Best Places To Meet Sexy Manila Girls

If you are planning on visiting the capital of the Philippines then you probably want to meet sexy girls in Manila.

And that makes sense as there isn’t anything much interesting other than nightlife and girls.

Probably you want to know the best areas to stay if girls are your primary interest.

The first place is Malate which is a popular red light district and also has a number of shopping malls where you can pick up girls during the day.

So, it’s a pussy paradise – day and night.

On the other hand, you may also stay around P Burgos Street in Makati as it has a good number of girlie bars and nightclubs.

If you prefer cheaper hotels, you can stay on the outskirt of Manila as the taxi fare is only between 150-200 pesos to get to the center.

However, the traffic is pretty bad and can take around half an hour or 45 mins to get from one point to the other.

That can really be tiresome, and bad logistic always put the girls in a bad mood.

I can see the question mark on your face: “how much the girls want? Well, that definitely depends.

You can hook up with “everyday” girls that are happy to get laid after having a coffee with you… Or pick up prostitute freelancing in the nightclubs for 1.500-2.500 pesos… Or bar girls with rates that start at 2.500+ pesos all-inclusive.

Manila is definitely the most expensive destination in the Philippines to get laid, but the quality is high.

So, let’s have a look at the first place where you can meet sexy girls in Manila…


1. Online

sexy manila girls online for hookups

If you think that for you to meet a girl in Manila for sex is all about paying for it then you are dead wrong.

There are ways like meeting girls online that you probably won’t have to pay a single cent for sex.

This way is the best for guys who don’t like to pay for sex.

Oh! And by the way, you aren’t a loser if you use dating apps in the Philippines to get laid.

Actually, the losers are the men still visiting the red light districts overpaying to have sex with Filipino girls.

That was just what worked in the old days, but with the internet, things have changed a lot in recent years.

Every single horny girl in Manila is online looking for guys. That is the new trend now to hook up.


2. Night Clubs

Manila girl picked up in a nighclub in Makati

Manila has too many nightclubs with hot girls that would take weeks to visit all of them.

Here, you can meet all types of girls. You have freelancers who give you a great time as long as you pay for it.

And you also have everyday girls who are horny and love to meet foreigners. All you have to do is approach them in the right way and you may just score.

The best clubs that you should definitely check out are:

For a more detail review, check out my best nightclubs in Manila post.

These clubs are any given night of the week packed with sexy girls hot for action.


3. Girlie Bars

Bar girls in manila makati

Girlie bars or bikini bars or pickup bars, whichever way you like to call them are just an easy way to meet girls for sex in Manila.

The two common types of girlie bars in Manila are bikini bars and freelancers bars.

In the bikini bars, you pick a girl from the stage, have a drink and depart together to have sex.

Instead, in the freelancer bars you need to approach the girls, have a conversation and if you both clicks then you spend the night together.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to girls in general, you have better chances in the bikini bars as the girls wouldn’t reject you.

The standard prices for bar girls in Manila start at 1.500 for freelancers up to 7.000 pesos for top spinners in the bikini bars.

My favorite girlie bars in Manila are:

  • Cotton Club
  • La Café
  • Bottoms Bar

These three are quite busy with a lot of working girls and you will just end up with one in your hotel room.


4. Malls

girls in manila mall

Another great place to meet hot girls for sex in Manilla is the shopping malls.

Here, you can find a number of girls that are just hanging around or doing window shopping.

Most of them are bored and waiting for something exciting to happen… That something is you talking to them.

The best malls in Manila to pick up girls are:

In these malls, you can meet open minded girls that if you go about it in the right manner, they will give you a good time.

And if you don’t get lucky, just outside Robinson Mall there is La Café, a popular freelancer joint where you can meet girls even in the afternoon hours.


5. Escort Services 

escort girl in manila

In Manila, there are a good number of escort services.

All you need to do is searching on Google for “Manila Escorts”, pick an escort agency and choose the girl you want.

It’s convenient, but you pay the price for it – for 2 hours, the rates start at 5.000 up to 6.000 pesos.

Alternatively, you can opt for call girls in Manila that offer similar services but at discounted rates.


Locations Where to Hook Up With Girls in Manila

I’ve marked the best nightclubs with the blue pin, the girlie bars with a drink pin and the malls with a green shopping pin. 

Manila is surely one of the best destinations for any single guy. The women are hot and attractive.

It’s like they are just inviting you to have a taste of them.

The prices for girls may be high here compared to other cities in the Philippines cities. But there are so many “everyday” girls hot for action in nightclubs, online and malls, that you don’t necessarily need to pay for sex to have fun.

The choice is yours to make.

Have fun in Manila!