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Prostitution In Singapore: Girls, Sex & Money

Prostitution in Singapore is totally legal and it isn’t that hard to find prostitutes in the red light areas or online. There is even a dedicated red light district called Geylang.

Yet, most travelers are unaware that most places selling sex services are operating illegally.

For example, massage parlors that offer happy endings are a front business for illegal sex services. This means you might get in trouble if you happen to be found getting serviced during a police raid.

So by knowing what is considered legal or illegal in Singapore helps to avoid unnecessary headaches if you plan to use the services of a prostitute.

In this article, not only I clear up some confusion about Singapore prostitution, but I give an overview of the type of prostitutes that mingle in the city and their relative prices.


Is Prostitution Legal In Singapore?

In Singapore prostitution is legal, but most prostitutes work illegally.

For example, male to male prostitution is illegal in Singapore. Yet you can find boys online selling sex services. And you walk down Desker and Rowell Road, there are many transgenders at night.

Then there are armies of foreign women in nightclubs, bars and even in the streets soliciting clients. Yet, public solicitation is illegal in Singapore.

But as you can see in this video, girls aren’t shy to solicit…

On the other hand, there are brothels regulated by the government where the prostitutes have to go for periodical health check-ups. And those are the only legal establishments allowed to sell sex services for a fee.

Erotic massage parlors, karaoke bars and similar places that offer girls for sex are likely to be illegal operations. They usually operate behind legitimate businesses but offer sexual services on the side.

The interesting thing is a girl can sell her body legally. In fact, there are plenty of escorts in Singapore working the trade full time or part-time. And it’s totally fine to buy their services.


Where To Find Prostitutes in Singapore?

As explained in my sex guide to Singapore, the most popular areas for prostitution are Gaylang, Woodlands, and Orchard Tower. 

Yet, you can find plenty of self-employed prostitutes online and in well-known pick up spots.

1. Online Prostitution in Singapore

Due to the increasing popularity of apps and adult sites, soliciting has moved online to leverage the power of the internet.

The benefits for men are they can find many more girls then walking the red light areas and without leaving their room.

Many men don’t want to be seen visiting prostitutes or don’t feel comfortable approaching working girls. So they go online to book hookers in Singapore.

Prostitutes online charge at least 150$ per hour up to several hundred for the top escorts.

2. Prostitution In Brothels

There are official and unofficial brothels in Singapore, and the most known areas are Gayland and Woodlands.

As mention in my Singapore red light district guide, Gayland is regulated with front brothels on the road while Woodland prostitution takes place in private condos.

The girl’s price starts at 40$ for 30 minutes up to 80$ for an hour.

3. Self Employed Prostitution

Like in all Asian cities, you can find nightlife girls freelancing in bars, clubs and in the streets…

The most popular hot spots in Singapore are Brix Bar in Hyatt Hotel or Orchid Tower and the streets around it.

There are working girls from all around Asia, especially Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipina, and Thais. Some work full time while others do it occasionally on Sundays when they are off work.

The average price is 50-80$ but negotiable.

4. Massage Parlors

There are several erotic massage parlors around the city, and they are usually called “health centers”. Meaning they shouldn’t offer extra services but only massages.

Prostitutes working in those health center are usually Thais, Vietnamese or Chinese that can offer a decent massage, but that isn’t their specialty.

Not the cheapest of sex services in Singapore with handjob at 40$, blowjob for 70$, and full service at 130$.


Are There Only Prostitutes For Sex In Singapore?

Of course not.

If you’re a single man in Singapore and you want to get laid, you can use hookup sites like Asian Match Mate. There you’ll find horny Singaporean women and couples looking for sex partners.

Some people are into hookups while others prefer to find a fuck buddy. Some are more direct while others prefer to take their time to know each other.

It isn’t uncommon to meet for a drink or dine together, and later go to the bedroom for some fun.

Alternatively, you can get a sugar baby by using an arrangement site if you have the possibility to support a girl.