shanghai sex guide for single men

Shanghai Sex Guide For Single Men


If you are planning to visit Shanghai and want to meet sexy girls hot for action, you are going to find all the information you need in this guide.

Shanghai is a vibrant, crazy, and exciting place known to be the center of fashion in Cina.

Sex life in the city is active around the clock, you can get laid whenever you feel like it. But be aware of the touts, scams, and pimps.

This guide is going to point you in the right direction. because you should enjoy Shanghai and don’t worry about where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

This Shanghai Sex Guide was last updated on 31 March 2022




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Shanghai
General information about Shanghai prostitution & sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Shanghai
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices
General prices for girls in Shanghai to help you budget your adventure

What About Sex And Girls In Shanghai?
Shanghai sex life: girls, hookups and sex

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Shanghai
How to meet and date women in Shanghai during your vacation


Intro To Sex Tourism In Shanghai

Tourism in Shanghai has grown over the years as well as the population in the city. Now there are seven red-light districts offering pleasure to foreigners and locals, but the amount of girls selling sex is even more staggering.

shanghai sex tourism

The best part is you don’t need to search for prostitutes. They are going to find you. For example, there are hookers booking rooms in hotels just to ring all the other rooms offering their sexual service (Ding Dong girls).

If you walk down Nanjing Road East and around Peoples Square after 6 pm, you get approached and grabbed by pimp and prostitutes. Yes, the sex scene in Shanghai is blatant and aggressive.

As you can see, it isn’t difficult to find sex in Shanghai, but it is hard to find quality experiences. It seems prostitutes in Shanghai are more interested in your money than to provide a good service.

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to pay for hardcore prostitutes if you want to get laid in Shanghai. There are semi-pro girls as well as everyday girls craving to meet a foreign man.

Semi-pro girls work for themselves as freelancers. They don’t work for pimps, enjoy their work, and are more relaxed about their business. You get quality sex without rushing things.

But if you want to experience unforgettable moments, you want to meet with everyday girls. They offer intimate moments like only a girlfriend can offer. It isn’t only about money but feelings too.


Where to Find Sex in Shanghai

Getting laid in Shanghai isn’t that difficult if you know where to look. Each place has different types of girls, prices and services. But generally speaking, some is better than others, starting with…

1. Online

shanghai sex girl

There are foreign and Chinese women using apps and websites to hook up in Shanghai because it’s the easiest way to meet a foreign man… And my friend that is an excellent opportunity for you to score without face embarrassment or rejection.

A popular site in Shanghai to meet girls is Seeking Arrangement. There are many Chinese girls but also foreign women… And with all kinds of offers.

For something more kinky like threesome and group sex check out Asian Match Mate.

On those sites, some girls have a profile written in Chinese, not because they want to meet a Chinese man but because they don’t know how to write in English. Simply, use Google Translator to communicate with them.


2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The most popular nightlife areas are Hengshan Road and Xintiandi. The go-to place for foreigners looking for some fun and excitement.

The most popular nightclubs and pick up bars in Shanghai for singles are:

  • M1nt is the place to pick up Western women, especially Russian ladies. a popular club to pick up Russian girls
  • Bar Rouge is a popular place among foreigners and Chinese girls. Go on Thursday night, it’s ladies night.
  • Manhattan Bar is well known for the number of prostitutes freelancing in the venue. Not only Chinese girls but also Thai, Vietnamese, and Filipino.
  • Zapata is also a famous pickup place. Not only hookers but also party girls.


3. Barber Shops

Shanghai barber shops with a couple of bored sexy girls and pink lights are the place to go if you want to get a cheap happy ending. They usually offer masturbation or oral sex for about 300-400 Rmb.

Walk near the train stations as most erotic barber shops are in that area.

4. Sex Massage in Shanghai

shanghai happy ending massage

If you are looking for a happy ending massage in Shanghai, typically most of the parlors offer a handjob. But there are a few erotic massage parlors that provide full service.

Visit the parlors in Liangcheng Road if you want a body to body massage with full service. In Changning District, you can find younger and more beautiful massage girls, but they offer only massage and handjob.

The price for a massage with a handjob is about 300-400 Rmb, while full service is going to cost you 800+ Rmb.

An excellent place to visit is “The Red Sauna Club” in the center of Shanghai. They have many girls and offer many types of sexual services.

5. Street Prostitutes

shanghai hookers in Caojiadu

There are some good looking street prostitutes in Shanghai, but most are ugly and have poor hygiene.

Around the Science Museum and the Old Town in Pudong, many streetwalkers are approaching single males. Their rate is about 300 Rmb.

Be aware some are just trying to steal your valuables or scam you. If it’s your first time in Shanghai, bring someone with you.

6. Escorts

Shanghai escorts come at different flavors and prices. There are Chinese girls as well as international escorts.

There are beautiful girls available but at a stiff price, expect to pay at least 1.200 Rmb for an hour plus the taxi fee.

7. Red Light Districts

There are seven Red-light districts in Shanghai, but the most popular are three: Caojiadu, Fengzhuang, and Qibao.

Shanghai red light district at night
Qibao red light area

They are the best places to find cheap sex in Shanghai but also the most annoying because prostitutes can’t speak any English.

The three big red light areas are safe, while it’s better to avoid the others if you are alone.

Standard prices for one hour sex is 300 Rmb.

8. Strip Clubs

Unfortunately, there aren’t any strip clubs in Shanghai.

But if you are searching for girls pole dancing or would like to see a nude show, dirty KTVs are your best bet.  Look at over 1.000 Rmb per person minimum.

Alternatively, hire some local pros and bring them all to a nice hotel room. You supply your own liquor and create your own private strip club.


Typical Prices

Shanghai girls price is similar to other major cities in China. Starting at 300 Rmb for one hour with a street prostitute up to 3.000 Rmb for one hour with a top Escort, you can see there is a wide gap to fill.

In the middle, there are freelancer prostitutes that you can find in nightclubs, bars and online asking for 800-1.300 Rmb for all night.

But you don’t need necessary to pay all this money for sex if you are planning to stay a few days or weeks in the city. Get a temporary or full-time local Chinese girlfriend. Not only you save money, but you can experience the Chinese culture intimately.

If you stay only one or two days in Shanghai, your best option is to visit a business that sells sex. The prices are fixed and you get served on the spot.

Below the rates:

  • Barber Shops: 300 Rmb for massage and a blowjob or handjob.
  • Erotic Massage in Sauna: between 300-1.000 Rmb. The lowest price get you a handjob while the higher price is for a full service.
  • KTVs: karaoke bars popular among Chinese men, they offer drinks, food and girls. They are expensive for what they provide and it’s easy to get scammed.


What About Sex & Girls In Shanghai?

Shanghai girls not only are beautiful, but they are sexy. They know how to make up well and are extremely fashionable. It’s a treat to hang out with one.

Compare to Chinese girls from other provinces in Cina, women in Shanghai have less facial and body hair. What is irresistible is how they smell lovely even if they do not use perfumes.

You can go down on them without any surprise. Actually, you can enjoy it so much that it can become addictive.

They are generally thin and petite, with small boobs and a flat ass. If you like the thigh gap, you are going to get crazy when you see the girls in this city.

hot Shanghai girls sexy thigh

When it comes to sex, girls in Shanghai are open-minded and love to learn while trying new things. However, don’t expect them to be aggressive or take the lead in bed; they are submissive.

The same happens for the flirt part. You are expected to make a move, Shanghainese girls would never think to approach you.

Once you hook up with them, it is pretty easy to have sex on the first or second date if you act like a social person.

The only hard part you might face is communication if you can’t speak Chinese. Most girls in Shanghai are well educated, but they can’t speak much English besides a few words.

If you can’t speak any Chinese, your best bet is to hunt for Shanghai girls on these sites and apps popular in China.

Also by going online you’ll find the girls easier to get back to your place. The reason is they don’t get labeled slut by their friends to sleep with a stranger.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Shanghai

If you are searching for a beautiful English-speaking girl as a girlfriend in Shanghai, I’m going to show you how to get one. Frankly, this is one of the easiest Chinese cities I’ve been to secure ongoing hookups with a nice lady.

Having a Shanghai girlfriend is intriguing and hilarious. She knows how to have fun and give you an incredibly good time, and I mean not only in bed.

When you hang out with her, you are going to feel the man. Imagine feeling young again, attractive and desired by her…

hooking up girls Shanghai

If you are an expatriate in the city, with a young girl like that you’ll be respected by friends and coworkers.

The best way to find a girlfriend in Shanghai is to use a site like Seeking Arrangement. There are several hot students interested to meet foreign men.

Several Shanghai girls go online because similarly to you, they have a small social circle.

Some have just moved to the city… Others have a heavy work schedule that leaves little time for an intimate relationship… Or they find their Chinese acquaintances boring and prefer to meet a foreign man.

Even if you are a person with no social skills, dating online helps to find a girlfriend who matches your character.

If you dislike meeting girls online, you need to go out in the city and broaden your circle. Go to universities, libraries, churches, or other places where people have similar interests.

However, you need to be serious about it and make an effort to start conversations.
This concludes the Shanghai sex guide. Play safe, have fun.





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