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South Africa sex guide

South Africa Sex Guide For Single Men

Planning to visit South Africa? And you want to enjoy the local girls, right? This guide has all the info you’ll ever need for a sex holiday in South Africa.

South Africa offers the best of the two worlds – Western infrastructure and beautiful African women with big booties.

This guide helps you to get started with your journey by uncovering South Africa’s sex tourism. Things like where to find girls hot for action, how much things cost, tips to get you laid and much more.

This South Africa Sex Guide was last updated on 17 March 2020




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Intro to Sex Tourism in South Africa
General information about South Africa sex culture

Where to Find Sex in South Africa
An overview of the best places and ways to get laid in South Africa

Typical Costs + Tips
General prices in South Africa to help you budget your adventure

How to Get a Holiday Girlfriend in South Africa
How to meet and date South African women during your vacation

Best Sex Tourism Destinations in South Africa
Top cities for girls and sex


Intro To Sex Tourism In South Africa

Men usually don’t travel to South Africa for sex tourism. They come here for other things and then stumble upon the pay for play scene.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a proper “pay for play” destination as Kenya. But once you get there, you realize there are a lot of options hidden in plain sight.

And when you start to see the big and rounded asses of South African women, it’s hard to resist a ride. Do you love huge booty?

Then visit Durban cause it’s the leading city for big booty women. And don’t have to be necessarily a South Africa lady, there are plenty of other nationalities like Senegal, Kenya, Ghana and many more.

The interesting thing is that prostitution in South Africa is illegal. But it’s liberally practiced…

pay sex in South Africa

The prices for sex range from 400 rands to 4.000 rands depend on location and type of girls. But a sure thing is whites are more expensive than colored women.

When searching for action, don’t expect to find a red light district in any of South African cities. The encounter channels are more informal: online, streets, clubs and private houses.

To save you time and hassle, keep in mind that the hottest girls work the online scene. Why should they wait for customers in a club when men search for girls online?

So, on the ground expect average girls while the hottest one hangs on dating sites and apps.


What About Girls & Sex In South Africa?

If you like black girls with very small waists but wide hips and very thick, fat asses, South Africa is the holy land…

Sexy South African girl with big booty

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to colored women or big booty, there are also white chicks and slender girls that are fairly easy to bang.

Yet, one does not go to South Africa for the white or black chicks but for the colored ladies.

Colored South Africa girl

They are the result of mix race marriage and usually, the father is white and the mother black. It’s an unparalleled mix of beauty and exoticism.

Those mix races beauty not only are attractive, but they are sophisticated and can speak spotless English. You can have great conversations, even about politics and the economy.

What is interesting about South African women is their openness about sex. Not only it’s fun to flirt with them but in the bedroom, they enjoy themself while pleasing you.

Expect to perform a lot of doggy position cause they are proud to be African. And if you think anal is the natural step for a woman love doggy, not in South Africa. Only one on five women are up for it.

Most girls in South Africa can’t have a decent standard of living only on their salaries. The girls you see working in shops, on the side work as escorts in the evening. University girls “fuck for money” to pay their school fees.

With such circumstances, it’s pretty easy to get a girlfriend experience and even easier to find a sugar baby.

Imagine having your own young and horny girl…

horny girl in South Africa

Not every girl seeks compensation thought. There are plenty of everyday girls that only want to have fun and be treated well. But keep in mind that those girls might have a difficult life, and some help is always appreciated.

For example, you can take them for a good dinner, pay for their hair cut or offer to buy some clothes.

In conclusion, it’s so easy to date nurses, shop assistants, and students, that doesn’t make any sense to pay professional prostitutes for sex.

It’s risky and unhealthy… So play safe, and stay healthy.


Where To Find Sex In South Africa

South Africa has several ways to get you laid. If you prefer to check online for companionship, you have it. If you prefer to work the street game, you got it. If you like to operate out of nightclubs, it’s there as well.

In summary, you should look to online sites first and then see what’s on the ground at the clubs. So let’s start with…

1. Online Sites

This is where you’ll find most of the action and where I’ve found most girls. South Africa scene isn’t like other African countries where you look for girls on the ground.

There are a lot of girls that prefer to meet men privately online for obvious reasons. Students don’t want their school mates to find out while girls with regular jobs don’t want to get ashame from their family.

For example, there are a fair number of young university girls that aren’t pro on dating sites like Afro Introduction that definitely drop their panties if you spend some money on them. Pay for the hair cut, buy a new pair of jeans and so on.

Girls appreciate this kind of things and it’s the reason why they usually look for older guys. Senior men understand the dynamics between women and men.

In short, dating sites are the cheapest way to get laid in South Africa with non-pros. Everyday girls are happy with small things in life and are very grateful. I can’t say the same for professional prostitutes who are greedy and demanding.

Imagine spending your time with a sexy girl…

South African girl offering sex

She wants to have a good time with you because she is grateful for your kindness.

When searching for girls online, don’t waste time in unnecessary chats. Be direct, chat her up and offer to meet for drinks later.

If you aren’t into dating and relationship but only want plain sex with no string attached, check out AdultFriendFinder. It’s a community of horny people that simply want one thing: great sex.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars


Just find out the top clubs and bars in the city, and you’ll be bound to find many working girls and party ladies.

Not every girl in a club is working, but it’s easy to spot out the ones that are. Heavy makeup, high hills, and very short skirts are the signs of a pro.

If a girl smiles and looks at you or asks to buy her a drink, it’s a clear sign to approach. Don’t waste too much time in banalities, go straight for the business talk.

Be clear about your expectations and don’t forget to negotiate her price. You shouldn’t pay more than 2.000 rands all night including any extras.

3. Escorts Directories/Ads

sexy south african escort

There are several escort directories and classified sites where you can find girls for sex. Most don’t do outcalls but only incalls.

You can find ads on adsafrica, but enquire about the service offered because most ads are written only to attract men. In other words, they are misleading.

RedVelvet is a popular escort site in South Africa where you can find girls for 500-600 rands per hour. It includes two shots.

The ladies operate from a gated compound with 4-5 rooms for daily let. It’s like a guest house for hookers.

In conclusion, call them, confirm their address, price, and service offered. Then Uber to the incall location and have fun.

4. Brothels

Brothels in South Africa are big houses where working girls live and meet men. They might have a strip club or bar downstair while the rooms are upstairs.

The best way to have a tour around the brothels in South Africa is to use the service of a taxi driver. Just ask the driver to show you a few places with sexy girls.

Brothel’s price starts at 300 rands up to 1.000+ rands for top places. Higher the price doesn’t mean better quality of girls. But you can expect a better atmosphere and better hygiene practices.

If the girl has her own room upstairs, it’s free. Otherwise, you have to rent one for 80 rands. They look like a stale hotel room with a bathroom with a tub, sink, and toilet. So, don’t expect much.

5. Sex Massage Parlors

There are plenty of places for massage that offers extras.

For instance, the specialized parlors have a menu including erotic, sensual, body to body, blow job and handjob. Also, regular massage parlors offer happy endings for a tip.

If you don’t want to mingle around, you can order an erotic massage to your hotel room on sites like

Rates start at 400 rands for a simple “happy” massage up to 1.000 rands for two hours of intense pleasure.

6. Gentleman Clubs

You pay about 100-500 rands to enter in a gentleman club. Usually, there is a big room with couches and several ladies.

You sit down, have a drink and chat with the girls. When you are ready for some fun, pay between 600-2.000 rands and get escorted to a private room.

7. Strip Clubs

south africa strip club girl

Strip clubs are like gentleman clubs with the only difference of having girls dancing around a pole. Usually, strippers are slim and have athletic bodies.

You can either take a girl to your room after work for about 6.000 rands all night or go for a private session in the club for 3.000 rands.

8. Streets

If you like adventure and dirty street prostitutes, in South Africa you can get laid with 30-50 rands. But you need to have a car or find a complacent taxi that lets you fuck in there.

Yet, it’s safer to take girls off online sites than off the streets cause those on the street are there mainly to feed bad habits.


Typical Costs In South Africa

• Sex

South Africa offers great value for mongers that love African ladies but prefer Western infrastructure.

The average price for a fuck is 400 rands. Black South African ladies are cheaper than white ones. Then there are other African nationalities even cheaper.

Prices for girls in South Africa aren’t that different between freelancers in clubs, escorts and brothel’s girls. The only expensive girls are the strippers with prices starting at 3.000 rands.

On the other end, there are dirty street prostitutes for only 30-50 rands for a shot. But if you are on a budget and don’t want to get in trouble, there are plenty of girls on Afro Introduction craving to hook up with a foreign man.

• Entertainment

Clubs and bars don’t have an entrance fee. The price for regular drinks are about 50 rands and for cocktails 100 rands. You can pick up girls for 2.000 rands all night.

• Accommodation

You can get an apartment with two bedrooms for about 1.000 rands per night. There are also cheap hotels in the 500 rands range. But if you can afford an international chain hotel for 1.300 rands per night, it’s better.

• Food

There are many eateries where you can eat a meal for 100-150 rands. For some decent international food where to take your dates expect to pay 500 rands for two people.

• Transportation

Local taxis are more expensive than Uber, so stick to Uber for all your transportation needs. If you plan to move between cities, use the train cause is fast and cheap.


Tips & Tricks

Wear a Condom: This is a no brainer! South Africa is not a place to get lost in the sauce.

• Recruit Online: Another no brainer… Scout for a few girls before your trip on this site.

• Tell Her What You Want: Less talk, more action. An example: “Hi cutie -) My name is XXX and I have to chat with you. Let’s meet this afternoon or evening or (date of arrival)… Are you up for it?

• No Incalls: Most girls online prefer to do incalls for safety reasons. if they do an outcall, they want to meet in a public place first.

• Don’t rent a car: Use Uber, it’s safe and easy to use.

• Too Much?: You know the price for girls in South Africa. Always negotiate, even if it is not in your nature.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In South Africa

If you would like to find a girlfriend in South Africa, I’m going to show you how to find her.

There is no better way to experience this country with a young and hot girl…

my south africa girlfriend in bedroom

She looks after your intimate needs while offering a good company during your stay.

Unfortunately, many travelers that visit South Africa end up paying prostitutes. They are unaware of the many everyday girls interested in foreign men. It’s a shame they can’t experience the true sexuality of South African babes.

Money is the main interest of prostitutes while genuine orgasms are what non-pro wants

Before my trip, I get in contact with South African ladies online and build some rapport. That way the moment I arrive in South Africa, the girls are hot for action.

If you are visiting South Africa and plan to meet local girls, you should make your priority to get contacts first. Only later bother with the flight and accommodation details.

When you have a list of potential girlfriends eager to meet you, you are set for an unforgettable holiday.

Last time I got in contact with 48 South African women but I really only wanted to talk with 15 of them. I went on 6 dates, which 5 were an overnight success.

The easiest way to find a girlfriend is to use a popular dating site like Seeking Arrangement. There are so many girls that need attention that you’ll have a hard time replying to their messages.

To get started, simply upload a few of your best photos and be clear about what you want. Don’t get lost in long conversations, be direct and ask to meet.


Dating In South Africa

If you want to get some good action, the dinner and date technique works great in South Africa.

Get in contact with several girls online, and ask to meet for dinner. Dress sharp and look clean to give the best possible first impression.

Enjoy dining with your new girlfriend without mentioning anything erotic. Be polite and respectful.

Once the dinner is over, take her to your place for a drink or watch a movie. I mention “take” and not “invite” because you need to give clear and confident instructions. South African women respect authority.


Best Sex Tourism Destinations In South Africa

sex tour in south africa

There are a few destinations to monger in South Africa, and here’s the list:

Cape Town – There a wide range of entrainment and plenty of university girls.

Johannesburg (Joburg) – Your dating site account will go bonkers here. This city is saturated with hot girls. Being the reachest city in South Africa, the amount of sexy girls is self-explained. Stay in Rosebank or Sandton City, an upmarket area with many semi-pro.

Durban – Great beaches, modern city, amazing nightlife and plenty of sexy girls.

Pretoria – Only 20 minutes away from Johannesburg, there are several clubs worth visiting and many girls on dating sites ready to rock.


Best Cities To Have Sex In South Africa

I hope you enjoyed the South Africa sex guide. Have fun there!

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