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sex guide in shenzhen

Shenzhen Sex Guide For Single Men

If you would like to experience a sex holiday in Shenzhen and want to know the best places to find sexy girls hot for action, this sex guide is for you.

Shenzhen is the most popular city in China. It has surpassed Beijing to become the most appealing city for the Chinese… But the best part is one of the youngest cities in the country. Meaning it’s a great playground to meet young and horny Chinese girls.

The first part of this guide focuses on P4P scene (Pay for Play scene), while the second part focuses on everyday girls that are into foreign men.

This Shenzhen Sex Guide was last updated on 09 October 2019



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Intro to Prostitution in Shenzen
General information about Shenzhen prostitution

Where to Find Sex in Shenzen
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices For Sex
General prices for girls in Shenzhen to help you budget your adventure

What About Girls & Sex In Shenzen?
Shenzhen sex life: girls, hookups and sex

How To Meet Sexy Shenzhen Girls Online
Best sites and apps to meet Chinese Girls

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Shenzhen
How to meet and date women in Shenzhen during your vacation


Intro To Prostitution In Shenzhen

Shenzhen prostitution used to be confined to well-known karaokes and bars… And usually, that was in the Shenzen redlight district. But in recent years, prostitutes are everywhere: in residential areas, online and even on university campuses…

shenzhen girl for sex

The prostitution boom has been fired up by the influx of young girls from the countryside in search of opportunities. The good news is the big influx of girls has depressed prices for sex workers year after year. The bad news is that not all Shenzhen prostitutes are willing to go with a foreigner even if he’s loaded with cash.

The reason is rather practical than cultural. Foreign men have a bigger penis then Chinese men while Chinese women have a small vagina.

Many saunas or karaoke bars are brothels cover-up… And many erotic massage parlors are masked as barbershops or beauty salons. There are also freelancer prostitutes walking the streets and offering their services online.

In conclusion, the opportunities to get laid in Shenzhen are plentiful, but you need to know where to look for sex.


Where to Find Sex in Shenzhen

If you are wondering where to meet girls in Shenzhen for sex, here are the best places, starting with…

1. Online

shenzhen sex girl

If you are not comfortable approaching women out of the blue, sites like China Love Cupid and Asian Match Mate are good starting points to establish contact with women without having to confront them face to face.

China Love Cupid is a dating site suitable for a relationship with a decent Chinese woman. If you want just to get laid, then the best way is to use Asian Match Mate.

Most foreigners can’t speak any Chinese, and most probably, you can’t too. But if you want to impress the girls, you need only to know about ten words.

When using the above sites, just write on the headline this: “我的名字是” and your name. It means: my name is… That is going to land you a lot of attention.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

shenzhen pick up bars girls

Going to clubs and bars is an easy way to hook up but also the shallowest. Forget to find decent Chinese girls but somewhat broken girls and prostitutes.

The best areas to party in Shenzhen are Shekou and Futian. The first area is the most touristic, with a higher number of prostitutes. Instead, Futian is a party place for locals.

The best spots to get girls at night are:

  • Pepper Club is busy every day. There are foreign girls as well as Chinese girls. The amount of foreigners is massive. The dress code is implemented here.
  • Bbr is the most lavish nightclub in Shenzhen. Top girls for top dollars.
  • Eden Club is one of the many night venues in Coco Park. Lots of sexy Chinese girls.


3. Escorts In Shenzhen

shenzhen escort

You can find several independent escorts online or go for escorts agencies in Shenzhen.

Both have similar prices, starting from 1.300 Rmb to the moon. The annoying thing is independent girls don’t publish their prices, so you have to contact them one by one.

3. Barber Shops

barber shop in shenzhen

Erotic Beijing barber shops offer more than a cut. They provide an erotic massage with a happy ending, usually a hand job or a blow job. You’ll notice them because they employ sexy girls wearing short skirts.

Not the most hygienic of establishments, many of the women speak no English at all.  Expect to pay 300-500 Rmb.

4. Sex Massage in Shenzhen

erotic massage shenzhen

You can opt for an outcall erotic massage directly to your room or visit a local sauna. Both options work well if you want to relax with a girl.

Most large hotels have a sauna with girls offering extras in the basement.

The price for a happy ending massage ranges from 500-1.200 Rmb. Most erotic massage providers offer only handjobs or blowjobs as extra.

Erotic massages in Beijing that have English speaking staff are:

  • Aphrodite Exclusive Massage
  • Hidden Dragon Massage Beijing
  • Wonderful Massage Club


5. Street Prostitutes

Street prostitute in Shenzhen can be found opposite the Sunshine Hotel in the city center. Also, Luohu area is popular for pleasure at any time.

I don’t suggest to visit them without a friend that can speak Chinese. The thing is prostitutes in the streets of Shenzhen can’t speak a single word of English.

Miscommunication can escalate pretty rapidly in China. You don’t want to find yourself alone against a few Bruce Lee.

6. Brothels

brothels in shenzhen

Many brothels in Shenzhen are found in malls and five stars hotels. They can be on higher floors or underground, and based on the luxury of the hotel or the mall, the younger and prettier the girls.

Prices are about 300 Rmb for a full session.


Typical Prices For Sex In Shenzhen

Shenzhen is expensive overall, but fortunately, the girl’s price is low.

The best deal is to get a temporary or full-time girlfriend in Shenzhen that is independent. That way, you don’t have to throw money away in prostitutes, and it is also safer to have sex. They take a little game to get but really not that much.

Prostitutes in the street are on the low scale price averaging 300 Rmb for a shoot. Instead, escort girls are the most expensive, starting at 800 Rmb per hour to the moon.

The Shenzhen businesses that sell sex have fix prices:

  • Barber Shops: 400 Rmb for a massage plus a blowjob or handjob.
  • Erotic Massage in Sauna: between 500-1.200 Rmb depending on the extras.
  • Brothels: About 300 Rmb for an erotic massage with a handjob. For full sex, 600+ Rmb.

If paying all this money to have sex isn’t your thing, consider to meet girls online. At the price of a meal or tip, you can have fun.


What About Girls & Sex In Shenzhen?

Girls in Shenzhen are small, skinny and have straight black hair. If you fancy petite girls, this city is the place for you.

Shenzhen is a technological hub. Meaning many girls have higher education and are career-oriented. That has created a vast pool of single milfs interested in sex with no string attached…

milf shenzhen girl

However, considering the average age per habitant is only 31, there are plenty of young girls to hook up in Shenzhen. Compare to girls in Beijing, girls over here are more liberal and less traditional.

Meaning they are promiscuous and don’t mind a nightstand. That is very different from most of the women in China that consider sex a severe matter. It isn’t uncommon after a few months of dating to be pushed forward marriage.

Girls here are clean, tidy, and presentable. It is a delightful experience to undress them…

shenzhen girls

When it comes to sex, they are eager and willing to learn new things. You need to lead the act as they are submissive and refrain from expressing their sexuality.

But before you get in bed with girls in Shenzhen, you need to be able to approach and have a basic conversation. That is said than done because most girls here can’t speak any English at all.

Assuming that you don’t speak Chinese and you can’t learn it in a few months, you are going to have a hard time to get hooked up in Shenzhen. The best way is to sign up with a popular dating site with Chinese girls capable of speaking English and eager to meet a foreign man.

This is easier than going to universities and malls to find girls.


How To Meet Sexy Shenzhen Girls Online

Try to meet Shenzhen girls in common social places like malls, nightclubs or bars is extremely difficult. The only reason is most girls here can’t speak English.

However, Shenzhen is a massive city with millions of people, and even if there is a tiny portion of the population speaking English, that goes in thousand of available girls.

The majority of English speaking girls in Shenzhen go online to meet foreign men. You can meet beautiful women willing to show you around the city during the day while offering intimate moments at night…

sexy shenzhen girl at night

They are eager to hook up with a foreigner. It’s evident because you’ll receive more messages and replies then Western dating sites.

There are different sites for different needs, so I’m going to list the best site and then expose my best strategy to meet girls in Shenzhen…

  • China Love Cupid – The largest dating site in China with Chinese singles interested in foreigners.
  • Asian Dating – The best dating sites in China and Asia for serious relationships.
  • Asian Match Mate – The naughtiest site in Shenzhen and China.


Online Strategy To Meet Chinese Girls In Shenzhen

For dating sites like China Love Cupid and Asian Dating, upload a profile photo with your grandma or mother to maximize the number of matches. Chinese gives great importance to the family.

Instead for Asian Match Mate use a naked or semi-naked photo of you with a sexy girl. A man with a hot girl is naturally attractive to other females.

Keep your conversations brief; no more than 5 messages. Also, don’t try to impress, hold your horses for the date.

Meet in a coffee place or restaurant in a good area of the city easily accessible. Have a natural conversation and after an hour, take her to your room. Make sure your place is nearby and not in an area with a bad reputation. Girls might hesitate to come back with you.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Shenzhen

shenzhen girlfriend

If you are searching for a Shenzhen girlfriend either for a short or long term, to get lost in nights of intense sex and adventure, I’m going to reveal how to get one.

There are many girls in Shenzhen craving to meet a foreign man. They are willing to tour you around their city, have long conversations and share their bed.

Imagine experience Shenzhen with a young, beautiful and hot woman…

girlfriend in shenzhen

And while there are many prostitutes in clubs and bars around the city, there are many more quality girls online craving to get intimate with a foreign man.

Think about this: you are sitting at home chatting with her waiting for the day you’ll visit Shenzhen. She is hot for you, and you want her so badly.

What is going to be once you meet up in Shenzhen? When you and she get private behind closed doors.

And this isn’t the only benefit to getting involved with a Shenzhen girl on a romantic level… experience a different culture and try new things are all side effects of exploring the city with a local girlfriend.

If you want to get a girlfriend in Shenzhen, the best way is to use a popular dating site like China Love Cupid. Girls on this site want to meet a foreign man.

Trying to meet Shenzhen girls without using this site is very hard if you can’t speak Chinese. Why try to pick up random girls in the city when you can simply meet girls with a fetish for foreign men conveniently on a dating site?

You save time and disappointments, but most importantly, you get what you want: to meet a Shenzhen girl.

Just create a profile with a short description of you and how your dream girl should be. Upload a few photos to give her a better idea about you.

Verify your profile and upgrade your membership to get more attention and responses from the girls.

Start a few conversations, build a list of potential girlfriend and meet up.

Shenzhen dating

This concludes this sex guide to Shenzhen, I wish you a happy journey.


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