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jakarta sex guide

Jakarta Sex Guide For Single Men

If you would like to know the best places where to find girls in Jakarta and why not, tips on how to get laid, this guide is for you.

Jakarta is a huge city with a massive traffic problem, and if you want to have an excellent sex holiday, you better know where to hang out to hook up with Indonesian girls.

The first part of this guide explains how to meet regular girls in Jakarta like the one you can find on dating sites. The second part digs into the P4P scene (Pay for Play Scene).

This Jakarta Guide was last updated on 04 February 2020



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Intro to Prostitution in Jakarta
General information about Jakarta sex tourism

Where To Find Sex in Jakarta
An overview of the best places to get laid

Jakarta Girls Price
General prices for sex in Jakarta to help you budget your adventure

How To Meet Jakarta Girls Interested In Foreign Men
The best way to meet Indonesia girls in Jakarta

What About Sex And Girls In Jakarta
Jakarta sex life

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend in Jakarta
How to date Jakarta women during your vacation

Girl Friendly Hotels in Jakarta
No need to pay extra for overnight guests


Intro To Prostitution In Jakarta

Jakarta prostitution went underground in recent years after being targeted by the government. For example, the infamous Kalijodo red light district is been bulldozed down like several other red light areas.

While the government is trying to eradicate prostitution in Jakarta by redeveloping the red light areas, girls are moving their business online. Dating sites in Indonesia have been taken over by sex workers using coded phrases such as “I’m looking for a generous man” on their profiles.

There are still several brothels around the city operating inside buildings that look and function like hotels offering erotic massages, companionship, and renting rooms for a short time. Some also have a private strip club…

Jakarta sex tourism girls

Prostitution might not be legal in Jakarta, but it’s tolerated and regulated in a few areas. Scams are uncommon, and it’s safe to visit a brothel.

But you don’t need to pay for sex in Jakarta because there are plenty of Indonesian girls dreaming of hooking up with a foreign man. You can easily get a vacation girlfriend in Jakarta or find girls online hot for action.


Where To Find Sex In Jakarta

It’s pretty easy to get laid in Jakarta if you know where local girls hang out to hook up with foreign men.

1. Online

meet girls in jakarta

In recent years the internet has become the number one place to hook up with girls and couples not only in Jakarta but around Indonesia.

Unorthodox dating sites like Seeking Arrangement have been taken over by sex workers and students that need extra cash. While sites like Asian Match Mate have couples searching for single men to have threesomes.

There are plenty of opportunities online to meet horny girls and couples without stepping foot outside your room.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The best nightclubs and bars where you can pick up girls in Jakarta are located near Senayan metro station.

The bars are best in the early hours and a must on Wednesday night (ladies night). Walk in the nightclub after midnight if you want to get some action. There are freelancer girls as well as regular girls, so make sure to recognize who is who.

The best nightclubs and pick up bars in Jakarta are:

Blowfish – This bar attracts a high-class crowd, so dress appropriately. Hot girls in their 20s.

Fable – A nightclub that attracts a young crowd. There are as many freelancers as regular girls.

X2 – It’s a massive nightclub with three floors. If you are looking for easy girls, go to the main hall on the second floor.

3. SPAs – Jakarta Sex Massage

girl for sex in Jakarta spa plus

Jakarta is home to countless dirty massage parlors. They are inside large hotels functioning as massive brothels.

The Spas below are the one with the hottest girls and offer happy endings:

  • Malioboro Hotels and Spa – is one of the most luxurious in Jakarta with many local and foreign girls available at your service.
  • Sun City Luxury Spa – is an entertainment hotspot offering not just happy ending massages, but also a KTV, hotel, Chinese restaurant, and a ballroom.
  • Comfort Spa – fairly pricey but with an excellent selection of masseurs.


4. Jakarta Street Hookers

street hookers in jakarta

There are street hookers in different parts of Jakarta, but the most notorious area is Jalan Falatehan I.

In the red light district areas, the street hookers are supervised by a pimp, so usually is only short time deals. Instead, if you want a girl all night, outside famous clubs like Immigrant and X2, you can find freelancers.

The standard price for Jakarta girls walking the streets is 400k Rupiah for a short time. Rates are negotiable, of course.

5. Escorts


Many agencies are offering sexual services at your doorstep. It’s convenient but expensive, and not that many independent escorts.

I don’t recommend to book a Jakarta escort service because they don’t provide a valuable service.

6. Strip Tease Clubs

indonesian striptease club in jakarta

The nude striptease shows were banned in 2017 all over Jakarta. However, the girls still dance in sexy lingerie, and you can always ask for a private striptease.

Malio Club is one of the best places to visit with a roaster of 10 girls on stage at any time. The girls are just: Hot! Hot! Hot!


Jakarta Girls Price

• Sex – You can have sex with a girl in Jakarta for as little as 300k for a happy ending massage up to 1.5 million for a top spinner in a KTV.

As a rule of thumb, you are going to spend 600-800k per girl. But money isn’t the only important point. I believe getting value for your money is more important.

Sideliners on dating apps in Indonesia are the best deal out there. With a tip of 150k, you can get a student or a girl with a regular day job to your room for some fun.

If you aren’t afraid to pick up girls, the nightclubs are excellent venues to recruit freelancers at 500k for all night. However, add an extra 300k for the entrance fee and drinks.

• Accommodation – In Jakarta, you can find hotels for all pocket starting at $30 up to the moon. If you are looking for paid sex, stay around Cipinang and Bongkaran, the two major red-light districts.

I’ve reviewed the best girl friendly hotels at the bottom of this guide.

• Food – It can be expensive if you prefer International food, the price starts at 100k up to 500k per meal without including beverage.

Instead, local food is readily available in the streets or small restaurants all around Jakarta, starting price at 50k rupiah.

• Transportation – The city center takes 1 hour by the newly Soekarno-Hatta Airport Train, which costs 70.000k.

Within the city, you can move around with buses or motorcycles if you are on a budget, and taxis aren’t so expensive either. But the problem isn’t the transportation prices but the horrible traffic.


How To Meet Jakarta Girls Interested in Foreign Men

Jakarta is a cosmopolitan city with an open-minded population. Even though the majority of people practice Islam, many ladies are eager to meet foreign men that aren’t Muslim.

Quality girls don’t go out in nightclubs or bars to meet men because those places are filled with shady individuals. Hookups apps bring shameful regrets and no long term benefits.

If you want to meet girls in Jakarta, the easiest way is to use a popular dating site like Indonesian Cupid.

Just imagine chatting online with this gorgeous woman, and once in Jakarta, spend time together…

sexy jakarta girl

She wants to spend time with you and be your girlfriend.

If you can’t stand the games and false pretenses of traditional dating sites, you can find Indonesian girls straight to the point on sites like Seeking Arrangement. You can arrange a deal to have a rental girlfriend for a short vacation or a long relationship with clear expectations and benefits.

To get started, create a profile stating what you want out of a relationship. Then find the right girls for you and arrange a relationship beneficial for both of you.


What About Sex And Girls In Jakarta

In simple words: hot and horny!

In my opinion, Jakarta girls are the most underrated in South East Asia. Most probably because the majority of the population is Muslim, but the truth is they are very horny and have a fetish for foreigners.

When in public, they act conservative and shy, but once behind closed doors, they get incredibly wild.

There are plenty of educated middle-class ladies that are up for some real fun. They speak good English, like to party and love sex…

hot jakarta girl

I still remember my first time in Jakarta. I dated a girl met online.

At first, she was very distant. I couldn’t touch or stay too close to her. A few hours later, we were drinking wine in my place…

jakarta girl for sex

You can expect to meet easy girls hungry for cash when walking around the red-light districts or nightclubs known for prostitution.

But there are way more everyday girls in Jakarta craving to meet a foreign man… And there are also married women hungry for a good fuck.

No need to pay a hooker to have sex, with small talks and some persuasion, you can easily hook up with most girls.

If talking to girls in the streets and shops makes you nervous, you can meet Indonesian girls on dating sites without any pressure or fear to get rejected.

Jakarta girls on dating sites are there because they want to meet a foreigner, and you want to meet a girl in a Jakarta. It’s a perfect opportunity for both of you.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Jakarta

jakarta girlfriends

If you are looking for a girlfriend in Jakarta, I’m going to show you how to get one.

Having an Indonesian girlfriend is the best way to enjoy the city and learn about Indonesian culture while having long conversations and even longer nights of intense sex.

Just imagine spending your holiday with a young and horny girl…

girlfriend in Jakarta for a week

She is going to take care of all your needs.

While there are plenty of prostitutes in Jakarta, it isn’t the same thing to spend time together with a local girl genuinely interested in you, not only your money.

Imagine chatting with her online, waiting for the moment to meet face to face. She wants you, and you want to feel her so badly. How is it going to be once you meet her in Jakarta? When you can finally be together in privacy.

The best way to get a girlfriend in Jakarta is by using a popular dating site like Indonesian Cupid. Plenty of girls craving to meet a foreign man.

To get started, set a profile with 2-3 photos well-groomed, dress properly, and smiley. Not drunk, stoned or posing in front of a Maserati that isn’t yours 🙂

Write a genuine profile with your interests and what you are looking for in a woman.

Make sure to upgrade the standard membership as it is going to land you more replies and attention from the girls.

There’s no need to be aggressive or direct over text. Just be polite, and girls will invite themselves to your room.


Girl Friendly Hotels In Jakarta

Some hotel is more appropriate than others to bring back unregistered guests.

The best girl friendly hotels in Jakarta are:

  • Marc Hotel Passer Baroe: Located in North Jakarta near a red light district and many “happy” massage parlors. If you are into paid sex, this place is for you.
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel: Located in the city center this luxury is dirt cheap with a rate of only $150. Nearby there are sexual entrainments like spas, karaoke and sex clubs. If you prefer to pick regular girls, many pick up bars and nightclubs in the area.
  • The Falatehan Hotel: Located in South Jakarta, this hotel is super nice and nearby to an area of girlie bars called Block M.


Map of Jakarta Sex Venues

This concludes the Jakarta Sex Guide – Enjoy your stay.


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