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Bohol travel guide for single men

Bohol Sex Guide For Single Men

If you’re craving for a sex holiday in Bohol and want to know the best places where to find sexy girls hot for action, this sex guide has all the info you need.

You should enjoy your trip to Bohol, instead of worrying about where to go, what do and most importantly how to do it.

I’m going to cover all the things you need to know to experience the ultimate Bohol sex vacation.

So, if you’re serious about having sex in Bohol every day, please take 10 minutes of your time to digest the full article.

This guide is going to focus mostly on the P4P scene (Pay for Play). If you prefer to meet and date quality Filipino girls, then consider using a popular Filipino dating site instead.

This Bohol Sex Guide was last updated on 04 June 2019




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The Ultimate Men’s Travel Guide to Bohol
General information about Bohol for first-time travelers

Typical Costs
An overview of general prices in Bohol

Safety Tips & Trick
A few pitfalls that I’ve experienced and you should avoid

Date Bohol Women
Here’s the information you need to meet local Bohol Girls

Bohol Nightlife
The best nightclubs and bars in Bohol

Things to Do in Bohol for Adults
Places to visit and activities to do in the company of a local girl


The Ultimate Man’s Travel Guide To Bohol

Bohol is a must-visit place for any first-time traveler in the Philippines.

Here, you will come across great experiences including wonderful white sand beaches, diving into the colorful underwater and see the chocolate hills.

However, the deepest reason to travel to Bohol is to meet the hot provincial girls!

Beautiful Bohol girl

Yeap, Bohol is a smaller affair than Boracay, with less nightlife and fewer girls, but that is what makes this place intimate and not much overcrowded with tourist.

I love the feeling of “island side” if that is a word, Filipinas in Bohol are truly pleasant and welcoming probably because of the low amount of foreigners.

Everything is less commercialized, more authentic and so much more fun.

So, if you’re looking for relaxation and girls with genuine intentions, Bohol is the place for you.


When To Visit Bohol

As for the case of many parts of the Philippines, Bohol also experiences a tropical climate. That’s why you can visit any time of the year and find sun, sea and girls.

There are two main seasons in Bohol:

Low Season; During this period (between June and December) rain most of the time, so forget about the white sand beach. Also, there is the risk to experience a typhoon, something not really fun.

The worst months are between August and October, which is the monsoon season excellent to plant rice but not so good to bang girls.

Therefore, this is not the best time for your visit if you’re not a farmer. Moreover, you should avoid late December too since it is peak season (expensive) and the girls go back home celebrating Christmas with their family.

High Season; Fewer rainy days between January to June. The best months to visit Bohol is from January to March.

Besides the high volume of girls that you can find around during this season, it’s also the best time for taking photos and enjoy the beach.

Between April and June, you are likely to come across rice fields that are browner, not a so good scenery.

I remember the last time I visited Bohol was in the midst of December. On this day, the temperatures were unbearably warm.

One day, the clear and sunny day turned to heavy stormy showers within minutes. Fortunately, I was in the room with a girlfriend met on a dating site a few weeks before.

Please, don’t ask why I was in my hotel bedroom instead of enjoying the beautiful weather outside 🙂


What About Girls In Bohol?

Are you after HOT girls? I think so if you’re reading this guide.

Well, Bohol hasn’t the biggest selection of Filipinas in the country but definitely has HOT girls. You’ll find them around Alona Beach in Panglao, a small island connected to the mainland by a bridge.

hot girls Alona Beach in Panglao

The atmosphere is easy going even in the bars and clubs, and not mercenary like in Angeles City or Manila.

In fact, you can’t even bar fine girls in Bohol. The girls serving in the bars are just working as waitresses not as hookers.

So, if you like one and you want to get in her panties the only way is by starting a conversation, exchange phone numbers and meet after work.

However, Bohol girls are easy going and happy to date foreign men. In reality, deep inside, they want to marry one and leave that life behind.

The good thing is that you’re going to get laid every day during your vacation.

Bohol girls are angry for attention and will do anything to be next to you during your holiday. I’m not talking only about bar girls here, but any girls – working in shops, restaurant, even the hotel receptionist.

Keep in mind that girls in Bohol are shy and don’t like to show too much in public, hold your horses and do the naughty stuff once behind closed doors.

One more thing…

Bohol is close by Cebu City, which it makes the perfect destination for Cebuana craving for beaches and some sexual freedom.

Many girls from Cebu City are spending the weekend in Bohol, an excellent opportunity to hit on them.

You will find them partying in the usual nightclubs and on the beach. However, it isn’t going to be easy to flirt with them because they are with their friends.

If you really want to get Cebuana girls to come over and spend a few days with you, the best way is to meet them on Filipino dating sites.

You can meet also local girls from Dumaguete and Tagbilaran, another two cities located in Bohol where there isn’t much of attraction for tourist and the nightlife is more focused on local Filipinos.

I consider Bohol a destination for senior men seeking romance and love while relaxing.

The reason is that during the day there aren’t many people on the beach, which is likely appealing to those who like peace and quiet while traveling.

If you’re a young and energetic guy looking to party day and night, you better consider Boracay.

Philippine girls guide to have sexI’ve written the Filipina girls guide packed with useful info to clear some of your thoughts about Filipino girls and tips to get you laid.

Which girl suit you?

The school gal, or maybe the Pro, or the Big Score.

There is only one way to find out your type of Filipino girl.


Typical Costs in Bohol

Like any other first time traveler, you’re wondering what is the cost for a single man vacation to Bohol.

Below a breakdown of the typical costs you are likely to incur such accommodation, girls, entertainment, food and transportation:


• Bohol Accommodation’s Price

Just make sure to get a hotel near Alona Beach, where you can find all the girlie bars, nightclubs, beach bars, street hookers, western restaurants.

For a decent room, the price starts at 1.400 pesos per night for a simple room in Villa Almedilla up to 9.000 Pesos for Bohol Beach Club Resort.

Some hotel offers breakfast others not, but don’t worry because there are plenty of options just outside any hotel.

Bohol is mostly family destination, so not all the accommodations are girl friendly. Some don’t allow female guests after 10 pm, others charge 1.000 Pesos extra for any girl you bring in.

I didn’t pay extra to bring my girl in…

Girl friendly accomodations and hotels in Bohol


• Food and Drinks Prices

Local Filipino food is cheap, you can have it for 200/300 Pesos per day. However, if you can’t digest it, go for meals at the shopping mall which can cost you approximately 200 Pesos.

Another option is going to a foreign restaurant where you can get quality meals and drinks at an average cost of 1,250 Pesos per day.


• Cost of Transportation in Bohol

The quickest way to Panglao Island where is located Alona Beach is by ferry from Cebu City and TagbilaranThe ticket is 400 Pesos.

Alternatively, from Tagbilaran airport, you can either use a taxi (20 minutes) for 500 Pesos, a Jeepney (1 hour) for 20 Pesos or a trike for 300 Pesos.

The best ways to get around the island is to hire a tricycle, rent a boat, a motorcycle, or make arrangements with your resort. By arranging transport through your resort you avoid being ripped off.


• Cost For Entertainments

An unforgettable holiday includes girls and drinking:


1. Girlie Bars Prices in Bohol

Girlie Bars prices in Bohol

Bottled beers or draft beer for 70-100 Pesos, whiskey for 100-150 Pesos and cocktails for 150-200 Pesos.

There is no bar fine in those bars, but the girls are free after work to visit your room. So, the overnight rate is about 1.000 – 2.000 Pesos.

Often they don’t ask for money because they are hoping “you love them long-time”, if that is the case, be kind and give a tip.


2. Night Clubs Prices in Bohol

The island isn’t very big and the 3 best nightclubs are walking distance from each other; Pinarella Bay, Club Toxicity and Badi’s bar. They are all located in Alone Beach, Panglao.

When most bars in Panglao close, the girls go partying in those clubs usually after midnight.

Most girls are just looking for a guy to spend the night with, make some extra cash or finding a boyfriend, there aren’t any pro like in other bigger Philippine’s city.

The entrance is free, and the drinks are cheap: 80-100 Pesos for beer and 150 Pesos for whiskey.

As per the Bohol nightlife girl’s price the standard rate is 1.000 – 2.000 Pesos, upon negotiation.


3. Bohol Freelancers Prices

Bohol Freelancers Prices

Beside girls in nightclubs and bars, you can find a few hookers along Alone Beach Promenade early in the morning.

They are there because they couldn’t find customers earlier. The reason is simple, they are ugly or old or fucked up.

Anyway, if you want a hooker on the cheap, they will go with you for less than 1.000 Pesos.


4. “Happy” Massage Parlors Prices

Well, most massage parlors in Bohol don’t offer happy endings, besides 108 Spa.

Look, the only thing they give extra is a hand job, I couldn’t manage even to undress the massage girl. The cost is 1.200 Pesos for the message plus a tip for the girl.

Just take a taxi to a small town called Dauis, it distances about 10 Km from Panglao. If you know any other massage places with a happy ending, write me an email.


5. “Regular” Quality Girls In Bohol

Quality Girls In Bohol Cost

Any girl that you see working in shops, hotels and restaurants might be interested in dating a foreigner, especially in touristic places like Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Park or Anda Beach.

Start a conversation and if she seems interested in you, then just ask for her phone number.

I understand that not everyone feels comfortable approaching girls in this way. Most men feel anxious and nervous.

Another option is to meet Bohol girls on dating sites. You can chat with hundreds of girls without fear of rejections.

The price for a membership is about 10-12 USD per month, and of course, the girls don’t ask for any money.


6. Ladyboys In Bohol

There isn’t any specific venue to meet only ladyboys in Bohol. However, you can see a few of them working in bars and restaurant, especially around Alone Beach.

Just talk to them, joke around and compliment them. Ask if they are interested to meet after work. They aren’t prostitutes, but a tip of 1.000 Pesos would make them happy.

If you prefer to meet them online, Pina Love has almost 80 Bohol’s ladyboy’s members. In case you don’t find anything that you like in the Bohol area, search for the nearby Cebu City.

It’s free to register.

ladyboys in Bohol to date

In conclusion, you’re going to spend on average 1,500 Pesos for accommodation, 1,250 Pesos for foods and drinks, 300 Pesos for transportation and 2,500 Pesos for entertainment. All these figures add up to 5,550 Pesos per day.

This is only an average, you can spend much more by upgrading accommodation or much less by meeting with girls met on dating sites for free instead of working girls.

What about tipping in Bohol? Below you can get an idea:



Safety Tips & Tricks

Girl’s ID Cards; It’s always good to ensure that the girl you are dating is over 18 years. You do this directly by requesting her ID card and then confirm the date of birth.

Agree on the Price; If the girl is a freelancer, it’s good to negotiate the price first. This saves you from drama later.

Keep Your Valuables Safe; Most hotel’s room has a safe, use it. While you showering it’s easy for girls to reach your wallet left in the bedroom.

Bribe; Leave your right for home, you’re in the Philippines now. For whatever reason, when police accuse you of wrongdoing, don’t argue, but instead pay up. The $$$ talks if you get busted and is the best way out.

Street Vendors; I refer to the one that sells drugs, viagra and other stuff… Some of them are connected to the police. Basically, it’s like buying illegal stuff from a policeman If you ask my opinion, it isn’t a good idea.

Use a condom; If a girl has sex with you easily, that means she has sex almost every day with strangers. STD are commons, a condom can save your health.

Moderate Drinking; I don’t want to sound like your mother or a priest, but in my girly experiences around Asia, I had better times when sober than drunk.



Bohol online dating site and women

Do you want a sexy, cool and gorgeous Bohol girl with you during your holiday? Or maybe a sweet, beautiful and religious Filipina for marriage and have children? What about a girlfriend interested in you and not only your money?

Whatever you’re looking for, Bohol girls are love caring and have an easy going attitude. No more dating girls that don’t bother to understand you or thinking only what is in for them.

I feel your pain, I felt the same way fifteen years ago before leaving the West for better girls, excellent sex experiences, and feminine women.

Beautiful, intelligent, well-mannered, and so feminine are just a few qualities Bohol girls possess. You’ll feel in love, once again, like in your teenage years.

Nothing is quite interesting like having a partner to engage in long conversations, to be loved and feel her wet only for you.

Bohol, being a small island away from the big cities, offer peace and beautiful local girls genuine and selfless.

Just imagine having a younger and attractive Filipinas next to you while relaxing on white beaches.

Sound like a dream? Bohol is real my friend.


How To Meet Local Girls In Bohol

dating sites to date bohol girls

To meet quality Bohol girls, you’ve got three options:

Online Dating

The easiest and fastest way to connect with some local beauty.

Most girls in the Philippines have a smartphone so they can have access to dating apps. The good thing about dating online is the convenience (from the comfort of your sofa) and a wide selection of girls only “one click” away.

Meeting Bohol girls online is less intimidating than chasing her in malls or around Bohol’s streets.

Just imagine how she feels by getting approached by a foreign man in a public area; In one world I would say; “Embarrassing”.

Another problem in meeting quality Bohol girls is that they are working in Cebu because Bohol doesn’t offer much in terms of opportunity and career growth.

In fact, the girls that you meet in Bohol are the one less educated and mostly work in low paying jobs like waitresses, receptions, cleaners…

So, the only way to meet quality girls is online.

In my experience, building a relationship of trust and affection with local girls prior to a trip is the best way to achieve the ULTIMATE HOLIDAY.

If you want to meet Filipinas on a dating site, I recommend:

Filipino women dating onlineFilipino Cupid – It’s the most popular dating site in the Philippines with thousands of Filipino girls looking for romance, relationship, and one-night stand.

I use Filipino Cupid to meet quality local women around the Philippines with excellent results.

I hear horror stories all the time from travelers dealing with fake profiles on other dating sites. I rarely encountered them on Filipino Cupid.

Once you create a profile, your inbox will be flooded with messages from girls eager to meet you. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll meet your perfect match on this site.

Filipina dating girlsPina Love – This website has been around for a long time and is used by about 200,000 users.

Most Filipinas are genuine, looking for love, relationship, and sometimes marriage.

What I find useful about Pina Love is the possibility to search for girls and Ladyboys separately. The option is convenient for first-time users who can’t distinguish the two.

The friendly interface and simple chat allow you to have multiple conversations at the same time without wasting time.

There are real cuties on this site; check it out.


Tips and hint sexy girlsTIPS: Before subscribing, you might consider three facts about dating Filipinas online.

1. First, the good news. Women from the Philippines really love foreign men. We are as exotic to them as they are to us.

2. Dating 10-20-year older men is not a problem to most Filipina. Don’t worry about your age, it will not matter in the Philippines.

3. Most men on dating sites are perverts. You can be on the top 10% just by posting three “clean” photos of you (Please shave, Filipinas don’t like beards or mustaches) and talk politely.


The second option to meet quality Bohol women is to…


• Walk Around the Island

The main town in Bohol to meet local girls interested in foreigner is Panglao, a small island connected to the main island by a bridge.

This island caterer mostly to tourists, where local girls work in restaurants, shops, and malls.

This place is small, so once you get a girl is a good idea to keep her until you leave. The reason is that anyone knows each other, and if you change girls too often then you get labeled as a “sex tourist”.

The last option to meet girls in Bohol is to…


• Visit Nightclubs and Discos

Those social places are worth to visit after midnight to meet local girls.

Bohol has only three small nightclubs so the girls are always the same. There are mainly two types of girls in these clubs; Freelancers and curious girls.

Freelancers are the bar girls going out to have fun after work. Most girlie bars in Bohol close before midnight.

These girls are FUN to be with, LOVE to party hard, and bang even harder… Not only that, freelancers are excellent tour guides showing you around Bohol island, besides emptying your balls.

Curious Girls are usually bored with their own culture and men, looking for new experiences outside their Filipino natural habitat.

Some might be studying, working in restaurants or shops and others might have finished a relationship with their longtime boyfriend.

Usually, they don’t go out in clubs, but she is trying her best to meet you.

Curious girls are lovely, traditional, willing to learn your culture and please you all the way. The bad news is they are not common.

If you prefer to meet hookers and freelancers instead of quality girls, check out the Bohol nightlife guide below…



Don’t expect to find a crazy nightlife like Angeles City or Manila. Even if Bohol is a big island, most of the nightlife action is in Alona Beach located in Panglao.

To save you time and hustle, consider booking a room in Panglao where most of the restaurants, bars and nightclubs that caterer to foreigners are located.

Bohol nightlife, nigh club and sexy girls

Bohol nightlife lights up after 8 pm where you can have a few drinks in the girlie bars. After midnight, you can move to the nightclubs to party and meet local girls.

Don’t expect a huge selection of places, but FUN is guaranteed. The girls in One 4 Da Road just opposite Helmut’s Place are super entertaining, talkative and playful. You know what I mean.


Best Girlie Bars In Bohol

There are only beer and sport’s bars in Bohol, no KTVs or bikini bars like in Angeles or Cebu City.

You can have cheap drinks, some snack, and watching football matches while being entertained by the girls working there. The interesting thing is the girls working in these bars are all from Bohol, not other regions like the bars in Manila and Angeles.

Do you like to play pool? It’s free to play, and the girls bend down nicely to show you they are worth your time and money.

One more thing; In the bars in Bohol, you can’t barfine girls. Meaning you can bang her only after working hours if she is willing to go with you.

The best Bohol bars are:
Helmut’s Place

This bar is located at the main intersection in Alona Beach. It’s popular among tourists, and also an excellent place to meet freelancer local girls.

The place operates till 2 am, then you can move easily to Pinarella Bay, a popular nightclub open until 5 am.

There is a pool table, TV to watch sport events and a friendly atmosphere to spend your evening in Bohol.


One 4 Da Road

The most modern and well design bar in the area, it’s a great place to play pool and seduces the attractive Filipino waitresses.

As per the other bars, the girls are there to serve drinks to customers, not to be bar fine.

So, you need to convince them to see you after work if you wish to bang one.

The bar is one of the busiest, in fact, you can meet other foreigners at any time of the day and sometime Bohol freelancers even in the afternoon.


Aluna Beach Lounge

A wonderful place to have a cocktail while enjoying the sea view in Alona Beach.

The place has a good vibe thanks to the owners who are super cool. You can meet foreign ladies and Filipinas looking for a good time.

The price of drinks is above the standards for Bohol, but it’s worth it.


Best Bohol Nightclubs To Meet Local Girls

The place for young travelers who enjoy loud music, sexy Filipino girls, and having a great night. Bohol has a small nightlife scene with a few nightclubs that are worth to visit.

Hitting the clubs is the last resort to get laid with a willing Bohol girl. The club crowds vary from freelancer to curious girls.

The ongoing rate for freelancers is 1.000 Pesos per night and for the curious girls hoping to become your girlfriend, a few beers would do.

Bohol Nightclubs with Local Girls and freelancers

Having said that, the tricky part is to evaluate who is who.

For first-timers in the Philippines, it might be hard to separate the working girls from the girls there only to have a good time while looking for a foreign boyfriend.

Usually, freelancers dress and makeup like bar girls: shirt skirt, tits in view and “get attention” make up.

Instead, curious girls wear jeans, a normal t-shirt, and little makeup. Rarely, I saw a good girl wearing any makeup.

To help you decide where to go, I’ve select the best nightclubs in Bohol, mostly located in Panglao:


Pinarella Bay

It’s the most crowded nightclub in Bohol. In fact, any day of the week is party time and a good bet to meet local Filipino girls.

Like other clubs, the action starts after midnight when the bars start closing down. Yeah, the bar girls move to party in Pinarella Bay hoping to find a foreigner for the night.

Don’t expect anything special about music or DJs, it’s just a big room with tables and a dance floor.

However, it’s an excellent place to meet local girls while having FUN!


Atmosphere Club

Are you looking for a real Filipino experience? Visit Atmosphere club.

This nightclub is popular among Filipinos only, so there aren’t any foreigners. The good thing is there are a lot of sexy Filipino girls.

This disco is in Tagbilaran a few kilometers away from Panglao.

I suggest to go only if you’ve got friends with you, otherwise it might be intimidating.


Club Toxicity

A Filipino nightclub with loud music and low lighting. If it is your first time in a Filipino nightclub, it might be scary at first but don’t worry, Filipinos are friendly here. The local girls are even friendlier 🙂

I’ve seen some really sexy Bohol girls in here.

The best way to approach is by giving a beer in their hands and start to talk to her. It works most of the time.

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Check out the Chocolate Hills – It’s an interesting view from Carmen Town. There is a resort with a restaurant that is worth spending at least a day and night in the company of a Pinay girl.

pinay girl during my holiday in Bohol

Relax on Alona Beach – This is the most popular beach in Bohol where you can snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing, kitesurfing and scuba diving.

Nonetheless is the place to take beautiful pictures with your sexy Filipino girlfriend.

sexy Filipino girlfriend on Alona beach

Meet Girls Online – While relaxing in my hotel room, I seduce Filipino girls on Pina Love, usually for my next destination.

This is a good habit to pipeline girls on the go.

Mag-Aso Falls – There are a few falls in the Bohol, but this is the most visited. With large mountain as backdrop, Mag-Aso Falls releases a smoke-like shower of mist as it cascades down the natural pool with its turquoise green water.

The entrance fee is 50 Pesos and you can stay overnight in the nearby apartment for 1.000 Pesos per night.