kazakhstan guide to meet girls get laid

Kazakhstan Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to visit Kazakhstan to meet girls and get laid, this guide contains all the info you need.

The country is famous for inexpensive ski resorts and delicious food. But of course, these reasons aren’t the topic of this site.

For the most part, this guide focuses on the P4P scene (Pay for Play scene). If you prefer to meet and date quality Kazakhstan girls, the best way is to use a popular Kazakhstan dating site.

This Kazakhstan Sex Guide last update was 09 April 2020




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Kazakhstan
General information about Kazakhstan sex culture

Where to Find Girls For Sex in Kazakhstan
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices in Kazakhstan
General prices in Kazakhstan to help you budget your adventure

How to Get Girls in Kazakhstan
How to meet and get laid with civilian Kazakhstan women (no pay for sex)

Best Cities in Kazakhstan to Get Laid
Best destinations to meet girls and have sex in Kazakhstan


Intro To Sex Tourism In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan isn’t a popular Asian sex tourism destination like Thailand because only recently the country opened up visa-free entry for several nationalities. Also, the flights to get there are still pretty expensive and the options limited.

Sell sex for money in Kazakhstan isn’t illegal, but running a brothel or soliciting prostitution it’s a crime.

The law specifies that prostitutes and their clients can not be held accountable. It means you can pay a girl for sex without breaking the law as far she is 18 years old.

Though the amount of prostitutes in any Kazakh cities is pretty high, to find quality girls take effort.

Most girls prostitutes themself for short periods because if their parents find out, it would be a huge shame. That’s why most photos of girls are faceless.

Kazakhstan prostitution

Prostitute in Kazakhstan exposing her sexy body but avoiding showing her face.

The majority of sexual services in Kazakhstan are provided by independent escorts, escort agencies, and illegal brothels.

The problem with agency escort services is that you get the bait and switch tactic. Meaning the girl delivered never match the photo.

Massage parlors and low-key brothels offer to choose girls in front of you, but it’s tough to find their location.

In Kazakhstan, there are no streetwalkers because the girls either go online or in a nightclub to find customers.

The positive thing is you don’t need to hire a Kazakh prostitute if you want to get laid. There are plenty of girls eager to hook up with a foreign man.

This sex guide to Kazakhistan will tell you how to travel the country like a pro, how to stay safe, how much things cost, the best places to find girls and everything in between!


What About Sex & Girls In Kazakhistan?

Kazakhstan girl’s best feature is their half-Asian and half-European look…

That genetic melting pot makes them so unique and beautiful. It’s hard to find a country with a so high density of attractive women.

Overall, Kazakh women are friendly, intelligent, and a little conservative. But when you make them feel comfortable, they are receptive, flirty, and love sexual teasings.

There is no middle ground with them, either they are incredibly receptive and warm, or they reject you immediately. It’s a good thing because you don’t waste time with sexually uninterested women.

Generally, most girls are easy to approach and pleasant to deal with because your status as a foreigner is high. Get used to receiving a lot of female attention in Kazakhstan.

Local women that never traveled outside their country are wary of foreigners, and most times they can’t speak any English.

The other type of ladies is more worldly. They speak some English, have traveled outside Kazakhstan, and are very excited to meet a foreigner.

kazakh girl licking

Keep in mind that Kazakhstan is a liberal Muslim country. While some Kazakh girl marries early and remains virgins until then, most don’t wear the hijab. Obviously, Russians and open-minded Kazakh women are more liberal.

Avoid to make out in public places, that sort of thing is more appropriate in the privacy of your home. You deal with Muslim women, after all.

Once you hit the jackpot, Kazakhstan women are inhibited and are eager to try out sexual fantasies. Hardly they say no to any of your requests, and they really try hard to please you.


Where To Find Girls For Sex In Kazakhstan

There isn’t the best place, but some option is easier and saves a lot of time, starting with…

1. Online

sexy Kazakh girl online

Search for girls online is the fastest way to get laid in Kazakhstan… And you don’t have to be in the country for that matter.

You can easily meet Kazakh women on popular dating sites. Plenty of girls looking for an arrangement with a foreign man.

Some are into casual datings, others prefer a long term relationship with benefits.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

There are some decent clubs around the country, and the best nightlife is in Astana.

One night stands aren’t so common, so go if your primary goal is to dance, flirt, and get drunk. Most girls go to clubs and bars with their friends and are reluctant to go home with you because they don’t want to look like a “whore.”

Of course, if you don’t mind to pay for sex, there are plenty of prostitutes too. But the quality of freelancers (self-employed prostitute) is pretty low, and their rates are high.

Sex-wise, it’s better you hook up with everyday girls in Kazakhstan.

3. Escorts – Call Girls

Kazakhstan call girls on escort directory

Escorts in Kazakhstan operate either independently or work for an agency.

The problem with the agency is that you get the bait and switch tactic. They send you any escort available who never happens to be the girl you have chosen.

In this regard, it’s better to use the services of an independent escort but go for outcalls only if you can’t speak Russian. Incalls required to understand the local lingo.

The only decent escort site in Kazakhstan is kyzdar.net. Pay attention to the fake photos.

4. Erotic Massage

Kazakhstan sex massage

Erotic massage parlors in Kazakhstan offer only partial happy endings like handjobs and blow jobs. There is no sex.

It’s hard to find them because they operate illegally underground. None of them are located on the street front, and there are no signs.

Usually, the sauna in hotels promotes their erotic services separately under the name of a non-existent parlor next door. Yes, it’s a complicated way to get laid if you don’t have local connections.

5. Hotel’s Reception

Most good hotels in Kazakhstan can arrange for girls to visit you.

Similar to the escort agencies, they send random girls to your room until you find one attractive enough. Usually, the ladies are old and average.

If they show you a catalog, you can bet most photos are fake.

In conclusion, ask the hotel’s reception to find a girl for you should be your last resort.


Typical Price In Kazakhstan

The rates for sexual services across the country are similar. Astana is slightly more expensive, but nothing serious.

All the prices you see on escort sites are for local men. Add an extra 20-30% as a foreign tax. The same applies when you get quotes by working girls in the clubs and bars.

Here a comprehensive list of the cost for sex in Kazakhstan:

  • Strip clubs’ entry fees range from 3.000 up to 8.000 TNG. A private dance is 8.000-12.000 TNG while a full striptease on the stage is 15.000-17.000 TNG. If you want to have sex with a dancer, the price is about 150.000 TNG.
  • Erotic massage spa price set you back at least 15.000 TNG for one-hour basic body massage including a handjob. You can opt for different services up to 60.000 TNG.
  • Escorts’ hourly rate is in the range of 25.000-60.000 TNG. For a foreigner, you may expect a 50% rise, though a girl might agree to 40% or even 30% if you negotiate.
  • Girls on dating sites are the cheapest option to get laid in Kazakhstan. Plenty of girls eager to meet a foreign man.


Tips & Tricks

• Negotiate prices – Independent escorts and freelancers in club and bars is a must to get at least 20% of their asking price.

• Keep valuables safe – Prostitutes in Kazakhstan have a habit to steal when you go for the shower.

• Outcall escorts – Outcalls are more expensive, but the girls go to your room, which is safer and convenient.

• Girls craving to learn English – There are many student girls that want to improve their English. It’s a great way for both of you to benefit.

• Bait and switch tactic – If the girl on your door is different from the girl on the photo, politely say you don’t know her and close the door. No point in talking to her or call the agency.


How To Get Girls In Kazakhstan

Many Kazakhstan girls crave to meet a foreign man. Even if sex isn’t in your mind, having a Kazak girl to show you around is great.

Enjoy romantic moments with her, see places, and experience intimate instants at night are just few of the benefits.

That’s why before my trip I make sure to get in contact with local girls… And only later book the flight and accommodation.

Unfortunately, most travelers do the exact opposite. They get busy to find a hotel and cheap flight but don’t bother to get in contact with local girls. No wonder once they reach there, they end up paying a prostitute for companionship.

If you want to get laid in Kazakhstan, you don’t need to pay. There are many local ladies eager to meet you on dating sites like Russian Dating.

Kazakhstan girls on dating sites are there to meet a foreign man, and you want to meet them. It’s a match.

To get rolling, write an honest profile about your expectations. Then upload some good photos with a big smile on your face 🙂

Start several conversations, build a list of potential “girlfriends” and once in Kazakhstan, meet up.


Best Cities In Kazakhstan To Get Laid

Astana (Nur-Sultan) – The newest and modern capital city of Kazakhstan.

The nightlife scene is pretty good, especially the nightclubs. The majority of girls have that Asian-European look, but more conservative than girls in Almaty.

Almaty – It’s the biggest city and the trade center in the country.

Girls are more open-minded then girls in Astana simply because there are more Russians. Russians are more liberal then Kazakh girls.

Shymkent – The third biggest city in Kazakhstan bordering Uzbekistan.

It’s a great city to hook up with Kazakh and Uzbek women alike. And because it’s only 2 hours drive from Tashkent where prostitution is illegal, half of the local prostitute is Uzbek.


Best Kazakh Cities to Meet Girls And Get Laid

This sex guide to Kazakhstan comes to an end. Have fun!