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malaysia sex guide

Malaysia Guide To Meet Sexy Girls & Get Laid

If you intend to learn about the best destinations in Malaysia and get laid with sexy local girls, this guide has all the info that you need.

Malaysia is a Muslim country with strict moral laws about sexual activities. Things like prohibition to have sex before marriage.

Fortunately, the government is interested in controlling only the Muslim population, leaving alone all the other religious minorities as well as foreigners.

The result is Malaysia is a rising Asian star for cheap sex… And one of the easiest countries to hook up with every day local girls hot for action.

By paying a visit to a popular dating site in Malaysia, you soon realize how eager are girls to meet and date foreign men.

The first section of this guide focuses on how to find every day Malaysian girls for a serious relationship and casual dating, while the second section focuses on the P4P scene (Pay for Play Scene).


This Malaysia Guide last update was 6 April 2020



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What About Girls And Sex In Malaysia
Malaysian sex life

How To Meet Malaysian Girls Interested In Foreign Men
The best way to meet local girls

How To Find A Girlfriend In Malaysia
Friend with benefits

Intro to Sex Tourism in Malaysia
General information about Malaysian prostitution and sex scene

Where to Find Girls For Sex In Malaysia
An overview of the best places to get laid in Malaysia

Typical Prices For Girls In Malaysia
General prices to have sex in Malaysia


What About Girls And Sex In Malaysia?

Most people think Malaysia being a Muslim country, it’s too traditional for a sex holiday.

The reality is Malaysian girls crave for sex, and it’s probably one of the best Asian countries to get laid with everyday girls.

Foreign men are highly valued, and there aren’t many of them around. Meaning local girls fight to get your attention.

The minority group of Chinese Malaysian women is the most outgoing forward foreigners. Not only that, but local Chinese-Malay ladies are beautiful and sexy…

hot malaysia girls

They are incredibly horny and want to get hammered like there is no tomorrow… And if you are interested in the Malay-Muslim girls, it is a bit harder but possible.

By Sharia law, you and she should not have sex. But behind closed doors is your dirty little secret.

If you are wondering how good Malaysian ladies are in bed, you won’t be disappointed. Not only they love it but have been raised to please man’s desires.


How To Meet Malaysian Girls Interested in Foreign Men

Most Malaysian girls aren’t interested in foreign men. That should not be a surprise because the minority of women in any country around the world hookup with foreign men.

Just visit any nightclub or bar in Malaysia, and immediately you realize the only girls interested in you are the working girls… And not necessarily because everyday girls aren’t attracted to you, but because they have to defend their reputation.

Even if a girl likes you a lot, in the presence of her friends, she would hardly speak to you for more then necessary. That is normal and should be expected, don’t take it personally.

If you want to find girls who aren’t hookers or don’t reject you in front of their friends, move your game to the internet.

Malaysian girls with a fetish for foreign men go online because it is private and away from indiscreet eyes. They can fulfill their dream to hook up with a foreign man without being seen by her friends and family members.

The best site at the moment that connects foreign men with Malaysian girls is Plenty of high caliber girls.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Malaysia

If you are wondering how to get a Malaysian girlfriend, I’m going to tell you the best way to go about it.

Many Malaysian girls dream of meeting a foreign man to enjoy each other company, care about you and be your girlfriend.

Can you imagine having a holiday with an attractive, young and horny girl while in Malaysia?

malaysia girlfriend

Have romantic moments together, tour around the country, do exciting things only locals know about it, and when nightfall, get intimate with her.

It’s like having a good friend, tour guide and girlfriend all in one — no need to deal with the usual tourist traps or spend a vacation all alone.

Having a Malaysian girlfriend means to experience the country and culture with the eyes of a local.

Most men that visit Malaysia are busy booking accommodation and the flight, but leave the most critical task last: to find a local girl.

No wonders those men go back home disappointed with their trip to Malaysia. Traveling so far just to sleep with prostitutes isn’t fun.

The best way to get a girlfriend in Malaysia is to use a popular dating site. Girls are there because they want to meet a foreign man as you want to meet a Malaysian lady.

It’s a no-brainer to start chatting with local girls and set up dates for the first day of your arrival in the country.

You can ask her to meet you at the airport. That way, you can start flirting with her the moment you land in Malaysia.

To start, write an honest profile about yourself and what you are looking for in a girl. Upload a few of your best photos… Not stoned or posing in front of a car that isn’t yours 🙂

Search for your perfect girl, have a short conversation and set up a date. That’s it!


Intro To Sex Tourism In Malaysia

Prostitution in Malaysia goes unnoticed, but it is rampant and sexual services are widely available. The demand is particularly high in places like Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh.

Single travelers visiting the country during a sex trip will not be disappointed. There are girls from most Asian countries selling sex here, especially Chinese and Vietnamese…

sex malaysia

Foreign prostitutes are cheaper than local Malaysian due to the fact of demand and offer. There are way more foreign prostitutes than local ones.

You can find sex in Malaysia at any time of the day, no need to wait for nightfall. Visit a red light district, and sex is readily available.

Talking of red light districts in Malaysia, Kula Lumpur has several red light areas, but other cities don’t have much going for them. Most of the sex services go unnoticed because they operate underground.

The sex scene in the country is far more interesting than only paid sex. There is an abundance of horny Malaysian girls that crave attention from foreign men.


Best Sex Tourism Destinations

Kuala Lumpur – The capital of Malaysia has the best nightlife in the country.

Local girls are gorgeous, well educated, and eager to hook up with foreign men… And if you prefer to pay for sex, there are several red light districts with girls from all over Asia.

Penang – An island with a high concentration of Chinese. If you like white, tall and skinny Chinese ladies, you’ll love Penang.

Ipoh – A town located in the mountain famous for its beautiful girls. The sex scene is nothing to brag about it, but if you are looking to get a hot Malaysian girlfriend, consider this location.


Where To Find Girls For Sex In Malaysia

Getting laid in Malaysian isn’t that hard if you know where to look for it. So I’m exposing the best places to meet sexy Malaysian girls hot for action are:

1. Online

As most sex activities in Malaysia take place underground, the internet is the place to go if you want to get laid.

While there are several apps and sites for most needs, the most interesting open-minded site at the moment is Asian Match Mate. It serves the swinging and hookup community in Malaysia.

Couples are looking for women, men, other couples and vice-versa. No need to waste time in long conversations, just hook up to have sex group.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The nightlife in Malaysia isn’t that bad outside the capital, but if you want to party and meet hot girls, Kuala Lumpur is the place to visit.

There are clubs and pick up bars in all the cities, most busy with hookers, but on weekends you can find party girls.

Most freelancers in nightclubs are foreigners. It is rare to meet a Malaysian prostitute in a club or bar.

If you want to meet regular girls, the nightclubs without working girls are easily recognized by the large groups of friends that share a table and drinks.

3. Escorts – Call Girls

malaysia call girl

If you don’t like to go out and party at night only to find girls, escort services are a practical way to have sex.

In Malaysia, there aren’t that many independent escort girls, so you have to use an escort directory.

4. Spa

happy ending malaysia

Having an erotic massage in Malaysia is a common practice in most cities. There is an abundance of spas and massage parlors front cover of brothels.

They have fixed prices for all-inclusive services that cover the cost of massage and happy ending. However, clear upfront what the happy ending is all about. Not all parlors offer full sex service.

5. Street Hookers

malaysia red light district

There are several red light districts in Kuala Lumpur, whereas other cities have only a few pimping businesses clutter together.

Anyway, girls working in the red light areas are mostly Chinese or Vietnamese. The lowest quality of sex workers in Malaysia.

6. Street Hookers

malaysia hookers in the streets of Kuala Lumpur

This Malaysian sex guide would not be completed without mentioning the prostitutes patrolling the streets inside and near the red light area.

In Kuala Lumpur, you can also find ladyboys in the streets at night. Other cities only girls, but they are old and not so attractive.

After all, the only thing that goes for Malaysian street hookers is the low price.


Typical Prices For Girls In Malaysia

There are several types of girls that accept money in exchange for sex from professional prostitutes to the students that need extra cash to make ends meet.

For example, the standard rate for street prostitutes is 40 to 70 Ringgit, while escorts charge 250+ Ringgit per hour. Street prostitutes and escorts are on the extreme price scale for pros.

Here is a better overview of the typical price girls in Malaysia are asking:

  • Illegal brothels: 50-80 Ringgit for a shot.
  • Spas and erotic parlor: starting at 90 Ringgit for a blow job up to 300 Ringgit for full service.
  • Foreign freelancers: 300-400 Ringgit for all night.
  • Malaysian freelancers: 500 Ringgit for all night.

This concludes the Malaysian sex guide. Enjoy the country and beautiful women!