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sex guide in penang

Penang Guide For Single Men


If you are going to Penang and want to meet local girls hot for action, this guide has all the info you need.

Penang is renewed as the best Malaysian culinary destination. But it is also known for the beautiful girls living on the island.

The first section of this guide focuses on everyday girls for a relationship or hookup. The second part talks about the P4P (Pay for Play) scene.

This Penang Sex Guide was last updated on 04 March 2021




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What About Sex And Girls In Penang
Sex life in Penang

How To Meet Penang Ladies Interested In Foreign Men
The best way to meet local girls

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Penang
Date Malaysian women during your vacation

Intro to Sex Tourism in Penang
General information about Penang sex scene

Where to Find Sex In Penang
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices For Girls In Penang
How much it cost to get laid in Penang


What About Sex And Girls In Penang

Penang population is mostly Malaysian Chinese ethnic with a minority of Muslims and Indians. For that matter, there is a feeling to be in a subpart of Singapore or Hong Kong.

The high concentration of Chinese on the island offers sexual freedom and an abundance of sexy girls…

hot penang girl

Not only Malaysian Chinese ethnic ladies are sexy, but they know how to dress and behave with class.

It isn’t hard to convince girls in Penang to hook up with you. They are adventurous and free from any religious constrained. I’ve to admit that they aren’t the best sex around, but definitely, it is an easy one.

If you want a Muslim girl, your best option is to date an Indonesian instead of a Malaysian chick. There are several Indonesian singles working on the island and searching for foreign men.


How To Meet Penang Ladies Interested in Foreign Men

Foreign men are seen as a price from Malaysian girls but don’t expect each woman to be interested in you.

The majority of local girls want to have a relationship with a local man as they share similar values. It’s a cultural thing.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t eager to have sex with a foreign man — quite the contrary. You look exotic in their eyes, and they crave to have a bite of you.

Penang girls with a fetish for foreign men, use apps and site to meet foreign men. It’s convenient and private.

Chat with the girls, see if there is chemistry and meet up once you are in Penang.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Penang

penang girlfriend

If you would like to have a girlfriend experience during your stay in Penang or to get in a serious relationship, knowing these things could save you from several headaches.

There are several Malaysian girls on the island dreaming of meeting a foreign man. Most are smart, beautiful and open-minded forward sex.

Experience Penang with a local girl, not only opens you up to authentic experiences but is also an opportunity to learn about Malaysian culture.

Most travelers arrive in Penang without any contacts hoping to hook with local girls. They end up most of the time with a prostitute.

Hoping isn’t going to land you anything better than a whore… So, what to do?

Be proactive, get in contact right now with women in Penang, and start to build a list of potential girlfriends.

The best way to find a Malaysian girlfriend is to use a site like Seeking Arrangement. Plenty of girls to choose from.

What is the point try to pick up girls in nightclubs or malls when you can simply talk to them on a dating site?

There is no need to waste money on expensive drinks or to face rejection.

To get started, write a few lines about yourself and what you are looking for in a woman. Then upload your best profile photos dressed well and groomed.

Verify your profile because it shows that you have genuine intentions to meet a decent woman.

Build a list of potential girlfriends, and once in Penang, just meet up.


Intro To Sex Tourism In Penang

Prostitution in Penang is well spread but hidden away from indiscreet eyes.

There aren’t any red-light districts, but if you walk around George Town, you can find plenty of hotels and spas that are fronts of brothels.

Most prostitutes in Penang aren’t local. You can find an overwhelming number of girls from China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. The majority of Malaysian prostitutes are from Sabah, the most impoverished region of the country.

If you are into ladyboys, the Love Lane is your area. Plenty of trannies at night.

The brothels in Penang are old and dirty. Don’t expect to find young and sexy girls but a kind of milf’s ladies in their late 30s. You need to brave to walk in a brothel here…

penang red light district

Penang sex scene isn’t as exciting as the one in Kuala Lumpur, but it is thriving.

If you don’t like to pay girls for sex, there is an abundance of horny ladies searching for foreign men.


Where To Find Sex In Penang

Getting laid in Penang isn’t rock science if you know the right places. Below the best spots to find girls hot for action, starting with…

1. Online

penang girl online

The internet has become the to-go place for Penang girls interested in hooking up with foreign men. Most are looking for an arrangement, a sort of girl with benefits.

The most popular site to meet girls in Penang is Seeking Arrangement.

2. Escorts

penang escort

There are several escort agencies in Penang that pimps girls from all over Asia.

You can find Malaysians, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and even East European women.

Ask the pimp to send you the latest girl’s photos via Whats App.

3. Spas

There are several erotic massage parlors in Penang, but most are nearby the Chinese area in George Town.

Some offer only massage and handjob while others are specialized in blow jobs and full extra services.

The most popular erotic parlors are Gurney Spa and CareZone that has several branches.

4. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Nightlife in Penang is mostly local. Meaning people that go out at night are always the usual folks. It’s rare to see foreigners.

If you have a good game and feel comfortable breaking in large groups of people, you might get a few phone numbers at the end of the night.

The best nightclubs and pick up bars in Penang are:

  • M2 at B2, Entertainment City, Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat.
  • Good Friends Club at 39, Jalan Gurdwara, George Town.
  • The Bank Penang at Lebuh Pantai, George Town.


5. Brothels

Penang brothels are located inside hotels that usually have a health center in the basement.

Walk-in to any of the following hotels to find local and foreign hookers:

  • Soo Cho Hotel at Penang Road has many Indonesian and Malaysian from Sabah.
  • Paris Hotel has milf type of girls. You can find women even with white hair.
  • Waldorf Hotel has a spa offering happy ending and short time rooms upstairs with Vietnam and Indonesians.


Typical Prices For Girls In Penang

In avarage you spen about 130 Ringgit for some comapanionship.

The most expensive are escorts models setting you back 280 Ringgit per hour. Instead, the cheapest way to meet Malaysian girls is to get a holiday girlfriend.

There are so many singles craving to hook up with a foreigner, sometimes for adventure, other times for a serious relationship.

Let’s have a look at the conventional rates for businesses that sell sex:

  • Illegal brothels: 80-150 Ringgit for a shoot.
  • Erotic spa: the standard rate is around 180 Ringgit. When there is a promotion, you can get a massage with a happy ending for 130 Ringgit.

There are also a few freelancers in Penang, usually hanging around in nightclubs or dating sites.

Price range widely from 50 Ringgit up to 150 Ringgit for all night, depending on how you meet and how you deal with her.

This wraps up the Penang sex guide. Have a great time over there.