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3 Types of Freelance Call Girls in Manila

If you are looking for a call girl in Manila, you don’t always need to pay an expensive escort agency. There are so many freelancers offering their love services, and if you know what to do they are safe to use and cheap.

Why pay more for the same service?

You see, a Manila agency’s escort charge you double because she has to share her revenue with the agency.  So, the best thing if you want a girl visiting you directly in your hotel room is to get a call girl freelancer.

These types of girls are smart enough to promote their services online without the need for an agency. Not only they are easier to get along with but they provide a better service because they understand the value of regular customers. In other words, freelance call girls offer better experiences for a cheaper price.

Here the three types of call girls in Manila…


1. Freelancers On Dating Sites

There are many Manila girls on dating sites that work as freelancers, but also many everyday girls.

The majority of girls that offer companionship and intimate moments are the students and the young girls. They usually have a hard time making ends meet.

The most popular dating site to meet girls in Manila is Pina Love.

When a girl’s profile pictures look provocating, you can bet she is a freelancer ready to hook up with you.

Just send a simple message asking to meet up, and she won’t hesitate when dealing with a freelancer.


2. Independent Escorts

There are a good number of independent escort girls in Manila that offer outcall services to your location.

It’s convenient because the traffic in Manila is insane so you just can relax in your hotel room while she does the hard work to visit you.

The only downside like all the call girls anyway is the photos can be misleading. It’s happened to me to open the door only to close it as fast as I open it.

Yeah, sometimes the surprise can be shocking.

It’s worth to ask for extra pictures before booking just to avoid similar situations.

Regarding prices for independent escorts, they widely swing depending on how in-demand she is. Just to give you a better idea, the starting price is 1.000 pesos per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

Here we are talking about average looking girls, nothing to brag about it.

For a hot spinner, expect to pay at least 2.000 pesos per hour.


3. Massage Call Girls

Manila isn’t a massage paradise like Bangkok but in recent years more and more erotic massage parlours are popping up around the city.

However, those places aren’t cheap and you have to deal with the traffic in Manila to get there.

That’s why whenever I’m in Manila I make sure to book a massage call girls directly in my hotel room. If you stay near the red light districts, just ask the receptionist for an outcall massage to your room.

Ha! Give 100 pesos tips and ask for a cute one 🙂

Remember to take a shower before she arrives and wrap yourself with the tower as you are going to be a massage naked anyway.

Usually, the first 30 minutes is a normal massage, then she is going to start touching your sensitive parts offering a happy ending.

You can go for a simple hand job or a BJ or full sex. It’s all under negotiation.

I usually tip 500 pesos for an HJ, 800 pesos for a BJ and 1.200 for full service. You need to add the extra money for the massage agreed before which is about 400 pesos.

If she gives good service, it’s a good idea to book her for another session at a discounted rate.


To Recap…

Ok, so there are three types of call girls in Manila:

  1. Freelancers on dating sites
  2. Independent escort
  3. Massage call girl

If a girl on a dating site accept immediately to meet you, you can bet she is a freelancer.

The second option are the independent escorts. Prices are reasonable but you don’t know how the girl looks. So, take it or leave it kind of deal.

The last option are massage girls at your hotel reception. You just need to text them and they come to your hotel room. The only thing is their rate is higher than other call girls.