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Find Sugar Babies In Japan: Options, Costs And Tips

The sugar dating lifestyle is spreading all over Asia, and Japan is not excluded.

There are many young students and working-class sugar babies in Japan who are willing to offer intimacy and companionship to the right papakatsu (sugar daddy).

And there aren’t only Japanese sugar babies (Papa Katsu girls), but also babies from other countries like Russia, China, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, and Brazil.

If you’re not experienced in the sugar dating lifestyle in Japan, we can help you with that!

In this guide, we are exploring the best way, cost, and tips to find a sugar baby in Japan.

Where Can I Find Sugar Babies in Japan

I would agree that looking for a sugar baby in Japan takes a lot of effort and time, because of the basic difference in language, purpose, cost, and taste.

However, in this guide, we’ve curated only the best ways to find a sugar baby in Japan.

1. Sugar Sites

There are several sugar sites where you can find a Japanese or Gaijin sugar baby as you can see in this video…

Nevertheless, we’ve taken a special interest in Whats Your Price and Sugar Daddy Japan. They are by far, the best sugar sites in Japan.

Whats Your Price is for those foreign sugar daddies who do not speak any Japanese. And are obviously looking for a sugar baby who can speak English.

You can see in this forum post that a French girl studying in Tokyo is looking for a sugar daddy. And people are advising to use Whats Your Price.

Whereas, Sugar Daddy Japan is for any sugar daddy who can speak Japanese. The sugar babies on this site can speak only Japanese and some broken English at best.

2. Sugar Dating Agencies

A sugar dating agency like Universal Club is a unique and exclusive way to get a sugar baby without the effort in filtering out the unsuitable sugar babies. They do that for you.

This agency is top-notch and allows every eligible sugaring partner to get in touch with their match, in the most exclusive way possible.

I would agree that the agency is costly, but you would definitely get the value for your money if you can afford it.

3. Upscale Bars

Japanese sugar baby in upscale bar

Upscale bars are great places to find sugar babies in Japan. It’s like freestyling your way into a sugar relationship.

It works best for those sugar daddies who are confident and enjoy personal interactions.

Many Japanese sugar babies visit upscale rooftop bars in order to meet a local sugar daddy. While those looking for a foreign sugar daddy, usually hang out at the bar of business hotels.

4. Around Universities

It is no news that the higher number of sugar babies in Japan are students.

Due to the high cost of living and various student fees, you would find a lot of students who are sugaring on this side.

If you’re searching for sugar babies above 18, but below 25, your best option is to visit any social events that are around the university.

You may visit places like private parties, shows, fashion events, and any other social events around the university.

But you can also simply walk around the campus like Prashasti is doing at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo…

How Much Do You Pay A Sugar Baby In Japan?

A sugar baby’s average allowance is between ¥200,000 – ¥410,000 per month.

If you only plan to meet her occasionally like once per week, the average rate is ¥41,000 – ¥70,000.

However, if you’re meeting a sophisticated and model-like sugar baby, especially in Tokyo, the allowance would be anything exceeding ¥510,000 per month. And her PPM (Pay-Per-Visit) would be at least ¥140,000.

There are also many South East Asian girls working and studying in Japan. Unless they are sophisticated, they will cost you half the price of a Japanese sugar baby.

It is important to note that the gross estimates on several factors like age, beauty, personality, and kinks.

The ultimate cost depends on the agreement between you and the sugar baby.

However, this should give you an idea of what to expect in terms of pay-per-date and allowance for sugar babies in Japan.

Tips For Sugar Daddies In Japan

sugar daddy in Japan

Tips to attract the hottest sugar babies in Japan:

• Be clear about your expectations in the relationship – For a sugar relationship, every necessary detail should be cleared and communicated to the partner before committing to the relationship.

• Understand the Japanese culture – This is not mandatory if you plan to get a foreign sugar baby. But if you want a Japanese sugar baby, it’s better to get some knowledge about the basic aspect of the Japanese dating culture.

• Use a good profile picture – On sugar sites like Whats Your Price, upload photos that depict your lifestyle. That way you attract only those sugar babies that match your interests and hobbies.

• Visit exclusive places – A hot sugar baby hangs out only in high-class places. So hang out in those places too if you want to find a hot sugar baby.

• Avoid social awkwardness – A sugar baby would be more attracted to a confident sugar daddy that knows how to give compliments and communicates effortlessly.

Sugaring In Japan Top Questions And Answers

– What are the top sites for sugar babies and sugar daddies in Japan? for Japanese speakers. Instead Whats Your Price is for English-speaking people.

– Is having a sugar baby considered appropriate in Japan?

Yes, it is appropriate and legal to have a sugar baby in Japan.

– There are sugar mommas in Japan?

Yes, there are sugar mommas in Japan, especially in Tokyo.