sugar baby in the Philippines

Sugar Babies In The Philippines: Options, Costs and Tips

What better way to make your trip to the Philippines exciting than having a beautiful girl by your side?

If you’re frustrated dealing with hookers or tired of all the drama with a traditional relationship, you might consider dating a Filipina sugar baby instead.

The rules of the relationship are clear, there’s very little room for misunderstandings and drama.

But the best thing is you get what you want: companionship and intimacy.

Filipina girls are adaptable and easygoing so you won’t have any trouble telling them exactly what you want. They are curious and eager to adopt your ways so you may have the best time while you’re with them.

Let’s navigate our way through the best route that you can adopt to find a sugar baby in the Philippines.


Where Can You Find Sugar Babies In Philippines

Sugar babies in the Philippines can be found anywhere. From the cashier in the store to the girl in the gym, most Filipinas are happy to get some extra income.

And below are the best places to find sugar babies in the Philippines…


1. Sugar Sites

Numerous websites out there specifically cater to people searching for sugar relationships. But the biggest and the most reliable one is What’s Your Price.

There are many college and university girls in the Philippines that use Whats Your Price to look for a sugar daddy.

You just need to create a profile and mention in your bio what you’re looking for. You’ll be overwhelmed by the messages.


2. Dating Sites

You might think that dating sites are only good for searching for a serious relationship. But in the Philippines, they are a versatile tool to scout for sugar babies.

Unlike sugar sites where everyone is on the same page, on dating sites in the Philippines you’ll have to search for the right candidates.

Look for girls who write in their bio “looking for someone who will take care of me” or something similar.

Also, pay attention to their profile pictures. Girls looking for some sugar usually dress to impress their future sugar daddy…

filipino girls dating site

As you can see, these girls on Pina Love aren’t looking for marriage but for sugaring.


3. Local Connections

This method is as old as time. If you already have connections in the Philippines, ask if they know any girls looking for a foreign boyfriend.

You’ll be surprised how many sisters and cousins are interested in having a relationship with you.

Just make sure to state the details of your arrangement before starting the relationship. Otherwise, she might think that you’ll get married and as a consequence, you’ll have to deal with drama and unreasonable demands.

Below there are some more tips for finding a sugar baby through local connections:

  • Keep your needs in mind and don’t shy away from interactions.
  • Attend as many social gatherings as you can (put yourself out there so people may know you).
  • Be amicable to everyone you meet so people may spread good words about you.


4. Speed Dating Events

Speed dating events are full of eager Filipinas looking for an arrangement as you can see in this video…

In a speed dating event, you get to talk to different ladies for a few minutes, then decide on which lady you would like to know further.

On the first meeting, you can bring up the idea of looking forward to having a ‘sugaring relationship’, and see if she’s open to the idea.


How Much Does A Sugar Baby In Philippines Cost?

A sugar baby in the Philippines costs between 400 USD to 1200 USD per month.

There are uneducated girls like waitresses, shop assistants, and so on that are on the lower price spectrum. While more sophisticated and hotter girls command the higher rate range.

The hottest one in high demand will tend to cost more for obvious reasons. But also the education of the girl influences the price.

Just ask her how much she needs to cover her expenses, and you’ll get a rough monthly cost to keep her.

Most of the sugar babies in the Philippines are students so you may be expected to pay for their rent, utilities, allowance, etc.


Tips to Be an Irresistible Sugar Daddy in The Philippines

Attracting the hottest Filipina sugar babies becomes easier if you follow the following tips:

• Be Mindful Of Her Culture – Girls in the Philippines value their families. Show her that you’re eager to take care of not only her but also the parents. It’s cheap anyway.

You don’t have to go to great lengths or spend a lot of money either, some money to cover the parent’s food and medicine is enough.

• Practice Tolerance and Patience While You’re with Your Girl – Filipino girls love a man who’s not easily displeased.

The best way to earn your girl’s favor is by being patient in uncomfortable situations and keeping your temper in check.

This will show her that you’re mature and have a strong strong sense of self-restraint.

• Be Amicable – Smiling often and complimenting your Filipina sugar baby regularly will increase her attraction forward you.

A girl loves when her loved ones approve of her man. She’ll then try everything to gain your approval and affection.

 Create an Attractive Profile – Write an interesting bio about your lifestyle. Also upload several pictures in different settings like business, social, and travel.

Avoid bluffing or being over-exhaustive, it is a turn-off for most ladies.


FAQs For Sugaring In The Philippines


What’s the best sugar daddy site in the Philippines?

What’s Your Price is the best site for sugar daddies looking for a sugar baby in the Philippines.

It’s a straightforward way of finding a like-minded partner who’ll understand your needs and give you exactly what you want.


Is sugar dating legal in the Philippines?

Yes, sugar dating in the Philippines is completely legal. There’s no law against it unless it’s for prostitution or trafficking.


Is it easy to find a sugar baby in the Philippines?

Yes, it’s relatively easy to find a sugar baby in the Philippines if you follow our suggestions above.

They prefer foreigners from English-speaking countries but are also open to other nationalities if the arrangement is right.