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Shenzhen Sex Guide For Single Men


If you plan to visit or move to Shenzhen and want to know the best ways to find sexy girls hot for action, this guide is for you.

Shenzhen is the most appealing city in China to live in for young people. This means there is an enormous amount of girls in their 20s and 30s interested to hook up.

it isn’t so straightforward to hook up with the locals if you are new here. That’s why I’ve prepared a list of the best places to get laid in Shenzhen.

This Shenzhen Sex Guide was last updated on 12 April 2021




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Shenzhen
General information about Shenzhen sex culture

What About Girls in Shenzhen?
Dating and mating culture in Shenzhen

Where to Find Sex in Shenzhen
An overview of the best places and ways to get laid in Shenzhen

Typical Costs + Tips
General prices in Shenzhen to help you budget your adventure

How to Get a Temporary Girlfriend in Shenzhen
How to meet and date women in Shenzhen


Intro To Sex Tourism In Shenzhen

Shenzhen has seen better years for sex tourism. A few years back the government clampdown on prostitution with most restrictions impose to erotic saunas and KTVs (karaoke bars).

For example, in erotic saunas, girls have to wear tight pants that don’t let you play under their waist… And some parlor has installed glass walls that remove any privacy. At best you can get a blow job.

Shenzhen sex massage erotic

If you are hungry for a full-service body to body massage, just take the bullet train to Hong Kong (check out the HK sex guide). In 14 minutes you are there.

No need to worry about the police knocking on the door while having an erotic massage.

Yet, you don’t have to pay for sex if you want to get laid in Shanghai. There are plenty of young girls interested to hook up with a foreign man.

Some people claim that is a difficult and long process to get a young Chinese lady into your bed. But I disagree.

If you can get hold of their contact and exchange a few messages, then they are already accepting you as a potential “boyfriend”.

She visits you whenever you want and enjoys each other company even if sex isn’t in your mind.

Girls in Shenzhen in the short term, don’t want anything more than a good time… Or food that they not otherwise eat… Or practice English… Or experiment things with a foreign man.

It’s like having a temporary girlfriend but without the drama.

Of course, if you see her for months, she might expect to get married to you. That’s natural.


What About Girls In Shenzhen?

Girls who had some exposure to foreigners feel that they get treated better than Chinese guys. Known as “foreign hunters”, they love to meet foreign men because they get better treated.

Some girls in Shenzhen are conservative and won’t have sex on the first date or even the second date… And some of these women want a serious relationship, not only sex.

They think that by putting on the breaks for one night the relationship will be a serious one. Go figure out what they have in mind.

And expect her to bring a friend for the date to make sure nothing happens.

Don’t get too bothered about it, it’s their culture and you can’t do too much about it but playing along.

Yet, if the girl feels comfortable with you on the first date, the other might leave so you can get intimate.

find hot Shenzhen girls intimate shower hooking up

The majority of these young girls aren’t so open-minded forward experiment with sex. Many think oral sex is a dirty act, don’t know how to handle a penis, and get them to shave is hard work.

But with patience and some bribery, everything is possible.

If you prefer sexual performance over young age, there are plenty of Shenzhen women in their thirties and forties that need a good fuck.

Many are neglect married women or single career ladies. They view foreigners as a discreet opportunity for their sexual fulfillment.

Not only most of them still look sexy but they are liberal. They will do just about anything sexually: give great heads, swallow cum, enjoy anal, partake in BDSM, fuck multiple times, take pics, and send erotic texts.

In conclusion, it is easy to find young and older women in Shenzhen interested in foreign men. Especially on popular dating sites and apps in China.


Where to Find Sex in Shenzhen

If you are wondering where to meet girls in Shenzhen for sex, here are the best places, starting with…

1. Online

shenzhen sex girl

There are several sites and apps in China that let you contact girls online.

A few are good to find a fuck buddy… Others for friend with benefits… And one to find sugar babies.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

If the online game is too easy for you and prefer the adrenaline to pick up girls face to face, the best nightlife areas in Shenzhen are Shekou and Futian.

The first area is the most touristic, with a higher number of prostitutes but also open-minded Chinese women.

Instead, Futian is a party place for locals with many young girls. It’s worth visiting if you have Chinese friends or speak Mandarin.

The best spots to get girls at night are:

  • Pepper Club is busy every day. There are foreign girls as well as Chinese girls. The amount of foreigners is massive. The dress code is implemented here.
  • BBR Club is the most lavish nightclub in Shenzhen. Top girls for top dollars.
  • Eden Club is one of the many night venues in Coco Park. Lots of sexy Chinese girls.


3. Erotic Spas

erotic massage shenzhen girl

If you are hungry for an erotic massage in Shenzhen, there are so many blowjob spas in Luohu. Go to the train station, and the road parallel to it has several shops.

Avoid any shop that offers massages below 300 rmb, those are boring foot massage parlors. A sensual massage is on the 330-370 rmb range. Go around 1 pm to see the hottest girls before they get booked.

When you find a spa that suits you and plan to visit regularly, ask for the WeChat contact. So you can reserve your favorite girl and chat with her in private to ensure what services she can offer.

4. Escorts In Shenzhen

shenzhen escort

If you’ve looked around some escort sites like, they do not spark confidence.

Unless you are extremely picky, they worth the risk to book a cal girl. By that I mean you never are going to get the same girl as the picture.

But I would say about 70% of the girls are pretty while the remaining are ugly.

The rate for a decent escort start at 800 rmb, less than that expect auntie to show up.

5. KTVs

Karaoke bars are places where you go with friends to drink and have a good time in the company of girls.

It allows only 3 or 5 girls in each room depending on the KTV rules. The girl’s rate is 600-800 rmb for sitting and drinking for 3-4 hours with you.

No touching any private areas or kissing or anything else for that matter. You pay for the company, not for sex.

If you want to take a girl home, expect to pay 1.600-5.000 rmb. If you ask me, it is no worth it.

6. Brothels

brothels in shenzhen

Malls and five stars hotels are the best places to find brothels in Shenzhen disguised as massage parlors.

They can be on higher floors or underground, and based on the luxury of the hotel or the mall, the younger and prettier the girls. Prices start at 350 rmb.

7. Street Prostitutes

Around any major hotels, there are many streetwalkers. Luohu is a popular area and opposite Sunshine Hotel in the city center.

Keep in mind that streetwalkers are the lowest grade of prostitution and the girls can’t speak any English. It isn’t uncommon to get in trouble with their pimps and the hygienic conditions are horrible.

In conclusion, proceed at your own risk.


Map Of Shenzhen Sex Venues


Typical Costs

• Entrainment And Girls

Shenzhen is an expensive city but you can get laid cheaply.

The best way to have regular sex is to get a temporary girlfriend in Shenzhen. That way, you don’t have to throw money on prostitutes and risk your health.

Prostitutes in the street are on the low scale price averaging 200 rmb for a shoot. Instead, escort girls are the most expensive, starting at 800 rmb per hour.

There are also spas offering erotic massages with a blowjob for 350 rmb.

• Accommodation

If you want to monger in Shenzhen stay in the Luohu area. There are erotic spas, streetwalkers and many KTVs.

There is the Holiday Inn Express offering international standards or the cheaper Railway Station Hotel.

• Food

Several local eateries are cheap, for 10-20 rmb you can have a meal. For international restaurants, the price is similar to the West but the quality of food isn’t that good.

• Transportation

Shenzhen has modern transportation. The metro is only 2-7 rmb for fare, taxi start at 10 rmb with a 3 km included.


Tips & Tricks

Contact Girls In Shenzhen: Don’t arrive in Shenzhen unprepared, spends a few days/weeks before your trip on a dating site to build up connections.

• Be Concise: It’s normal in Shenzhen to offer gift or money to the girls. Don’t fluff around, tell her what you want and what you offer. It saves everyone time.

• Scammers: Some girls tell you they don’t want money, but after sex, they ask ridiculous money. No pity for scammers.

• Shy? Motivate: Young girls can be conservative and sexually inexperienced. It’s easier to open them up with a bribe.


How To Get a Temporary Girlfriend in Shenzhen

shenzhen girlfriend

The best way to enjoy Shenzhen is to have a local girlfriend and enjoy each other company.

There are so many girls in Shenzhen craving to meet a foreign man that hardly you’ll sleep alone too many nights.

People think is hard or a long process to get a young and sweet girlfriend in Shenzhen. The reason is they don’t know where to look for one and don’t understand the dating culture.

It’s only a matter to get contacts and exchange a few messages. Once she accepts to meet you, she already sees you as a potential “boyfriend”.

After a meal, some drinks and a conversation, she’ll be back at your place.

It isn’t rocketing science and you shouldn’t complicate things more than that. It’s how things work in Shenzhen.

The best way to find a temporary girlfriend in Shenzhen is to use an arrangement site. There are many students eager to meet foreign men.

The ladies I met like this have almost all become friends even though most have no English… And I don’t really speak Chinese.
This concludes this sex guide to Shenzhen, I wish you a happy journey.





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