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The Ultimate Monger Guide To Angeles City For Single Men

The Ultimate Monger Guide To Angeles City For Single Men

Welcome to your personal monger guide. I’m going to be your personal concierge for your next holiday in Angeles City.

Unlike a travel agent who spends most of their days in an office, I spend my days out there exploring the world and meeting attractive Asian women.

I’m out there, living this day-to-day, so I know exactly what to do and how to do it. My constant thirst for knowledge, looking for beautiful Asian girls and ways to save money leads me to always know about the latest deals, tips, and tricks!

Unlike a travel agent, I won’t be pushing any particular product, route, or package because of money.

I’m here to help give you peace of mind while experiencing Angeles City.

I’m your counselor, your coach, your adviser. I’ll create experiences that suit your needs and in total privacy.


By the end of your time with me, I guarantee:

  • You will feel more relaxed.
  • You will have a clear plan to action for your trip to Angeles City.
  • You will know the best venues and how much to pay for.
  • You will know how to turn my tips into action to ensure you get the best holiday of your life.
  • You will be ready to embark on your trip with peace of mind.




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Essential and More


Monger dictionary

Date Women in Angeles City

How to Meet Local Women in Angeles

About angeles city

Safety in Angeles City

When to Go?

Typical Costs

Where to Stay?

High Class Hotels

Middle Class Hotels

Budget Class Hotels



BEST A GO GO BARS in Fields Avenue

CLUBS in Angeles City

BEER BARS in Angeles City



Alternative & Fun









Realize that you can’t control everything

Become aware


Realize that you can’t control others

Be flexible


Location, location, location

What kind of girls you are targeting

What approach do you take when mongering

Seasonal factor

What you bring to the table


Being nice is a huge turn on for girls

A nice smile can cover a lot of groun

Positive attitude

Remember that YOU control your attitude

Adopt beliefs that frame events in a positive way


Dress code




What you need to understand in order for you to achieve what you want, hope, desire, and dream about is this; “Preparation is king to achieve your goals”.

If you are reading this you obviously want the best out of your vacation, and to return back home with memorable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Before you set off on your holiday, there are some important travel preparations you should make.


Essential and More

First on your list should be the promise to keep an open mind and maintain a sense of humor.

Don’t go with too many preconceived ideas about what Asia and more specifically Angeles City is like, as media and friends who may have experienced it might have a habit of distorting reality.

Reality is a question of perspective; the further you will travel around Asia, the more concrete and plausible it seems.

Now that you are mentally prepared, think about what items will be necessary to bring with you from your home country.

First of all, bring as little as possible. If you forget something, you can probably buy it once you’re on the ground traveling.

  • Passport, up to six-month validity. In the Philippines you will get the visa stamp on your passport for free valid 30 days.
  • Visa: 151 countries are allowed entry to the Philippines for up to 30 days without a visa (stamp on arrival). For any other type of visa, visit the Philippine Consulate in your country of origin.
  • Condoms, of course; lots of them. You can find them in any pharmacy but their fit and sensibility can be a personal matter of taste, so you are better off bringing your preferred brand with you.
  • Glasses, a spare pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses plus a copy of your prescription are a good idea.
  • Regular medications, don’t expect to find the same brand of medicine that you are buying in your country and expect even less to find a knowledgeable doctor in Thailand.
  • Travel Insurance, it is unbelievable how many people travel without insurance. Don’t take any chances, you don’t wish to get stuck in a foreign country, especially if you are sick or wounded. My favorite Travel insurance Company.
  • Vaccination: Visit your doctor at least two months before travel and find out what vaccinations you require. Typhoid, Hep A, Hep B and Cholera vaccinations are recommended.
  • Electronics: If you bring your mobile phone, don’t forget the charger. For people with smart phones that include a data plan like the Apple iPhone and Google Android-based phones, turn off data roaming or you will get a massive bill when you return to your home country.
  • Exchange Money: Pesos is a restricted currency, so you will not be able to get it in your home’s bank. Just get euros or US dollars and change them on arrival in Clark or Manila airport. You will get a good rate. Remember the maximum cash you can carry is 10000$ or 6000Euro.
  • Packing: When packing, don’t underfill or overfill the case as this is what causes creases. Lay all the items you wish to take on the bed. The biggest mistake people make is taking too many clothes. There is a laundry on almost every street corner and t-shirts and shorts are cheap if you run out.
  • Jewelry: Do not bring any “bling” with you on holidays. You may be very proud of your gold Rolex watch and diamond studded cuff links but you should leave all this expensive stuff at home. You will just attract unwanted attention if you flaunt your wealth.



There is a small airport in Angeles City, called Clark airport (Clark is the old US air force base which was evacuated when Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991). This airport is directly mostly from nearby Asian cities such Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, etc.

It is very convenient because is only 15 minutes’ drive from Angeles City and you will pay a mere 10$ for the taxi fare. The best value for money companies flying to Clark Airport are Cebu Pacific, Tiger Air and AirAsia.

Alternatively, you can land in Manila with the major International airline’s companies. The taxi ride from Manila to Angeles will likely take you 3 hours and cost 70$ but there are a lot of choices with flight times.


Monger dictionary

BEER BAR – these are simple open-sided bars often grouped in complexes). There are stools around the bar and there are usually a couple of poles in the bar for the girls to dance around. The customers stroll around the complex until they choose a bar or are dragged to a bar by the girls working there.

The girls will then try to sell themselves to the customer by talking to him or entertaining him with bar games. Typical games are connect-four, jenga, dice games, and hammering nails into a block of wood race. 

GO-GO BAR – these are indoor bars where the girls dance on stages or on the bar. The go go girls usually wear bikinis – they are no longer allowed to dance topless although it may still happen if the bar thinks the authorities are not taking notice.

The girls have numbers and customers can request a girl they like by number.

MAMASAN (1) a woman who manages the girls working in a bar. Only the big bars and Ago-gos will have a mamasan. She will be an older woman who demands respect from the younger girls while responsible for recruiting new girls, making sure the girls work well and are liaising with customers.

RUNNER GIRL – is a bar fined girl who agrees to do “this and that” for “this” amount of time but leaves early or does not perform.

There will be an excuse and the excuse may be legitimate but it will probably be fake. Please, in this situation do not tip.  Some people have been known to report her back to the mamasan of the bar and possibly get a refund.

BARFINE – It’s a fee you pay to the bar to allow the bargirl to leave work early.  The politically correct term in the Philippines is Early Work Release (EWR).

There are two types of bar fines:

  • Short time: Short time would be 1-2 hours of fun with your girl, usually only one pop.
  • Long time: would be typically overnight until the next morning. One pop before go to sleep and in the morning another round.

Most bar fines will cost anywhere from 1000-1500php at the Perimeter bars to 1300-3000php at the Fields Ave bars. 3000php is usually for the so-called “models”.
The difference you will pay out of pocket between short time and long time will be in the form of tip. 

Some people will argue the proper amount to tip for short time is 300-400 peso and a maximum of 400-500 peso for a spectacular performance.

And the proper amount to tip for long time is 400-500 peso and on a rare occasion an absolute maximum of 700-1000 for a fantastic experience. 

SHORT TIME – the customer takes a girl to a nearby room for a ‘short time’. The beer bar complexes and go-go bars often have short time rooms at the back of the premises.

The customer will pay a bar fine, a charge for the room and an agreed price to the girl for her services ($20-70). When they are finished, the girl will return to work while the customer moves on to his next port of call.

LONG TIME – the customer will take the girl for the night (a ‘long time’) usually back to his hotel room. The payment to the girl is normally $30-90. Some of the more upscale hotels do not allow overnight guests while others will charge a guest fee.

GFE (2) Girl Friend Experience. This is where the man takes the girl for the full length of his holiday and treats her like his girlfriend. The girl will act as a companion and guide.

They will go to restaurants together, take day trips together, and generally act like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Of course, the girl is still working and the man pays for everything and pays the girl for her time. The bar where the girl’s work will probably expect to receive a bar fine for every day the girl stays with the man.

Many a romance has blossomed from the GFE and sometimes it develops into the WE (wife experience). This may be followed by the divorce experience and the going home with no money experience.

So, watch out.

FREELANCER – a girl who does not work from a specific bar. These girls will pick up customers at nightclubs or off the street, hence, saving the customer from paying a bar fine. Freelancers are often attractive to girls who are confident they can pick up men without the advantage of a work base.

They may, therefore, charge more than bar girls. They are also considered less trustworthy as they are harder to track down in cases of theft from the customer.

LADY DRINK (3) a drink that a customer buys for a girl. These will usually cost $1-4 above the normal bar price.

The bar pays the extra to the girl as the reward for selling the drink.

Effectively, you are not only buying the girl a drink but also giving her a tip.


Date Women in Angeles City

date angeles city girls in the Philippines 2

Are you looking for a woman in Angeles to be your girlfriend? Do you want to have a feeling of affection and a personal connection? Or just be ready for your vacation?

You aren’t alone, most men need an attachment to a woman, and why not a young and attractive Filipina. If this is the case, you need a date.

You can share experiences, spend time together, go around Manila Metro in love and make your dream holiday a reality. You think isn’t possible, is it? An old man can’t have a loving relationship with a young girl, isn’t it?

Well, in the Philippines not only it is possible but it is easy with the right guidance.

Filipino women dream to meet a decent western man to spend time together, have a conversation, caring you and be your girlfriends. There are hundreds of university and office girls looking for you.

If you are wondering why you didn’t meet one yet, the simple and play answer is “you didn’t look for in the right places”. Beer bars, AGo-Go bars, red light districts don’t have good girls, only hookers and money-diggers.

This is the reality for most tourists going to Asia. I know, it is sad, but you can make the difference for yourself.

If you are looking for good girls, carry on reading the next chapter which will guide you to meet the woman of your dreams.


How to Meet Local Women in Angeles

When it comes to meeting “good” local Pinay women in Angeles City, you basically have three options:

  • Around Town. If you see a cute waitress, just sit in the shop for a coffee. Smile and if she feel good about it, start a general conversation with a compliment; “You know, you look so cute”. This is an ice break opener and will lead getting her phone number, go out and ultimately bang her.
  • Visit discos and nightclubs. There are few types of girls in these clubs; educated girls, freelancers and curious girls.– The educated girls will be found mostly in Thai nightclubs, which are packed with office and local women, and just a small percentage of hookers mixed with the crowed. If you are young, dress smart and know how to flirt with Thai women (you need to have a basic of Thai language), this place might work out well for you.– Freelancers are girls looking for money but they can’t bother to work in beer venues and Ago-go bars. You will find many in the clubs frequented by foreigner and tourist.

They will pretend to have a daily job, or study and tell you they are there just to have fun with friends, but it is a lie. You will recognize them by the way they dress (extremely sexy) and make up, plus they can speak proper English.

They are great companion if you are planning a sex holiday around Manila or Philippines, she will be your personal tour guide.

The “curious girls” are usually young and they can speak little English, they work or study and they want to meet with western men to learn more about our world.

These girls are rare to be found but they are the perfect girlfriend experience with real feelings and dedication to you if you can hook up with one. I have met few on dating websites and usually, they write on the profile things like “I am looking to meet men for friendship that are polite and kind”.

  • Online Dating Sites in Philippines. Every Pinay girls have access to the internet and have at least one account on a dating site.

It is convenient to meet someone on the net because you have a great choice of girls, you can talk with multiple women at the same time and you can select preferences such as age, location and so on.

You can create a list of preferred girls, and over time reduce it down to the few preferred ones.

The girls will be more open interacting with you, after all, you are thousands of miles away and you aren’t so scary as the tourist walking up the street. You can build trust, affection, know each other well and create the perfect interaction.

This means that the first time you will meet in the real world, you will have already a strong connection and be ready to spend the night together. If online dating is something might interest you, I’ve reviewed the best dating sites in the Philippines to meet girls.



  1. First, the good news. Women from the Philippines really love foreign men. We are as exotic to them as they are to us.
  2. Dating much older men is not a problem for most of the women. Thus, don’t worry about your age, it will not matter in the Philippines.
  3. Most men on online dating sites are perverts. Thus, you can make the difference and be on the top 10% just by posting three “clean” photos of you (make sure to shave your face and dress properly) and talk politely to the women.


About Angeles City

About Angeles city nightlife

You are packing your bags and heading to Angeles City for the best holiday of your life.

Angeles City is a relatively small place with a population of approximately 300,000 people. It is located 80 km north of Manila.

The city is divided into 33 Barangays and Field Avenue where most tourists end up staying or visiting is located in the Barangay of Balibago.

According to their website, some 725,000 international passengers were recorded by Clark airport in 2011.

Angeles City is gaining world fame today as the entertainment capital of the Philippines. It distinguishes itself as one of the fastest-growing cities outside of Metro Manila.

The bars along Fields Avenue and A Santos Street will leave a lasting impression. Tourists are flooding Angeles City definitely not for its fine arts or museums. One of Angeles city’s greatest attractions is the value for money and lady’s English skills.

angeles city girls speak good english

Most will treat you as their “boyfriend” from the time they meet you until the time you depart company.

It is this experience that truly makes Philippines one of the most exceptional travel destinations in the world. 

The common questions that I received are; “Where should I go first? Which hotel should I stay in? What’s there to do? Are the red light districts safe?”


Safety in Angeles City

Angeles city scams

Some tips while you are in Angeles City.

  • Do not flash your cash or flaunt expensive jewelry or other electronic equipment. The people here are poor and the Philippines is still an agriculture base third world country.There are many beggars on the streets. Showing off your wealth here will lead to you losing some or all of it to one of the locals. Don’t be a “flash git” and you will be fine.
  • Avoid any confrontation with the Philippine guys and do not go drinking with them or agree to play cards. You will not win!
  • When picking up freelancers, always make sure to check her age (above 18) and use a condom. There are many reports of scams and underage hassles you simply do not need on your holiday. Ask yourself why the lady has chosen to work freelance? (Has she an STD?, drug user?, is she psychotic? Is it a scam?

Example: Legal age girl enters your room with you, she texts an underage friend, who arrives knocking at your door. On entering, she asks if she can take a shower.

Whilst nude in the shower another knock on the door…. police this time and it will cost you substantial money to extract yourself from this type of situation.

  • Watch your chits/bill – It is easy to lose control on the LD (lady drinks) when in company of a beautiful Filipina girl. Pay the bill always in cash and whenever possible try to give small note instead of big ones.
  • A usual precaution with the girls is to use a condom. Philippine girls, escorts and hookers, do not insist on condoms. Consequently STD’s are rife in Angeles and elsewhere. Use condoms, so you can ride again another day.
  • Vitamins, Viagra and any other pills, buy from a legit Pharmacy. Avoid buying anything from the street.


When to Go?

In short, the best time is during the dry season between November to March.

Exception: December … few days before Xmas day and few days after New Year. During this festive season a significant number of girls, especially the pretty and sexy ones take the opportunity to return home to their village and their family.

The Philippines is mainly Catholic country, that the reason for Christmas and Easter they go back home. So, mid-January, all of Feb and March would ideally be the most exciting time to be there but depends on so many factors.

Worst time: Possibly June and July when it’s wet, low season, and possibly the same successful girls mentioned above, might be absent, having a mid-year break.

Wet season can extend to September, and beyond if you’re unlucky. During this time, because of too matouristsist around thus cash is short, the girls aren’t so enthusiastic about it. 


Typical Costs

Tipical money in the Philippines

Let’s start with some help to budget your holiday and be ready to negotiate the right price for the girls. After all, no one likes to be cheated or overpay.

The below prices are standard. Negotiations, situations and opportunities can make a huge difference.


The normal accepted price is 2000 pesos (50$) for normal dancers and service staff, 3000 pesos (70$) for models. In Angeles, this price includes the bar fine and one shot with the girl back in your room. If the girl does a good job, is customary give a tip.


Prices are more affordable here compare to Field Avenue, but I have to say the quality of the girls is following suit. For a blow job in-house or a short time, the damage will be 700 pesos(17$) and for all the night 1200-1500 pesos(27-40$).


Usually ,you will find them in the nightclubs and discos as well as shopping centers, even do they will be more difficult to spot. In average 700 pesos (18$) for a pop and 1000 pesos (24$) for all night. Always check ID age and wear a condom.

Even though the barfine is an all-inclusive price, and the girls get half of it, the girls appreciate a tip the next morning of course.

But only if she made a sincere effort to make you happy, otherwise no tip. It’s not obligatory, it’s always “up to you” and based on whether you had a good night with the girl or not. P200 or P3/500 tip is customary.


Where to Stay?

Hotels are generally more expensive than Thailand. There are top of the range hotels in AC like the ABC with a standard room rate per night of 5000 peso (120$) right down to budget hotels like the Brass Knob at 1000 peso (23$) per night for a standard room.


High-Class Hotels

  • ABC: The best and most unique luxury boutique hotel situated in the entertainment district of Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

Other than VIP service and unparalleled luxury, experience ABC hotel’s extraordinary concepts and unusual approach to customer service unlike any hotel you have ever been to.

They have even helicopter and limousine service.

Room rate from 5000 pesos (120$) up to 9000pesos (220$). I would recommend “The New Millennium Standard Suites”; you can enjoy watching your Pinay girls taking shower in the Jacuzzi while you watching premier league.

– Holiday Inn Clark: Comfortable and relaxing hotel with the usual International well known standards provided from IHG. It is located in the free zone far away from the city center and nightlife, about 5Km. It is your call.


Middle Class Hotels 

  • Swiss Chalet Hotel: They have 22 comfortable rooms with a Swiss traditional Swiss decor. They have TV with major channels, safe and mirror directly beside the bed.The location is great, just next to Avenue but enough far away from the noisy bars. They provide pick up service from Manila or Clark Airport. For room rate click here. 
  • Apartelle Royal: Don’t get turn away from the pictures on Tripadvisor, it is much better of what it seems. I always stay here when I am in Angeles because of the excellent location, friendly staff and next to the bed there is a mirror where I can watch myself during the act.The rooms are big, they have new TV flat screen and the mirror next to the bed is “huge”. I always take the room downstairs, N.8 (no noise). The price is 1500 pesos(35$) for a standard room. 
  • Royal Amsterdam Hotel: Well-known and positive feedback from travelers, The Royal Amsterdam is located in the middle of Field Avenue. In the picture above, the suite room with a huge Jacuzzi where you can play with multiple girls, It is worth it.It is cheaper to get hotel pick-up service then take a taxi directly to the airport. For room rate click here.


Budget Class Hotels 

  • Brass Knob: It is a clean hotel 10 minutes’ walk from Avenue. The room start from 1000 pesos(24$) up to 1500 pesos(32$) for deluxe rooms.They have a lovely roof garden with bar and Jacuzzi. Down stair you can pick up your favorite Filipina in the Club.
  • Budget Hotel Angeles: located in Korean Town 50 meters from friendship Hi-wayd and one bus stop from Avenue.Good spot to meet back packers and have a wide selection of rooms; 2 beds, 4 beds, 7 beds, 16 beds. Price is convenient at only 300 pesos(8$).
  • Phoenix Hotel: The Phoenix Hotel is a nice pretty hotel located 10 minutes from the action on the perimeter road.Although the rooms are compact and basic they come with all the necessary amenities: refrigerator, satellite TV with good selection of channels, air conditioning and free WiFi.The swimming pool and bar area at the back of the hotel make for a lovely place to sit and relax. For a budget hotel this definitely represents good value for money. The room price start at 1000 pesos(25$)



Visit the beer bars, nightclubs and a go-go bars in Field Avenue.



Field Avenue in Angeles City

Angeles is home to Fields Avenue, the main nightlife strip with hundreds of girly clubs or go-go bars, the biggest tourist area and attraction.

This area has somehow survived the closing of Clark Air Base and remains an R&R (rest and recreation) style of vacation retreat for unaccompanied single men.

It’s all here: alcohol and beautiful young women. There are over 100 bars full of attractive and readily available women eager to show you a good time.

Angeles is a nonstop, drunken revel seven days a week, every day of the year. Meet pretty girls is the sport of choice.

You can enjoy full privileges with one or more attractive young females regardless of your age, weight, physical appearance, interpersonal skills, wealth or social class.

AGo-Go bars start to open at noon and a few keep the music pumping until 5:00 AM. Some small hostess bars are open 24 hours.

Price in Angeles are extremely low, which means you can carouse in full throttle without wiping out your life savings. English is widely spoken. You don’t have to learn a single word of the native language.

Definite must-see nightlife establishments include Atlantis, Crystal Palace, Forbidden City and Club Asia. These are the finest and classiest of the girly bars in town. For clubbers, the most exclusive disco is the “High Society”.

Angeles has a significant number of Cherry Girls/Virgins on stage. Make sure you are not pumping a lot of Ladies Drinks into a young baby who has no intention of being barfined, or if barfined is going to tell you back at the room she is a virgin.

Confirm before paying barfine that the girl is not a cherry/virgin. Drunk as you may be, do not force the issue in the room, with cherry girls. The odd foreigner is spending many years in jail following a complaint of rape.

Yes, hookers who complain of rape have just as good a chance of winning the court case as any other girl. It’s highly unlikely a Philippine girl will lose a rape case. The cherry girls have a “V” sign on their badge in the club, so while pretending to look at her name, look for the pink “V”.


BEST AGO-GO BARS in Fields Avenue 

best agogo bars in field avenue - angeles city

In Field Avenue what isn’t missing are the Ago-go bars. I would divide Field Avenue into two areas: New and old area. The old area starts from Raymond corner and stretches for 150M till Club Asia bar.

In recent years, Korean investors have opened up new bars and hotels in the new area. The most beautiful, white skin girls can be found in the new area, but be ready to pay the price for it.

Atlantis – As you walk through the entrance the bar is narrow and then as you venture further in it widens finally culminating in a large circular stage.

When it comes to the number of attractive girls the big bars within the DollHouse group seem to be in a league of their own and on top of the pecking order within this group is Atlantis.

I do not know how many dancers they have in this bar but I would assume well over 100 which in mongering terms mean your chances of finding that special girl are greatly increased due to the sheer quantity of girls working here.

Crystal Palace  Once inside the first thing that draws your attention is the stage full of girls which is off to the right slightly elevated and circular.

In this bar, they have a number of comfortable lounge chairs right in front of the stage which means that people tend to stay longer and enjoy a drink or two while they watch the dancers and their routines.

This is a plush bar with opulent decorations, a carefully thought design which maximizes the available space, an atmosphere that is a nice mixture between party time and simple business, an intriguing mix between normal bikibikini-cladcers and specialized showshowgirlsalistic drink prices & perhaps most importantly a host of beautiful girls everywhere you look. 


Forbidden City – Welcome to the exotic and exciting world of Forbidden City. As the name would suggest it is designed around an Asian theme specifically Chinese and it is designed to attract both the Asian market and the young Caucasians who use it as a party venue and a sort of nightclub.

Forbidden City has a number of special showgirls and some of these are truly unique to Angeles.


Club Asia – is the newest club in the heart of the entertainment district of Angeles City. Party with young, friendly and pretty ladies in a safe and secure environment.

The Club Asia has a strong Asiatic ambiance dominated by a tasteful mix of Asian art, glass and subtle lighting. The venue is divided in two different areas and the venue is huge. The lineup is hot!

Price: The normal accepted price is 2000 pesos (50$) for normal dancers and service staff, 3000 pesos (70$) for models. In Angeles, this price include the bar fine and one shot with the girl back in your room. If the girl does a good job, is customary give a tip.

In my experience, bar girls in AGo-Go typically frequented by Japanese and Korean quote more money for short time and particularly for long time. And they are usually firm on their rates especially when they know they are better looking or younger.

Koreans and Japanese tourists will pay their asking rates so even if you don’t agree with a pretty bar girls asking price she will find another customer.


CLUBS in Angeles City 

night clubs in angeles city

Angeles City is home to a few disco clubs which only start to fill up around midnight. The nightclub environment is still underdeveloped in Angeles when compare to Manila or Pattaya.

A great new addition to the nightlife scene is “High Society” and this might be the first step forward a more sophisticated nightlife in Angeles.

High Society – is the newest club in the heart of the entertainment district of Angeles City. In this club you will meet young girls.

This club is the ultimate and only HI-SO venue in Angeles. Many Americans are enjoying partying here and is the hot spot for freelancers and meeting point for the girls finishing to work in the Ago-go bars.  

SkyTraxx Disco – used to be the number one club packed and lively every night of the week with tourists and local ladies partying to techno, old-school house and R&B.

After the opening of High Society, the place took a hard hit. Now is packed mostly with locals and Korean. The furniture is worn down and the place smells cigarettes.

Haceinda Superclub – is the newest party club in Angeles City, located at the Century Complex behind Pagcor Casino in Balibago, just a few minutes away from Fields Avenue. Haceinda Super club is not only the newest but also the biggest, hippest and busiest nightclub in the city.

The entrance is made in Roman styles with huge white pillars and posh decoration inside. The door charge is 300 Pesos for guys and zero pesos for girls. Great! We literately felt the non-stop partying and pure clean fun atmosphere here and we really enjoyed it.

One thing I found disappointing about Haceinda Superclub was the number of girls that less than we had expected.

Price: In average 700 pesos(18$) for a pop and 1000 pesos(24$) for all night. Keep this as a benchmark, it is highly personal and upon circumstances. Usually, Pinay girls don’t ask “how much you give me?” as their Thai sisters, and that is great. Obviously, a good man will be generous and understand her needs for money.

For the night out mongering lovely chick, read “GET ALL THE GIRLS ADDICTED TO YOU”. I put together these tips to help you maximize your experience with Thai girls.

REMEMBER: The two most important points are; BE CONFIDENT (any woman in the world wants a confident man), HAVE A HUGE SMILE IN YOUR FACE (Thai ladies love it and they will melt for your smile).


BEER BARS in Angeles City 

For the beer lovers, Angeles has a wide selection of local and imported beers at a reasonable price. Even better, you can enjoy your favorite cold beer and play around with Filipina waitresses.

These establishments offer a fairly good meal too, thus is best to visit for lunch and dinner. Beer’s prices range from 40 pesos(1$) to 160 pesos(4$).


Air Condition Bars 

Paradise Beer Garden – is a cozy outdoor beer bar which also serves good food at reasonable prices (from 50 Pesos up to 500 Pesos), located in the Fields Plaza Entertainment complex.

The bar and kitchen is open 24 hours.

The International is the largest Irish-style resto-pub in town, attached to a poker club located near Fields Avenue. They play live music on certain nights. Local drinks are 50 pesos(1$) and ladies drinks 125 pesos(3$). You can play pool and have fun time with around 20 friendly waitresses. 

Treasure Island – has plenty of beautiful, friendly Filipina Go-Go dancers and waitresses ready and willing to entertain you.

The name Treasure Island is synonymous with great girls, wild parties, and wild FUN. Local drinks are 85peso (2$) and imported drinks 155 pesos(4$). Ladies drinks 145 pesos(3.5$). Open daily from 4pm to 3am.


Open Air Bars

Up to you lounge – Up To You Lounge is formerly known as Honky Tonk Bar, where was closed, re-opened, and renamed in November 2011.

It is located on Santos Street (see below Blow Job bar section) straight across from the luxury hotel Wild Orchid Resort, only a few minutes’ walk to Fields Avenue, regarded as one of the most popular bars on the street and always full of bar hoppers.

Local drinks are 50peso (1$) and ladies drinks 120 pesos(3$). Open daily 24 hours.

Here’s a tip, for Agogo and bar girls. You can wait until the 3 am, closing time and ask the girl to stay with you all night.

You will save 1000 pesos(25$) in bar fine. Technically a bar girl cannot make side deals inside of her workplace. So keep your secret deal just between the two of you.

After having visited the “crowded” Field Avenue, it is time to visit the Perimeter bars. 



Perimeter bars area is few kilometers away from the town center but the ride is well worth it. The prices for accommodation drink and girls are cheaper and definitely are fun. To get there take one of the Trike Bike for a mere 60 pesos(1.5$).

To newbies/inexperienced guys. Not recommended to walk around the darkened Perimeter Road bar area early hours of the morning on your own. Best is to walk around during daylight hours, until you get experience.

Robberies and even murders have occurred in Perimeter Road, late at night/early hours of the morning, foreigners being the target of course. Not a lot, but does happen. If you go to Perimeter during night hours, do not walk from bar to bar.

Get dropped off at the front door of a bar, get picked in the same spot. Sometimes I do walk from bar to bar IF there seems to be something interesting close by. Do not be paranoid, but do not be foolish either.


Emotion Bar – is situated next door to the Hangout and amongst the AC locals is probably one of the most patronized bar in Angeles.

The girls enjoy an enviable reputation as fun girls and solid performers and this is very much appreciated by the local clientele and perhaps explains why this little bar is so popular.

Currently, Emotion Bar is running 30 dancers and according to the rumor mill 90% of the girls are orally skilled and all have beautiful personalities which makes them very pleasant company for us mongers.

Local drinks are 55peso (1.5$) and ladies drinks 100 pesos(2.5$). Bar fine 1200 pesos(25$).


Wee George – In the center of the bar, there is a stage which normally plays host to about 12 dancers at any one time.

The girls can often be seen gyrating and playing games on the bars and in my opinion, this is a unique idea. Given the nature of the bars clientele and its owner, you will have a great selection of spirits and liquors.

Price in line with Perimiter bar standard.


Eruption Bar – In my humble opinion, this is one of the best laid out bars in town from the classy entrance through to the seating, stage design, bar serving area and lighting it is clearly obvious a lot of thought and planning has gone into the creation of this bar.

The main stage is big enough to fit at least 20 girls and the girls rotate so the customer can see all of them without having to move around the bar.

The girls here are very friendly and will often greet you with a rousing hello as you walk through the door. Being on Perimeter Road they have competitive prices and a special feature of this bar is their SMB and SML draught beer.

This is available in two sizes for 30 and 40 peso. Local drinks are 60peso (1.5$) and ladies drinks 110 pesos(2.5$). Bar fine 1400 pesos(30$).

Prices: Bar fine 1200/1500 pesos(30-40$). Ladies Drink 100/150(2-3$) pesos on average 300 pesos(8$) for a ‘double’). Girl gets half of the bar fine when she returns to the bar next day. Your drink is around 50/70 pesos.

In front of Mamasang, confirm girl is staying all night. If she doesn’t, you can go back to Mamasang and negotiate a resolution of the problem. If you already have consumed with her at least once, next to impossible to get a refund, even though she didn’t stay all night and provide few jumps.

Bars in angeles city

If you’re wondering where to go for some daytime action in Angeles then blow job bars are a good alternative. Because most bars BJ bars open early in the morning and some even stay open 24 hours.

You can walk into to any BJ bar and have a beer with no need to choose a lady even though you might be pressured to.

You’re only required to buy a drink which is the least you can do if you’re going to take up space. And if you can’t find someone you like you can always come back.

Because many establishments have different amounts of girls coming in at certain times and there really is no perfect time to go in.

However, it’s best not to go just when the doors have just opened. Because most of the girls are probably still sleeping in.

Where are they and what to pay?

There are two main locations; Santos Street and Raymond Road.

Santos Street in Angeles City’s Balibago district is still home to a number of classic blow bars of the lowest order, situated in decaying buildings.

This street is a favorite hangout for many guys over the years and despite being reasonably sleazy it draws in the punters. Inside a small number of girls work in each place, around 5/10 girls.

Price: Drinks are 45-50 pesos. Ladies drinks 100 pesos. Pesos 700/800 for up to 2 hrs and this is what is on offer BJ’s (some sensational). Mainly average looking girls but a few diamonds in the rough if you shop about on.

Don’t walk at night beyond the bars in A. Santos St given that you will be walking on your own, Lady boys  who are of the criminal side sometimes park on the corner of side streets. And the same transvestites are patrolling this street too. They are inclined to scam you or rob you, given the chance.

Location: Exiting Kokomo’s on the corner of Fields & A.Santos Sts, turn left into A.Santos St (Blow Row). BJ Bars located say 40mtrs down on right hand side. Names Black Pearl, Gobblers, Wow bar and Heaven.

Note: just because they are referred to as BJ bars, doesn’t mean that full service is not available (including anal) be discreet and talk to the girl before bar fining.

There are hookers in the street and are willing to blow you of for a discounted price (500 pesos). It is an “experience” but consider the risk factors carefully. 


Raymond Street is another kept secret bar road of Angeles. I got here thanks to the advice of an US airline pilot met in a bar.

He told me; “man, you have to go there, it is the best action, great value for money and you will find young good looking girls”. Raymond Street has only 3 bars but there are real cuties inside.

Location: In the beginning of Field Avenue, turn right forward Orchid Inn. BJ Bars located say 40mtrs down on right hand side.

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Price: (Same as per Santos Street) Drinks are 45-50 pesos. Ladies drinks 100 pesos. Pesos 700/800 for up to 2 hrs and this is what is on offer BJ’s (some sensational).


Alternative & Fun



Well, massages are good for the mind and body, but not only. Asia is well known for their sensual massages, especially Thailand when coming down to oil and happy ending massages.

Angeles city is discreet about “extra services” but that is part of the fun. It is always exciting to find out if the little Pinay is willing to suck you up.

Most of these places are open 24 hours. Price range depends on the area and in-house facilities. Some upscale massage parlors may have a spa, sauna, table showers, Jacuzzis. Just ask the person who runs the place. Most pleasure visitors don’t bother.

Communication is key — it is good practice to always discuss first the specifics of the session beforehand. How much it is, for how long, how many masseuses you want, if would you like a Filipina, a Korean (and in some places Japanese, too!), what extra services you’d like (be very specific about this to avoid disappointment), and who does what, if you happen to have more than 1 masseuse in the room.

Also ask to see any extra masseuse first to avoid surprises later on.



Angeles City and Fields Avenue is known for the bars, go-go dancers, and nightclubs.

Note: I am a monger and knowledge only to shopping pussy, thus I can’t be much of a help on this subject

Let’s face it; the main motivation of the Angeles City/Fields Avenue bars is the Pinay girls and the red light district mania.

Have a few drinks, watch the beautiful women dance, interact with them, invite one or more to sit down with you and have a drink, and possibly barfine that lady who has caught your attention. What if you want something different to occupy your days or to take your mahal (love)?

SM City Clark – The closest mall in the immediate area is SM City Clark, walking distance from Fields Ave. SM City Clark is a large mall although it is one of the smaller SM malls in comparison to the other SM malls in the Philippines.

It’s a great place for shopping and entertainment especially when you are with your lady.

Inside you can find a cinema, two arcades, a bunch of clothing stores, and lots of food. But do not limit your shopping to only SM City Clark. Check out the other excellent stores and malls in the vicinity.

A mall is a great place to meet genuine girls, students and so on. If you have the time and you are willing to chat them up, you might get a lovely girlfriend or even a wife. Asian girls tend to be shy, thus be gentle in your approach. I usually ask information or some general questions, from there I move on to chat her up.



Girly Pool competion in angeles city

Hotel Pools – Do some laps or lounge around the pools at some of the hotels in the area.

The best pools are located at Wild Orchid Resort, Lewis Grand Hotel, Angeles Beach Club, and Pacific Breeze Hotel.

If you are not a hotel guest there will be a consumable charge of approximately 500p redeemable on food and drinks.


Time to time, Angeles hotels will organize bikini competitions showcasing sexy Pinay girls from all over Angeles City. Good place to be and try to get a bird.

Ocean Adventure Park – is Marine Park located at Baloy Beach, Subic Bay.

Ocean Adventure is an area where you can explore inside the ocean without risking your life under the sea.

Location: easiest would be to rent a car and driver in Angeles, it a 45 minute drive using the Subic Clark Tarlac expressway to Subic bay freeport at end of expressway just follow the signs to Ocean adventure about 15 minutes into the jungle.

You can also get a van that runs from Dau near the bus station to Olongapo 120 peso per person have them drop you at the park and Shop at the freeport main gate, you can get a taxi there to ocean adventure about 400 pesos while Ocean adventure admission is about 500 pesos. 

Fontana Water Park This is the place to take a break from the unrelenting heat and humidity of the Philippines. Available are several water rides, a wave pool, hot springs, and an Olympic sized pool.

Fontana Water Park is located in the Clark Freeport zone and they are open daily from 8am until 10 pm.  Admission ranges from 200-400p.

Scuba Diving – There are lots of Scuba Diving schools at Subic Bay, just about an hour from Angeles City. Explore several of the World War II shipwrecks.



Pagcor – stands for Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and is the gaming authority in the Philippines.

There are several Casinos near Fields Avenue.

Many are located in the Clark Freeport Zone at the various hotels and the nearest one would be on MacArthur Hwy just a few hundred yards south of Fields Avenue.


Lunch & Dining

The city’s culinary spectrum has broadened significantly and extensively in recent years. It can be said that Angeles easily embraced international cuisine due to its local talent’s natural aptitude and eagerness to learn new methods of preparing dishes. Food has never tasted this good or this rich in the self-avowed entertainment capital of the Philippines. Below is a list of restaurants in Angeles City that are worth trying out.



Cottage kitchen Café’An American Restaurant and Jazz Pub located along Don Juico Avenue that serves Authentic Cajun-Creole and Southern U.S. Cuisines. This restaurant is highly recommended for the best ribs in town. 

Bale DutungThis is the only place in the city where you can experience excellent Kapampangan cuisine. I highly recommend this place to have a truly Filipino food experience in a fantastic surrounding. Note: Don’t go without a reservation, call first. 

Ribeye Steak House – A good restaurant to have a steak and relax after a mongering workout. This steakhouse is actually more popular for its delicious bibingka – a kind of butter/margarine-flavored rice cake typically with salted eggs and cheese and served with grated coconut.



C’ Italian Dining – If you want authentic Italian dining, head to the home of the famous panizza. Here, horizontally cut pizza strips are topped with arugula and alfalfa, then rolled up into bite-sized rolls.

The restaurant’s walls are decorated with plates signed by famous personalities who have dined at C’ Italian. Fancy stuff! Be prepared to shell out for this fine-dining restaurant. Expect to spend P500 per person.

VariAsia Asian Tapas Restaurant – Located in the prestigious ABC Hotel, this restaurant offer the best flairs of Asia with an elegant set up and amazing service. The daily menu, from which diners may choose as many dishes as one wishes for the promo price of only P500, varies from day to day depending on the freshness of the produce.

Yats Restaurant & Wine barThis place talk for itself, so many awards and the biggest wine selection in town; it is a must go for the ultimate fine dining experience and you might impressed your loved one.  



If you have worked your way through this Guide, your head should be buzzing with ideas. You may be excited about your next holiday and be ready to get on the airplane for your lifetime vacation to Angeles City.

This Guide is an essential to maximize your travel experience, but I want to stress the last point:

“Be Flexible”