

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Dongguan
How to meet and date women in Dongguan during your vacation


Intro To Prostitution In Dongguan

Dongguan prostitution is everywhere, even in residential areas. Imagine how easy is to get a coffee in your city, well, in Dongguan you need an equal effort to find sex.

But don’t expect prostitutes in the streets screaming for your attention or big billboard offering sexual services. Prostitution in Dongguan is illegal and thrives underground. It’s often disguised as hair salons, sauna or karaoke bars.

dongguan red light district

You don’t even have to walk the streets of Dongguan to get sex, call the hotel’s reception and ask for an erotic massage. It’s a regular and standard service.

In recent years prostitution in Dongguan spread online after the government crackdown in 2014. The prostitution didn’t disappear, went underground. Instead of operating in luxury hotels and “super saunas”, like before 2014, Dongguan’s sex workers ply their trade more discreetly on the internet.

There is an incredible amount of girls promoting their services on escort directories, dating sites, and social apps.

And not only hardcore hookers, but also students and workers that need extra money to make ends meet…

Dongguan sex

If you want to get laid in Dongguan, you don’t necessarily need to pay for sex if that isn’t your thing. There is plenty of everyday girls craving to meet a foreign man on dating sites.


Where to Find Sex in Dongguan

If you want to get laid in Dongguan, the best places to search for girls are…

1. Online

sexy dongguan girl online for sex

Dongguan girls interested in foreign men go online to hook up. It’s easy, safe and private.

The best site to get in contact with girls in Dongguan is China Love Cupid.

When a Chinese girl is enough attracted to you to show up for a date, most time you can do her. Just be polite and respectful, and you’ll end the date at your place.


2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

When out at night in Dongguan, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of hot girls. But the places frequent by foreigners, have average looking girls and most are prostitutes.

The foreign-friendly clubs and pick up bars are:

  • Hollywood Baby Too is a small bar for expatriates. Occasionally there is some hot girl.
  • BB Club is the place to pick up Chinese prostitutes and have a dance.

For more nightlife action, check out the Cultural Square in Dongcheng District.

3. Barber Shops

finding sex in dongguan

Probably the most common erotic service around the city, barbershops are a front to happy ending massages.

The menu is limited to a hand job or a blow job for 300 Rmb. Most girls don’t speak any English, but that isn’t important when their mouth is full.

4. Sex Massage in Dongguan

You can get an erotic massage directly in your room or visit a Sauna.

For the first option, ring the reception and ask for the service. The downside is you can’t choose a girl.

Alternatively, most Saunas in the hotel are front to brothels. There is a selection of girls, pick one and have fun.

Both services are similar in terms of price, 500-800 Rmb.

5. Street Prostitutes

Dongguan prostitute

You can find street prostitutes in Dongguan around the clock. The popular areas are ShaYuan Shichang near the meat and vegetable market and in Touxu near the Luyuan Drinking Delivery shop.

A session is only 200 Rmb, but it isn’t a place suitable for foreigners on their own.


Typical Prices For Sex In Dongguan

Dongguan is relative cheap for rooms, girls and food. If you are searching for a girl to have sex, the cheapest way is to get a temporary or full-time girlfriend in Dongguan. Not only it’s cheap, but also the safest way to have sex in the city.

Prostitutes in the streets are also cheap at 200 Rmb for poop, but risky business.

If you can’t bother to deal directly with the girls, several businesses sell sex in Dongguan:

  • Barber Shops: 300 Rmb for a blowjob or handjob.
  • Erotic Saunas: between 500-1.200 Rmb depending on the extras.

If paying for having sex isn’t for you, and you prefer girls that fuck for free, meeting girls online is the way to go.  For the cost of a meal, you can easily hook up.


What About Girls & Sex In Dongguan?

Dongguan women are sexy and hot in bed. Having the typical Chinese futures like small eyes, petite bodies and fair skin.

Girls in Dongguan have lower education and poor English conversational skills due to factory jobs. You might think that it is a big problem to get hooked up, but in reality, girls in Dongguan are desperate to find a man. The city has a massive surplus of single women.

Yes, my friend, that is a piece of great news. Dongguan women are more than willing to do anything to get your attention.

Girls in Dongguan are promiscuous because most girls can’t find a man. That’s the main reason why Dongguan women are so hot and horny.

They might look innocent, but once behind closed doors, they are insatiable.

Generally speaking, local girls are naive and easy going. It’s enjoyable to hang out with a girl from Dongguan girl while they are interested to learn new things in the bedroom.

The only hard part is to approach the girls because they are shy and can’t speak English. If you can’t speak Chinese, the best way to ook up with a girl in Dongguan is to use a popular dating site. Most girls are eager to meet a foreign man and can communicate in English.

It is easier than trying to pick up girls in the streets and malls.


How To Meet Sexy Dongguan Girls Online

Dongguan is a big city but has little opportunities to meet girls of the opposite sex outside the red-light districts. The reason is most local girls hardly speak any English.

The majority of Dongguan girls interested in foreign men use the services of popular dating sites. So it’s just natural for a single man to use those sites.

If you are into traditional dating then China Love Cupid is your best option. If you can’t bother about dates but prefer to hook up with a local girl and go straight to the point without any bullshit then use Seeking Arrangement.

Online Strategy To Meet Chinese Girls In Dongguan

It isn’t hard to meet Dongguan girls online if you follow a strategy. You want only to get in touch with the girls online as it is a tool to break the ice. To know each other better while building attraction and intimacy take place during the date.

Don’t give away too much information about yourself because you need to keep it brief to five messages. Ask out and meet in a place near your place so later you can bring her back.

Enjoy the conversation, be natural and after one hour when she is comfortable with you, take her to your bedroom.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Dongguan

Dongguan girlfriend

There are many girls in Dongguan that dream of meeting a decent foreign man. The reasons are many, but the most commons are the girls are looking for a serious relationship, or they want a casual relation.

The majority of the 8 million people who live here are women, and there are very few foreigners. That imbalance plays in your favor, and it isn’t uncommon to hook up with more girls then necessary.

However, having a temporary girlfriend in Dongguan is a unique experience that opens doors to understand the local culture and get intimate with an exotic woman.

Just imagine spending days and nights with a young, energetic, and beautiful lady. While you can easily hire a prostitute, getting a girl online not only is cheaper, but the experience is more intimate like only a girlfriend can offer.

The best way to get a girlfriend in Dongguan is to use a popular dating site like China Love Cupid.

Foreign men who set up a profile and start messaging girls in this city are going to get a high rate of replies. You should have no problems setting up a date.

Trying to meet girls in Dongguan without using this site is very hard because of the limited nightlife options in the city to meet decent girls.

By going online, you save time and disappointments, but most importantly, you get what you want: to meet a Dongguan girl.

To get started, answer all the questions to create your profile. Upload your three best photos and upgrade the membership to rank higher in the search.

When the girls contact you, have simple conversations to build a list of potential girlfriend to meet. Then you can have them dreaming of your arrival for the moment behind closed doors…

This concludes this sex guide to Dongguan, good luck on your trip.