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almaty sex guide

Almaty Guide To Find Girls And To Get Laid

Are you planning to visit Almaty? And you want to meet girls and get laid while there… Well, this guide has all the info you ever need.

Almaty is one of the most happening cities in Central Asia thanks to the great nightlife and beautiful girls. But don’t expect to get laid easily if you don’t follow the proper procedures as I explain in this guide.
The reasons are… First, Kazakhstan men are violent and protective of their women. Second, most Kazakh girls have to be home early because they live with their parents until marriage.

But there are also a good number of sexual services available if paying for sex is your thing.

This guide focus on the P4P scene (Pay for Play scene). If you want to meet and date quality Almaty girls, then get on a popular dating site in Kazakhstan.

This Almaty Sex Guide was last updated on 25 March 2020




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Almaty
General information about Almaty sex tourism

Where to Find Girls For Sex in Almaty
An overview of the best places and ways to get laid

How to Meet Almaty Girls Online
The best way to hook up and get laid with Almaty girls

Typical Costs
General prices to get laid in Almaty

How to Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Almaty
How to date Almaty women during your vacation

Girl Friendly Hotels in Almaty
Best accommodation to enjoy the girls


Intro To Sex Tourism In Almaty

Almaty is an emerging sex tourism destination. Meaning the city is competing with other popular sex destinations in the region like Bangkok and Manila.

Prostitution is a grey area of the Kazakhstan law stating the prostitute or her client can not be held accountable. It means the only unlawful practice is to pimp girls, so everything else is acceptable.

The escort market in the city is robust and the range of services on offer is widening while prices are falling. For example, it is common to find prostitutes to work in pairs…

Almaty sex girls in bedroom

The exciting part is the prostitute’s age between 30-36 years old has grown notably in recent years. That has depressed further the prices for this bracket age.

Most prostitutes have rooms, and it’s cheaper to meet a girl at her place than take to your hotel. But it isn’t always easy to find their place and less safe for obvious reasons.

So, if you don’t speak Russian and it’s your first time in Almaty, opt only for outcall services. It’s more expensive, but your safety comes first.

At the end of this article, you can find a list of girl friendly hotels in Almaty, so you don’t have to pay extra to bring guests in your room.


What About Girls & Sex In Almaty?

Girls in Almaty are gorgeous and diversified in looks. They have Hungarian, Mongolian, Turkish, and Russian bloodstream. Ethnically speaking, about a third is Russian, half is Kazakh (Asian-looking), and the rest is mixed.

It’s unbelievable to have so many mixed races all in one place. That’s why Almaty is considered the best of the two worlds with its beautiful Euro-Asian women.

The women of Almaty have mostly black hair, petite figures and are on the average taller than the majority of their Asian counterparts…

The real kicker is most ladies in Almaty are Muslim, but they don’t preach it literally. Despite their traditional culture, women drink heavily, enjoy to have sex, and crave adventure.

On weekends, the streets are like a fashion show: high heels, skirts, and make-up. Yet, they are somewhat conservative because they have rules to abide by and a curfew, set by their families.

Many women love to meet foreign men, so you can expect to be popular even if you look average. The reason is foreigners aren’t a common sight in the city. But don’t expect them to fall at your feet, they know their value.

The minority of Russian women in the country are the one crave most attention from foreigners. They are tired of the local barbarian men while they prefer a sophisticated and cultured outsider.

Russians are suitable for a night fling, but if you want something more serious, Kazakh women look after your needs, take care of the house and are great mothers.

Yes, Kazakhstan is one of the best countries to find an Asian wife if that is your thing.

But if you want to hook up here, not only you should search for less traditional women, but you should know the best places to find girls hot for action… And this brings us to the next chapter…


Where to Find Girls For Sex in Almaty

The best places to find girls and get laid in Almaty are:

1. Online

There are many girls online searching for a foreign man. The reason is simple: they aren’t attracted to their local men and prefer to meet foreigners because they are known to be gentle and passionate.

If you visit the most popular dating site in Almaty, which is International Cupid, you realize immediately how many beautiful women dream of meeting a foreign man.

You can get to know several girls before your trip to Almaty, build a sort of list, and meet them once you arrive.

Just imagine being able to spend time with a young and beautiful Kazakh girl the moment you arrive. She is there waiting for you all excited.

There is no point in wasting time in nightclubs and bars when you can meet girls online. Not only it’s safer, but it’s convenient and less costly.

It’s pretty easy to blow money in a nightclub trying to impress some girls, let alone avoiding all the prostitutes that hang out at night.

If you can’t bother with the dating routine, but prefer something more straightforward with a woman who isn’t a prostitute, you can rent an Almaty girlfriend on sites like Seeking Arrangement.

Some everyday girls need help, but they don’t want to downgrade themself to selling sex to multiple men for obvious reasons (health risk and social stigma). They want to meet a gentleman that understands “help.”

You can find civilian ladies like students in need of financial support to finish their study or single mothers that can’t make ends meet.

Anyway, it isn’t always about money. For example, some girls appreciate the mentorship an older gentleman can offer, or love to be praised when she dresses up for him (young guys rarely notice such effort from a woman).

beautiful girl in Almaty dressing sexy

A relationship with benefits allows you to keep your freedom without drama or nagging. It’s an investment to your peace of mind… And of course, pleasure with a younger girl out of your league.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The nightlife in Almaty is excellent. There are about 8 decent nightclubs and about 20 good bars to pick up girls… And most of them are around the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen and on Gogol Street.

The only downside of Almaty nightlife is the venues are busy only on weekends. Don’t bother to go out any weekday because the places are empty.

The best nightclubs and pick up bars in Almaty are:

TSB Территория Соединенных Баров

A nightclub on two floors with a balcony for smokers where you easily approach girls.

Sky Bar Street

Open only in the summer, this nightspot is a vast outside complex of different bars — beautiful and chic girls.

Soho Club

A popular place among expats that offer live music and a good amount of hookers. Prostitutes hang out right in front of the bar. Most are past their best years.


After hour club open until 6 am.

3. Erotic Massage

There are several erotic massage services in Almaty. They do not provide sex, but you get to “relax” with a happy ending: handjob, titfuck or neck blowjob

A few erotic massage provider worth to mention are Boutique Hotel & Luxury Spa SHIK and Rezident Spa. Highly recommended to book in advance because they are very busy, especially on weekends.

4. Escorts

call girl in Almaty

There are several directories online with escorts offering their services. You can find a wide range of nationalities from all over Asia: Russian, Kazashka, Azerbaijani, Metiska, Tatarka. It’s a big mix of beautiful and horny ladies.

It’s much easier to get an incall escort if you can’t speak any Russian, but it’s more expensive and not all the girls accept it. Anyway, use a well know escort directory in Almaty to contact the girls, you are less prone to scams.

5. Strip Clubs

clubs Almaty girls

There are several strip clubs in Almaty that offer drinks, sexy girls, and entrainment.

The most popular Almaty clubs are:

• 50 shades of grey

It’s one of the most popular strip clubs in Almaty. They have a performance show, and they pick random customers to join in. There is also a VIP room for a private lap dance.

• Kazanova Club

One of the oldest strip clubs, this place is pure class. A huge center stage ensures that you get a closer look at the strippers.

• Office Club

It’s an erotic office set up. If you ever dreamed of seeing a secretary undress, here you can satisfy your imagination.


How To Meet Almaty Girls Online

how to find Almaty girls

Almaty is one of the best cities in Kazakhistan to meet girls. International Cupid works very well that you get more matches than you can handle.

International Cupid feeds you a solid list of English speaking ladies, and girls are interested in you as a foreigner.

When going out on a date, stick with a half-hour “park routine” to screen them out first, before proceeding to take her back your room. Central Park is a solid option. If you are too far, you can always go for a coffee nearby.

Girls love to meet up and show you around their city. That is an excellent opportunity for you to experience Almaty with local eyes. Local cuisine, monuments, and fun things to do are better experiences with a girl from Almaty.

To get started on International Cupid, upload a few decent photos and write something about yourself and what you are looking for in a girl.

If you write a headline in Russian, you get more interest from the ladies. Something like меня зовут (My name is) work wonders.

On top of that, when you verify your profile and upgrade the membership, you get more replies and attention from the girls.


Typical Costs

There are several sexual services offered in Almaty. Most aren’t negotiable besides the prostitutes operating in the nightclubs.

So, here the full list of prices if you are searching for pleasure:

  • Strip clubs’ entry fee is about 5.000 TNG. A private dance is 10.000 TNG, and full striptease is 15.000 TNG. If you want to have sex, it’s about 150.000 TNG.
  • Erotic massage saunas price starts at 15.000 TNG for one-hour body massage with a happy ending. There are several services with prices reaching 50.000 TNG
  • Escorts prices in Almaty are similar to any other Kazakh city: 20.000-40.000 TNG per hour for 2 pops. Some have a shorter option of 1 fuck within 30 minutes for 15.000-20.000 TNG.
  • Girls on dating sites are the cheapest option to get laid in Almaty. Plenty of girls eager to meet a foreign man.

It isn’t all about paying for sex in Almaty, actually the contrary. There are so many women eager to meet a foreigner, some time for casual dating, some time for something more serious.

When a girl spends a short time acting like a girlfriend, it’s called “girlfriend experience” or “holiday girlfriend.” She offers all the good things only a girlfriend can provide but without the nagging.


How To Get An Holiday Girlfriend In Almaty

Almaty girlfriend

Are you looking for a girlfriend in Almaty? I’m going to show you how to get one even if you aren’t here yet.

Having a temporary girlfriend in Almaty isn’t the same thing to pay an escort for companionship because it isn’t only about money, but feelings too. She feels naturally attracted to you and genuinely wants to offer you a great time together.

Imagine being in Almaty with a sweet, understanding, and caring woman. She enjoys your company and feels so happy when with you.

The best part is she offers all the good things only a girlfriend is capable of offering, but without all the downsides of a typical long term relationship.

Most travelers don’t plan ahead for their trip to Almaty and end up either with a prostitute or spend a lonely time in the city. That isn’t fun and demoralizing especially when we know there is an abundance of Kazakh girls online craving to meet a foreign man.

You can chat right know with several beautiful girls from Almaty and learn about each other while waiting for the moment you and she meet personally.

You want her and she wants to feel you passionately. Can you imagine How do you is it going to be once you meet her in Almaty? Once in the privacy of the hotel room.

The best way to find a girlfriend in Almaty is to use a popular site like International Cupid. There are many girls seeking foreign men.

If you want to use a dating site, create a profile with your personal hobbies and interests. Then Upload a few photos of yourself. Search for girls in Almaty and send a message to your favorite ladies. Usually within 24 hours you get a reply.

Build a list of potential girlfriend and meet up once in Almaty.

Dating In Almaty

Girls in Almaty appreciate straightforward intentions from a man. If you have already talked to her online, the date is only to get physical about it.

She wants you to lead the conversation, do things, and take her to the bedroom. No need to be shy about it, she is there because she wants the same thing as you.

If you stay in Almaty for a short time, let her know about it so the relationship can be an open one. Fair for both of you. Women are willing to have a fling with a foreign man.

When you stay longer, you might be seeking a deeper connection with a woman. Almaty is the best city in Kazakhstan to find a bribe because they are ideal partners: trustworthy, good mothers, and love caring wives.


Girl Friendly Hotels In Almaty

sexy Almaty girl in my room

When you visit Almaty to meet girls, a guest friendly hotel is a must. Not only you don’t get charged extra to bring in girls, but the places are discrete about it.

So, the friendliest hotels in Almaty are:

  • Dostyk Hotel: great location and it is girl friendly with no registration for girls
  • Hotel Kazzhol: it’s a four-star hotel and totally girl friendly. They do check the girl’s ID and bring them to their room without you walk down the lobby. They also have a side door to sneak in girls if you want to avoid the lobby.
  • Intercontinental Hotel: girl friendly 5-star hotel, you need to register the guest.

This concludes this Almaty sex guide. Enjoy the girls and the city!