How To Get Laid In Tokyo

Getting laid in Tokyo is pretty easy when you know where to go and how to approach the matter.

After all, Tokyo is the most foreign-friendly city in Japan.

Unfortunately, newcomers find out the hard way that cultural differences and the language barrier are a handicap to get sex in Tokyo.

The majority of sex venues in the red light areas don’t allow foreigners in their premises while most civilian girls aren’t interested to hook up with a gaijin (foreigner).

No wonder why so many expats are sad, lonely and sexless.

Yet, there are a few places that welcome foreigners and women with a fetish for foreigners. There are even couples interested in threesomes.

In this article, I’ll reveal the best places where to get laid in Tokyo, and not only in the red light areas. That way you can have sex immediately with a girl instead of watching porn.

But first, let’s understand a bit more about the…


Sex Culture In Tokyo

People in Tokyo are very open-minded about sex.

Just go for a walk around the city to see adults explicit advertisement, girls dressed up as school girls offering cuddles for a fee, and erotic manga selling together with the candies…

sex life in Tokyo

And of course, you have several red light districts in Tokyo offering all types of sex services too…

What’s interesting although is the submissive nature of Japanese women. They play a passive role during sex, letting the man lead the sexual act.

Yet, they do almost anything to please a man, It’s rare a Japanese lady say no to a direct request. And expect them to do silly things because they can be perceived as “cuter”.

Another interesting thing is that couples aren’t strictly monogamous. You can find several couples interested in threesome and swinging activities if that it’s your kind of thing.

And once you’ll get into a love hotel, you might be surprised to find so many sexual accessories like vibrators and dildos.

That confirms that the Japanese in Tokyo really love to have fun in the bedroom. And you should too join them for a good dose of sex.


Best Places To Find Sex In Tokyo

It depends on what type of experience you’re after.

For example, if you just want to have sex relief and don’t mind use the service of a prostitute, you can head to the red light area of Tokyo and pay for it.

But if you prefer to have an intimate experience with someone interested in you, not only your wallet, then join a sex community or use an arrangement site as explained below.


If you’re after just sex in Tokyo, there are a few places that accept foreign men.

It’s only a matter to pay the fee and get serviced…

Tokyo red light district - Shinjuku

The most foreign-friendly areas for sex in Tokyo are Shinjuku, Kabukicho and Shibuya.

There are a few options to choose like pink salons and soaplands, but you can always use the services of an escort.


Free Sex

When you want to have meaningful sex, the matter gets complicated. It isn’t only about sex but also about attraction, intimacy and feelings too.

You might want to find a girl or couple that genuinely enjoys having sex with you, and why not, maybe for more than only one nightstand.

The best way to get laid in Tokyo is to join a community of sex enthusiasts like on Asian Match Mate. It’s the easiest entry into the world of Tokyo’s bored housewives and couples…

sexy mature woman in Tokyo

There are mature women that want an affair with a foreign man because it’s the best way to keep it private. And you have couples that want to spice up their sex life with a threesome.

Arrangement Site

If you have money to support a girl but a limited time, you should consider sponsoring a sugar baby. It’s the easiest way to find intimacy but without the drama and expectation of a regular relationship.

Just imagine have a girlfriend that isn’t demanding and noisy…

hot girl in tokyo

She looks after your needs, offers intimate moments and companionship.

As you support her, she won’t create problems or expect to get married like a typical girlfriend. Meaning you get all the good things of a relationship like friendship and affection without the downside (unreasonable demands, restricted freedom, jealousy, and so on).

The easiest way to find a sugar baby in Tokyo is to use Seeking Arrangement. It’s pretty popular among Japanese and foreign students living in the city.

When you contact the girls, be open and honest about what type of relationship you’re after. It saves time for everyone.


In Conclusion, Is It Easy To Get Laid In Tokyo?

It’s the easiest city in Japan to have sex as a foreigner. If you can’t get laid here, hardly you’ll have a better chance somewhere else.

Your success depends on where you search for girls and couples. You want to search in places where you can find Japanese interested in foreign men.

Keep in mind that most Japanese mingle between themself. In other words, they aren’t interested to have sex with foreigners.

That isn’t racist or abnormal, it happens all over the world. People feel more comfortable getting intimate with others who look and feel familiar. They speak the same language, have similar values and share the same culture.

Yet, you can find Japanese girls who are been abroad and feel attracted to foreign men. There are also mix race couples interested in threesomes and orgies.

In conclusion, when you meet the right type of people you’ll find that getting laid in Tokyo isn’t that hard.

Visit the red light districts if you need a quick fix. But if you’re after a sex partner or looking for an exciting sexual experience, use an arrangement site or join an adult community of like-minded people.