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14 Sexiest Nationalities In Asia

Some countries have sexier girls than others – there’s no avoiding that fact. There are numerous surveys confirming it.

Yet, most surveys didn’t elaborate on the definition of the word “sexy” as it seems pretty self-explanatory.

There’s no denying that Asian girls have been taking over the world by storm with their feminine and sexual stand. With more and more people traveling to Asia for hookups, there is a need to clarify the sexiest Asian nationalities.

If you’re thinking about where to spend your next Asian sex vacation, this list is for you.


What Are The Sexiest Nationalities In Asia?


14. Uzbekistan

sexy Asian girl uzbekistany

We start our list off with Uzbekistan girls, famous for women like Sitora Farmonova and Ziyoda Qobilova.

While an average cup size of B is pretty much average, the women more than make up for it with their charm and sexual appetite.

With that being said, this Central Asian country is often regarded as the most devout. That means that unless you’re Muslim, you’ll be unlikely to find yourself in the arms of a Uzbekistani girl.

13. Kazakhstan

With girls like Dinara Baktybaeva and Saya Orazgalieva, Kazakhstan women are a unique mix of Eastern and Central Asian looks.

Sharp noses, but narrower, smaller eyes are the common aesthetics of Kazahstan. They are short but with a generous breast for most.

Even though this country’s neighbor Uzbekistan, Islam culture is more relaxed.

Uzbekistan women enjoy sex and aren’t shy to try different things in the bedroom like anal sex.

12. Singaporean


If you’re in the mood for a more traditional Asian look like Patricia Mok or Rebecca Lim, then Singapore has you covered.

This country has semi-legalized prostitution, with several police-monitored brothels. The average cup size is A, so if you’re looking for petite Asian girls, Singapore might just be the country for you.

11. Vietnamese

As the country with the 2nd smallest cup size in the world, Vietnam has some worldwide famous supermodels like Thanh Hang.

If you’re looking for sexy Asian girls who are taller than the average, then Vietnam has you covered. It’s also quite a poor country, so girls are extremely easy to impress.

10. Mongolian

sexy girl Mongolia

Another country for petite Asian lovers with an average cup size of A. Although Mongolia doesn’t have many famous women, it’s a land of very unique looks.

Since it was an isolated country for most of history, you’ll find harder facial lines, almond eyes, and straight dark hair everywhere.

9. Hong Kongese

Girls like Ada Choi and Maggie Q show the kinds of looks you can expect from Hong Kongese women. It’s another country where prostitution is legal, and quite the untravelled road for most Western sex tourists.

If you’re looking for a unique take on Central Asian looks, then Hong Kong is the country for you. Much like most countries in the area, Hong Kong has an average cup size of A.

8. Cambodian

sexy Khmer girl with busty breast in Cambodian bar
Cambodia is an underrated destination when it comes to sexy Asian women. Probably because the country is small and there aren’t that many tourists yet.

Anyway, Cambodian girls are sexy and hot in bed once they know you better.

7. Thai

With women like Yaya Urassaya and Patcharapa Chaichua, you might be wondering how come Thailand ranks so low.

The real answer is that there’s a wide disparity between the hottest and ugliest Thai women. As yet another country for petite and Asian lovers, Thai girls come in different shapes and colors.

With that being said, it’s getting harder to hook up here because there are too many sex tourists in the country.

6. Chinese

chinese girlfriend

With women like Fan Bingbing and Angela Yeung Wing on their side, it’s no surprise China ranks so close to the top 5 sexiest Asian nationalities.

The good thing going for China is their high number population and diversity. You can find small or tall girls, big or small breasts, darker or whiter girls depending on where you land.

The only downside is not many Chinese women can speak English and take a big cock.

5. South Korean

South Korea, home to Kpop stars and actresses like Jun Ji-Hyun and Son Ye-jin is the first of our top 5 sexiest Asian countries. Plastic surgery is rampant in the country, so if that’s something you’re wary of, you might want to skip this one.

If you don’t mind, however, then South Korea has some of the most beautiful women in Asia, if not even the world for you. And they really know how to dress sexy.

4. Malaysian

malaysia girlfriend
Girls like Hannah Tan and Belinda Chee can be seen as the Malay standard of beauty. Malaysia is quite famed for its love of foreign men and intrigue.

Like most Muslim Asian countries, the girls here tend to have a big breast and sometimes might have also some booty.

It is also one of the best Asian countries to look for a virgin wife.

3. Japanese

It’s no wonder that the country of Geisha brings us some of the sexiest Asian women out there.

Japanese pornstars like Hitomi Tanaka show how much people love some Japanese flair. Although many girls are afraid of Western men and their rough sexual prowess, many are turned on by this idea.

The country can be a bit expensive, however, so expect to spend a bit more than you would on most of the other locations on this list.

2. Indonesian

meeting indonesian girlfriend
Indonesia places a lot of value on family values, music, and festivals. With this comes a very sensual and sex-friendly atmosphere.

If you’re into the sexy girls who pretend to be vanilla ladies, you’ll find Indonesia an interesting destination.

It’s worth noting that the most common religion by far is Islam, so if you want to get laid you better visit Bali or Jakarta where the girls are open-minded.

1. Filipino

The Filipinas are the sexiest Asian nationality, there’s no going around that. With actresses like Lovi Poe and Maja Salvador representing them, there’s no doubt any man can see the appeal of getting a Filipina in bed.

They’re fiery and passionate with a love for older Western men.

It’s a great country to find an Asian wife, or pay for sex as there are several red-light districts in the country.

There’s also an abundance of dating and hook-up sites where you can easily find university girls for friendship, intimacy, and companionship.


Where Can I Meet Sexy Asian Girls?

Knowing where the sexiest Asian girls are means nothing if you’ve got no way to get in contact with them.

Most foreign men end up paying for sex only because they go to tourist areas where there are many prostitutes.

With that being said, by far the best easiest way to meet sexy Asian girls is through dating sites, arrangement sites and hook-up apps.

I’ve reviewed the most popular Asian sites and apps for each country. But overall Seeking Arrangement is the most popular dating site in Asia to contact hot girls for all sort of arrangements.

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