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Bali Hookers: Where, Prices & Safety

You can find Bali hookers almost anywhere, with Kuta be the hottest red light area.

Most girls you see walking in the streets at night or in the nightclubs in tourist areas are happy to go with you for some money.

And most first-time travelers think hookers in Bali might be dangerous only because they work on their own.

The truth is most hookers you see in the streets and nightclubs aren’t risky business, only they dislike the idea to share their profits with the brothel’s owner.

For example, a girl working as a freelancer charge 500k rupiah per night whereas working in a KTV or SPAs the cost is at least 800k: 500k for her and 300k plus drinks for the owner.

As you can see, convincing someone to spend 800k plus is much harder then shell out 500k for the exact same service.

For a hooker is just easier to find customers on her own, the same money but much less work. Also, working as a freelancer allow a girl to be free to travel wherever she wants and work whenever she feels like it.

That makes them a good choice if you would like a girl in Bali to spend a few days with you. Not only they are cheaper, but they can join you without the need to ask permission.

If it’s something you might be interested in, I’m going to expose all the different types of hookers in Bali and relative prices (the going rates) that tourists pay for sex.

I’ll share exactly where to find them, and I’ll also tell you the best hotels in Bali near the hookers hotpots…


Bali Hookers In The Streets

When walking around the streets in Bali get ready to be approached by hookers, especially in the evening and at night.

There are areas with more hookers then others, but generally speaking, you find them almost anywhere. If you are seeking their services, a good point to start the search is around the Ground Zero Monument in Kuta…


After midnight the place is packed with street hookers offering their services for 500k rupiah for a short time. You can bargain down the price as far as 300k, depending on her age, look and time.

This area is popular with clubs and bars, so you can find hookers until late in the morning. Get a short time hotel nearby for 50-100k and you are ready to go. If you don’t know where the hotels are, she’ll know.

Another good area to pick up hookers is Legian Street. This road by the sea is popular with backpackers, cheap booze and clubs.

Most of the prostitutes you are going to meet are actually freelancers going in the nightclubs in the area looking for customers. When they go in and come out from the venues, you can simply stop them, have a fun conversation and ask to join you for the night.

They usually ask 800k in the clubs, but in the street, you can bargain down to 500k after the clubs close. They will be happy to go with you, some money is better than no money.


Bali Hookers Online

If you don’t like clubbing or want to avoid the prostitutes in the streets, then the best place to meet Bali hookers is on sex apps and sites. There are plenty of working girls looking for customers.

It’s obvious by their provocative profile…

kuta hooker online in bali

Usually, a hooker looks and wears sexy, things like mini skirts, dresses showing boobs and revealing long legs… You got the idea, right?

And in their profiles use words like “looking for someone that can take care of me” or “true love, no bullshit”.

The thing is, they are trying to come off as regular good girls. So you can beat them at their own game if you play the “unaware tourist” game.

Just talk and act with them like you are unaware they are working girls. In other words, be romantic and sweet.

Once in Bali, have intimate moments together, do all the things you would do with a girlfriend, enjoy yourself. She’ll not ask for a single cent in the hope you marry her. But you know better.

Online hookers in Bali don’t ask for any money, probably because they are trying to convince you to marry them, but a good rule of thumb is to give a tip or at least take them for a good meal.

That way, both of you got something out from each other.

Also, not only they are the cheapest sex you can get, but they go straight to your room so you don’t have to spend money on drinks, short-time hotels or other fancy things if you really don’t want.


Hookers Freelancing In Night Club In Bali

There are many night clubs in Bali, the higher end is located in Seminyak and the cheap clubs are in Kuta as explained in the guide: Bali nightlife for singles.

sexy hooker clubbing in bali

In Seminyak, you can find high-class hookers mostly coming from Jakarta, East Europe, and China. Obviously, their rates are on the higher end starting at 1 million rupiahs for all night deals.

If you prefer cheaper hookers on the 600k range, consider visiting the nightclubs in Kuta.

Having said that, not all girls in the clubs are hookers, I would say about 50% at most. There are also party girls on holiday or working in Bali looking to get laid as you do.

So, when approaching, be discreet about your intention.

A good indication that a girl is a hooker when she looks at you in a provocative manner or starts to talk to you. These are usually hardcore prostitutes, with semi-pro hookers you need to take the initiative and start a conversation.

If you feel nervous to talk with girls face to face, you better stick to hookers on dating sites as you are facing an electronic device instead of a real girl.

Only money isn’t going to get you laid with a quality girl in any Bali nightclub, beside the hard-core hookers that no one want.

The most popular nightclubs with hookers in Bali are:

  • Sky Garden – The biggest club in Bali with 6 different music rooms. The vibe is excellent, a great variety of music and youngsters in their 20s.
  • Pyramid Club – After hours clubs that get busy when all other discos close (after 3 pm).
  • La Favela – A nice place where you can find East Europe and Russian hookers.


Best Hotels In Bali Nearby Hooker Hotspots

If you want to enjoy the hookers in Bali, you better to book a girl friendly hotel near the nightlife areas.

That way you don’t need to rent shitty short time rooms. Most short-time hotels are dirty and infested with cockroaches, not the ideal place to have sex.

The best hooker friendly hotels in Bali are:

There are other several “girlfriendly hotels” around Bali, but those are the best value for money out there.

In conclusion, you can find hookers all around Bali and there are different methods. At the end of the day, it comes down to what suits you best.

Have fun in Bali, and don’t forget to use condoms… You don’t want to bring back home a free gift.