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Russian Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to meet beautiful Russian women hot for action and get laid, this guide is what you need.

Russia doesn’t need much of an introduction, think communism, a vast wealth of resources like oil and gas. But their most valuable asset is the army of beautiful, feminine, and sexy women.

In this guide, I want to tell you everything there is to possibly know about Russia, including the Russian sex culture, where to meet girls for sex, how to get a temporary girlfriend, the best cities to get laid and much, much more.

This Russia Sex Guide was last updated on 26 February 2020




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Russia
General information about Russia sex scene

Where to Find Sex in Russia
An overview of the best places to get laid in Russia

Typical Prices For Sex
General prices for girls in Russia to help you budget your adventure

What About Girls And Sex in Russia
Sex life in Russia

How to Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Russia
How to date Russian women during your vacation

Best Destinations to Get Laid in Russia
Best Russian cities to find sex and girls


Intro To Sex Tourism In Russia

Sex tourism in Russia exist but it isn’t popular like in Thailand or other sex destinations. If you know where to look, you can have sex for a few bucks in some roughed-up part of the country or spend a five-figure sum to get sucked by a top model in Moscow.

There is a full range of sexual experiences for any budget, and not only paid one. Getting laid in Russia isn’t rocket science because the local girls are horny and attracted to foreign men.

The best part is if a Russian girl like you, most of the time she is down to fuck, and she let you know about it. No need second-guessing…

sex Russia girl in st petersburg

Getting back to “pay for sex” talks… Prostitution is illegal in Russia, but the police turn a blind eye. Street prostitution after the collapse of the Soviet Union was rampant, but today is almost disappeared to give space to online prostitution and brothels.

Most prostitutes online are independent and promote all sorts of different sexual services. For example, there are students looking for sugar daddies, escort offering companionship and sex, etc… And then there are brothels like sex salons, erotic spas, and strip clubs…

russia prostitution

Russian working girl in a brothel in Moscow.

Russian cities don’t have red light districts, but there are notorious areas where single men can find sexual comfort.

Keep in mind to wear a condom when having sex with prostitutes in Russia because you don’t want to get a sexually transmitted infection for all your life. On top of that, hookers freelancing in clubs and bars are known to drug customers and steal their valuable belongings.

You don’t need to risk your life or get robbed if you want to have sex in Russia, there are other ways to meet and get laid with everyday Russian girls. Actually, it’s the best way because there is plenty of horny girls craving to hook up with a foreign man that doesn’t make any sense to pay a prostitute.


Where To Find Sex In Russia

If you are wondering where to find girls for sex in Russia, the best places to start searching is…

1. Online

Russian girl online dating hookups

If you are visiting Russia for a short period, you really need to be maximizing your time. Having some contacts made before you arrive will help you out greatly.

There are several milfs and cougars in Russia that maintain their look… And are horny as hell. It isn’t uncommon to find a hot girl in her 20s that has divorced from a dumbass husband and wants to replenish her deficient self-esteem by fucking.

That is good news for you if you want to have sex with a hot woman without drama and games. There are plenty of Russian milfs and cougars on dating sites like RussianCupid.

If you prefer to sponsor a student girl or to find friends with benefits without false pretenses, there is a site called Seeking Arrangement that helps foreign men to meet Russian girls for a girlfriend experience without drama.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The nightlife in Russia is rocking in the big cities, but it’s almost no existent in the small town.

Russians love to party in big groups of friends and get drunk with vodka. It’s pretty hard to break in the groups to meet the girls, and you should expect resistance from the guys.

It’s best to approach the girls on the dance floor or near the toilet and get their phone number to meet later.

The best cities in Russia for nightlife are:

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Volgograd
  • Perm
  • Omsk
  • Vladivostok


3. Sex Salons

girls in russian brothel

Sex salons might sound like the erotic barbershop in Vietnam, but in reality, they don’t offer either erotic massage or sexy girls.

Russian sex salons offer cheap hookers in old Soviet-era condos. The rooms are furnished with a large bed and a wall mirror.

Salon prices range between 3.000-6.000 roubles per session depending on the age, attractiveness, and qualification of the sex worker. Any extra like BBBJ, CIM or anal are usually 1.000 roubles.

4. SPAs – Russian Sex Massage

Russian erotic spa with girls

Spas and sauna in Russia offer all sorts of happy endings, and they advertise freely online, in newspapers and flyers. So, it shouldn’t be that hard to find one near your place.

The standard service is a shower, 30 minutes of erotic massage, and the remaining time is for sex. On top of that, there are special services like Nuru gel massage, body to body massage, and even a massage with your partner.

Prices start at 3.000 up to 15.000 rubles depending on the type of service and duration.

5. Escorts – Call Girls

russia escort in moscow and saint petersburg

Escorts agencies are bait and switch here. It means the girl you choose is never the one who gets delivered. Russian escorts are costly because girls are scared to visit customers on outcalls. They prefer incalls.

Escort prices start at 3.000 rubles for one hour up to 30.000 rubles for all night.

6. Strip Clubs

russian strip club girls

Strip clubs are also known as gentleman clubs in Russia. There are many strip clubs for all sorts of pockets, and most offer nude shows all night long.

The strip clubs operate with a champagne system: the girls sell drinks and lap dances directly to customers.

The entrance fee is 1.500 rubles, lapdance at 1.500 rubles, and drinks start at 300 rubles. Some strip clubs offer an option to leave the club with a girl for about 50.000 rubles.


Typical Prices For Sex In Russia

Russian call girls prices

Prices in Russia vary quite a lot from city to city. There are first-tier cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg that are 30% more expensive than second-tier cities like Omsk and Vladivostok. If you end up in a town, you should discount a 60-70% of the price of a first-tier city.

For practical reasons, I’m going to list the prices for sex in first-tier Russian cities because it is where most foreigners end up anyway.

Sex salons are common and cost between 3.000-6.000 roubles per session depending on the age, attractiveness, and qualification of the sex worker. For any extra services like anal or bareback blow job, add an extra 1.000 roubles.

If you opt for an erotic massage in a spa, prices start at 3.000 rubles up to 15.000 rubles for the highest service. Keep in mind that most parlors don’t offer full sex on the lowest service.

Independent escorts for incalls want 5.000 rubles for one hour, 9.000 rubles for two hours, and 25.000 roubles for all night. Outcall prices are 6.000, 11.000, 28.000 rubles, respectively.

The cheapest way to get laid in Russia is either to get a holiday girlfriend or to get into a relationship with benefits by using this site.


Tips & Tricks

• Carry The Essential: Bring your own condoms with you because Russian condoms aren’t the best out there.

• Drinks: Never leave your drink unattended! Russian girls are known to drug their costumers to rob them.

• Check Her ID: The age of consent in Russia is 16 years old, but don’t have sex with girls under 18 years old especially if you pay them. Russian girls seem way older than what they are, not only physically but also maturity.

• Negotiate The Price: There is always the possibility to ask for a discount if you are polite.


What About Girls & Sex In Russia?

Russian girls are mindblowing beautiful but also strong-minded and have an attitude. Yet, they are romantic and affectionate.

But Russian is a big country stretching from Europe to Asia, and generalization doesn’t give them justice. For example, girls in Moscow are reliable and professional minded. St Petersberg women are romantic and sophisticated. Siberian and Ural women are affectionate and gorgeous.

Another vital aspect to take into consideration is the Russian girls on the European side look different than Russian women on the Asian side. You can’t believe they are from the same country…

russian girls

On the left side Russian girl from Moscow (Europen Russia) and on the right side Russian girl from Petropavlovsk (Asian Russia)

Although their physical appearance is different, all Russian women have a strong personality. They went throughout hardiship during WW2 and under Socialism, so they need to be led by strong leaders.

Whatever you do, don’t let them decide what’s next. You have to lead because Russian ladies don’t respect anything less. You decide which restaurant to eat, bars to drink, etc.

The payoff is they will do anything to please you outside and inside the bedroom. You should expect your Russian lover to prepare breakfast in lingerie and get down on you while eating it 🙂 Been there, done that.

Russian women love men who are open-minded and are friendly. Even though Russians seem serious and emotionless, in reality, they love jokes. Jokes and smiles are a big thing for a Russian lady. And of course, don’t forget to be romantic and make her feel special.

When talking about sexual behaviors in Russia, things can get tricky. First, Russian women are incredibly jealous of their man and fight off any woman that tries to steal him from her.

On the other hand, between girlfriends, they don’t mind doing lesbian acts and engage in group sex. Keep in mind the line for swinging activities is extremely thin, and it can be hard to find the right balance.

In general, there are many single mothers in Russia, and local guys are not so interested in them. So it’s pretty easy to get laid with matures women who are also bombshells in bed. The best way to find cougars and milfs is to use online dating platforms.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Russia

dating Russian girlfriend in Saint Petersburg

Do you want a Russian girlfriend? If yes, I’m going to show you how to get one. Having a Russian girlfriend is absolutely the best way to experience Russia.

She can help you explore the country like an insider, deal with all the translation, have romantic moments together, and enjoy each other company. You’ll never feel alone because she’ll make you feel at home.

There is nothing worse than traveling in a foreign country when you don’t know anyone, and you don’t speak the local language. You feel lonely and vulnerable.

But with a young and beautiful Russian girlfriend, it feels different. Just imagine being with her…

Russian girlfriend in my bedroom in Moscow

Enjoy intimate moments together, have long conversations and entrain each other with romantic gestures.

A Russian girlfriend is your opportunity for an unforgettable vacation, and possibly a changing life experience.

That’s why before my trip I focus on finding a local girlfriend, and only later I get busy with the accommodation and flight.

Sadly, the majority of single men that travel to Russia never bother to get in contact with girls before their trip. As a result, they end up in brothels spending silly money on prostitutes. It isn’t surprising they feel demoralized when they go back home.

You shouldn’t be unprepared when you visit Russia, especially because there are plenty of Russian girls online eager to meet a foreign man. You can get to know each other, then visit with honest intentions.

The easiest way to find a girlfriend in Russia is to use a popular dating site like RussianCupid. Russian girls registered on dating sites are looking for a foreign boyfriend simply because they can’t find a compatible partner in Russia.

Start by creating a profile and answer the questions. They help you to find the right girlfriend for you.

Upload a few of your best photos (the best are the ones you look at the camera and smile).

Start several conversations by messaging the girls, build a list of eager girlfriend, and once in Russia, meet up.


Dating In Russia

Russian women love to be impressed. So, when you date a Russian woman brings some flowers and wear some nice cloths.

They expect you to wear fit cloths with a nice pair of shoes, and it doesn’t matter if you bought them in an Armani’s shop or at the market. What matters is you look good.

Keep in mind that she is going to spend hours preparing for you, and she deserves the same respect.

The best would be to take her to a nice restaurant, but also a romantic walk at night can do… And remember to be a true gentleman while dating, Russian women expect you to open the doors, and stuff like that.

Be assertive in your decisions, and what to do next, they want to be led by their man. You decide the restaurant, what movie to watch, and the sexual positions. That doesn’t mean you have to rule her like a dictator, have respect for her opinions and ideas.

Keep in mind that romantic gestures go a long way in Russia. A bouquet or a box of chocolate is always appreciated.


Best Destinations To Get Laid In Russia

Russian hookers in hotel room

The best destinations to meet girls and get laid in Russia are:

Moscow – The capital of Russia is the richest city… And where the money goes, beautiful women hot for action follow.

Saint Petersburg – The second biggest city in Russia but more laid-back than Moscow. There are all sort of sexual services and even more girlfriend material women that love foreign men.

Yekaterinburg – This second-tier city near the Ural mountain is the perfect destination to meet laid back and affectionate girls.

Novosibirsk – A Siberian city with mouth-watering women and a great nightlife. But it’s freezing in the winter.


Best Cities To Have Sex In Russia

This Russian sex guide is over. Enjoy The Russian ladies!


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