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3 Best Pink Salons In Tokyo

There are several areas where you can find pink salons in Tokyo. Just go for a walk in Kabukicho red light district or visit Shinjuku for that matter.

The problem is that most pink salons don’t welcome foreigners. In other words, they aren’t gaijin friendly.

And it isn’t fun to go back home empty-handed when you’re literally ready to explode!

Fortunately, there aren’t only pink salons if you want to get a blow job in Tokyo.

In a country where half of the married women have a sexless marriage, there are a lot of horny women out there. And you can get far more than a blow job, and for free.

Just imagine finding a casual sex partner in Tokyo that you can hook up regularly for sex but without committing to a serious relationship. What about finding a couple for a threesome?

In this article, I’m going to review the best pink salons in Tokyo with relative prices. And then I’m going to show you where to find horny Japanese women and couples for some private fun.


Review Of The Best Tokyo Pink Salons

Not all the pink salons in Tokyo are worth visiting. Some are too expensive, others have too old ladies that you can’t even get a climax and some are too filthy.

So, below I’ve reviewed only the best Tokyo pink salons based on the best value for your money. Meaning I’ve selected only the places that offer good blow jobs, fair prices, and above-average looking girls.

And by average looking girls, I mean the girls in the sucking industry which are usually unattractive and in their 40s-50s. So, don’t expect student girls.

1. Happy Hinomaru

The top spot is taken by Hinomaru because the ladies pretty much let you do whatever you want. You can grab their tits, play under their panties, or go for 69 positions if you can stomach it.

Basically it’s an old school and infamous blow job bar in Kabukicho. You can play freely with the girls while you get sucked off.

Keep in mind that the booths here have low partitions. Meaning you can see pretty anything in front of you. And for people who have performance anxiety, it may be troublesome.

Hinomaru prices are competitive for Tokyo blow job standard rates. You can see them here.

One more thing, don’t go at night in Kabukicho because it is full of creepy people that offer sex and drugs. So, if you want to visit Hinomaru, go during the day.

2. Emotion/Dio

Emotion and Dio are sisters businesses. So, it doesn’t matter which you pick, the girls and prices are the same.

Here you can find some decent looking girl and have a decent blow job.

Unfortunately, the only course available for foreigners is the most expensive one that consists of 50 minutes service for 10.000 Yen. Yet, you get serviced by two different girls.

Emotion and Dio are located near Gotanda Station. You’ll see a big blue sign in the street, you won’t miss it.

3. Jan Jan

pink salon in shinjuku

Jan Jan is the cheapest pink in Salon and for a good reason: you never get a girl younger than 40 years old. Yet, if age and look don’t matter for you, you’ll get a good blow job in Jan Jan.

The place is located nearby Sugamo Station, and you’ll down a small alley. As this is a foreign-friendly pink salon, the door guy wave to any foreign man walking in the street.

When you enter, pay 3.000 Yen during the day or 4.000 Yen in the evening at the reception. They’ll sit you in a booth with some green tea.

When the girl comes in you’ve 25 minutes to unload, no more or less.


A Better Alternative To Get A Blow Job In Tokyo

Visit a pink salon is an interesting experience if you never have tried before. But it isn’t a good solution to sexual relief and loneliness.

Besides, girls working in pink salons suck a hell a lot of cocks every single day. It might sound great because you get quality heads, but it’s very easy to get a sexually transmitted disease as well.

Anyway, what’s the point to pay for a blow job when you can easily find horny Japanese women in Tokyo for sex.

Just imagine hooking up with a hot girl tonight…

tokyo girl in my bed room

Imagine the excitement to meet in a love hotel or invite her to your place for some fun in the bedroom. She is there because she wants to get fucked from you, not because she need money desperately.

The best way to find girls in Tokyo hot for action is to join an adult community like Asian Match Mate. There are plenty of horny Japanese girls searching for a foreign man for some no string attached sex.

To get started, create a profile and get to know the people in the community. When you feel ready, it’s just a matter to meet up and have some fun.

The best part is you can openly talk about your and her sexual preferences, so you know if she is a good match for you.


What The Best Way To Get A Blow Job In Tokyo?

You can get a blow job either in a foreign-friendly pink salon in Tokyo or by hooking up with a horny Japenese girl.

Yet, if you have the choice go for a hookup.

Pink salons are dirty brothels that offer blow jobs for a price. They might seem a fun thing to do at first, but the long term consequences can be dramatic. What if you catch herpes or something worst?

Girls working in pink salons suck several cocks per day and don’t even wash their mouths between customers.

I don’t have to say that hooking up with everyday girls is a far less risky business and more fun. Not only you get sucked off, but you can enjoy having sex with a horny woman that is into you, not your money.

And since there are plenty of gaijin hunters on adult communities, it isn’t that hard to find a casual sex partner in Tokyo.

In conclusion, get a blow job in a pink salon is risky and not so rewarding because you deal with old and ugly ladies. Instead, if you prefer better looking Japanese that didn’t swallow cum a few minutes earlier, join an adult community.