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seoul sex guide

Seoul Sex Guide For Single Men

If you would like to experience a sex holiday in Seoul and want to know the best locations where to find sexy girls hot for action, this sex guide has all the info you need.

Seoul is well known for having the finest Korean women in the country for their window brothels in the red light districts, but also for the unfriendly prostitutes.

It is common to see the girls in the windows ignoring foreigners, even running away or closing the curtains. With the tips in this guide, you aren’t going to avoid most traveler’s pitfalls.

I’m going to open up all the good things this city has to offer because you should enjoy the place and the beautiful women instead of worrying about where to go, what do and most importantly how to do it.

This guide is going to focus on P4P scene (Pay for Play). If you prefer to meet and date quality Korean girls, then use a popular Korean dating site instead.

This Seoul Sex Guide was last updated on 01 December 2019




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Intro to Sex in Seoul
General information about Seoul sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Seoul
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices For Sex
General prices for girls in Seoul to help you budget your adventure

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Seoul
How to date and get laid with Seoul women during your vacation

Best Sex Hotels In Seoul
Love hotels for your erotic activities


Intro To Sex In Seoul

If you are visiting Seoul to have sex with the beautiful Korean women, you are going to get plenty of action either you prefer to pay for it or you want to fuck for free.

Seoul has a few red light districts and different sexual services. It also has a lively nightlife and dating scene where you can meet hot Korean girls…

hot korean girl nightlife

In the case you aren’t much into Korean women, you can find Russian escorts as well as Filipina and Chinese.

This is a good thing because Korea’s prostitutes are not always willing to service foreigners (waygookin) because of the big size of their dicks. You can’t blame them, it isn’t fun to feel pain during sex.

So, you should avoid the Korean areas and focus on foreign-friendly districts like Itaewon. Here you can meet girls in clubs and bars interested in foreign men… Or you can engage the services of hookers…

sex in itaewon seoul

Popular Seoul red light district:Itaewon.

The sex scene in Seoul is pretty different from other countries in Asia because they have got unusual services like the kiss rooms (I talk later about each place where you can meet girls).

Also, there are areas with prostitutes waiting for customers behind a window exactly like in Amsterdam. I’ve never seen anything similar in Asia.

Just to give you a better idea of the different red light districts in Seoul:

  • Cheongnyangni 588 – Closed in 2018
  • Miami – this red light district has girls staying in the road trying to pull you in their rooms for sex.
  • Yeong Deung Po – A red light areas with sexy window hookers. Girls avoid foreign men, it’s a Korean area.
  • Hooker Hill – Located in Itaweon, this red light district is foreign friendly.

In the red light areas, you can find different type of establishments selling sex, from the hostess bar to the massage parlors.

However, pay sex is only one way to get laid. You can meet Korean girls with a fetish for foreign men who fuck for free, which I’m going to reveal later in this article.

Not only it is economical, but it’s more fun and less risky to get some STD.

This Seoul sex travel guide will tell you the best places to meet girls, how much things cost, how to stay safe, tips to get laid and everything in between!


What About Seoul Girls

In one word: beautiful!

Girls in Seoul know how to dress, spend a fortune on skincare and other treatments and are slim (98% of them).

Like in Japan, also in Korea the girls don’t speak much English, especially the prettiest one. You might start a conversation but it’s hard to keep it going.

The best way is to talk constantly and slowly for a couple of minutes until you get the right to ask for her phone number…

kiss bang seoul girl

Then move the conversation on chats where both of you can take the time to interact.

As you can see, girls in Korea are a kind of passive, they expect men to lead the conversation and everything else for that matter.

You are going to decide where to go, how to do it and when do it. That puts you in a position of advantage because you can get her in your room without resistance.

In fact, I never got refused when a Korean girl was in my room, I can’t say the same with European women.

The hard part is to keep the girls interested in the first minute of conversation, after that it’s a downhill effort.

If you want to get an easy laid, look for single women in their 30s. In Korea, girls who aren’t married by the age of 30 are over the ripped age, but still, they need sexual satisfaction.

The good news is that 30% of Korean women between 30 to 34 years old never got married.

In other words, if you play your cards well with women in their 30s, you can be assured to get laid.

Many of these girls uses English dating sites to find a partner to satisfy their needs, and more often than not for searching a serious relationship.


Where to Find Sex in Seoul

You are visiting Seoul because you want to get laid with beautiful local girls but you don’t know where to get started. Here my review of the best places to hook up with girls in Seoul, starting with…


In recent years the internet has opened new opportunities to hook up with local girls. From the university girls who want to try things to the couples who are into threesomes.


In Seoul, there are open-minded singles girls and couples craving for new sexual adventures. Not only Koreans but also foreign women and mix couples.

It’s a new world where you can meet and have sex with horny women without the need to pay a hooker or spending the night in a club trying to get laid.

Last time in Seoul, I’ve met on Asian Match Mate a horny Korean in her 30s. She shows me around the city and spent a romantic evening together that ended with a quality session.

What started as a nightstand, ended up in a girlfriend experience for the rest of my stay in Seoul.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

If you would like to party and meet Korean girls, you should consider hanging out at Itaewon. Seoul girls that go to Itaewon know there are foreigners everywhere, and they go there to hook up.

seoul bar girls

You’ll meet girls who speak English which makes communicating very easy if you speak a little Korean.

Don’t go to clubs first, instead visit the pubs like Prost where it’s a casual meat market.

Clubs are more exclusive, and the high-end bars have tons of stuck up psycho girls who are hot but don’t want to get laid.

Casual pubs/bars are the way to go – people want to meet other people and girls LOVE the attention there.

The best pick up joints are:

  • Prost – Good selection of beers, wine, cocktails and hot ladies.
  • Glam – On top Prost, another floor of sexy Korean girls.
  • B One – Popular among 20s girls, the club has good music and a good pick up vibe.

You don’t need to buy drinks in those places, except for the 20.000 won fee to enter B One.

Itaewon Seoul – Red Light District

This area is popular with expat, tourist and U.S military personnel. You can find bars, clubs, restaurants and the most famous red light district in Seoul for expatriate: Hooker Hill.

So, if you want to have paid sex in Seoul, your best option is heading to Hooker Hill. There are discreet brothels, girlie bars, as well as windows of Korean women similar to Amsterdam.

In the bars most girls are from the Philippines or Thailand, sex is about 60.000 to 100.000 wan.

If you want a Korean girl, head to the window brothels. Price starts at 120.000 wan for 30 minutes and one shot.

Kiss Rooms In Seoul

Also known as “kiss bang”, these types of entrainment is unique to South Korea.

kiss room entrance in seoul

You get to sit down with a girl for 30 or 60 minutes and kiss her while playing with her tits and your dick.

The girl might help you out and if she likes you, she might let you lick her nipples. That’s all, no BJ or sex.

It might sound like a boring place but the good news is most of the girls are students who are looking to make extra money.

If it’s something you might like to try, walk around university areas and pay attention to this sign: 키스방. The standard rate is 40.000 Won.

Hostess Bars

Also known as “juicy bars”, these are places where you drink with the girls and chill out. Most hostess bars catering to foreigners are located in Hooker Hill.

The bars are old and run down, drinks are expensive (20.000 won) and not always the girls are up for sex.

If she offers you sex, the standard rate is 70.000 won and it takes place in a private room on the premises.

Erotic Massage Parlours

Like the rest of Asia, also Seoul has a good amount of massage parlours offering happy endings.


The best areas for foreigners are Itaewon and Ansan, and you can try your luck in Yongsan which is an erotic massage are for Koreans.

There are three types of happy ending shops:

  • Barber shops – You can recognize them by two spinning barber poles outside(red, white and blue). Don’t expect young spinner but rather old Korean women in their 30s and 40s and you get ridden on the barber chair. Prices around 40.000-50.000 won.
  • Anma – Large parlors that offer happy endings after having a bath with a girl in her 20s. Most don’t accept foreigners, I only know of Ace Anma in Gangnam. The rate is 230.000 won for a full session.
  • Massaji – Small independent massage rooms with young girls providing happy massages. Here the price is reasonable at 70.000 won for full service. Belle in Gangnam is recommended.


Love Hotels In Seoul

Love hotels or love motels in Seoul are everywhere, mostly near the city express bus terminals.

You can rent a room by the hour or all night. The room decor might be erotic for a Korean, but in my opinion, they are a turn-off…

The good thing is if you don’t have a partner yet, you can ask them to send you a girl for 70.000 won. If you don’t like her, you can cancel.

Strip Clubs


If you are searching for a strip club in Seoul, I’m sorry to say Koreans aren’t a big fan of striptease and topless dancer. They prefer hands services like massage parlors.

Escorts in Seoul

Seoul is packed with call girls, you just do a quick search online to find an infinite amount of escorts.

It’s easy to book a girl and wait for her to knock your door, but the downside is the stiff price and photoshopped photos.

The cheapest escort charges 250.000 won per hour while top spinners want 400.000 won per hour.

I don’t mind to pay big money if the girls look like in the photo, but when they showed up they looked just average.

Also, I found most of the escort girls business-oriented, not much space given to conversation and personal interaction. The service is rather mechanically, no really intimate.


Typical Prices For Sex In Seoul

When visiting a business that sells sex, the prices are fixed and can’t be negotiated.

Here a list of standard prices for each business type:

  • Hostess Bars: Also known as juicy bars, you can have sex with foreign girls with 70.000 won.
  • Erotic Massage Parlors: In the barber shops about 40.000-50.000 wan for a quick ride. Anma parlors standard rate is 230.000 won for a bath session, massage and sex. Massaji independent massage rooms go for 70.000 won for full service.
  • Love Hotels: For one hour at least 25.000 won, they can call a girl for you that usually charges 70.000 won per hour.
  • Escorts: starting at 250.000 won up to 400.000 won per hour. I don’t mention the daily price for escorts because is outrageous.
  • Girls on Dating Sites: The cheapest way to get laid in Seoul is to meet girls on this site.

If paying a girl for sex isn’t your things, consider reading the next section where I explain how to get a vacation girlfriend in Seoul.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Seoul

korean girlfriend in seoul

Are you looking for more than just sex? Wish to meet a girl in Seoul to spend your holiday together, and why not, sleep together?

There are plenty of horny women in Seoul with the unspoken fantasy to date and get laid with a foreign man.

You can find a lady to enjoy each other company, visit places around the city and try out the local cuisine. Having a temporary girlfriend in Seoul not only is a great way to explore the city, but also to get learn about Korean culture.

She can plan all sorts of things for you to visit and do, so you don’t have to worry about the details of your trip. She is going to be a friend, tour guide and lover but without the hassle of a long term girlfriend.

Imagine spending days and nights in the company of a beautiful and horny woman…

sexy seoul girlfriend

The hard part is to find a girl who can speak English and is interested in foreign men. The best way is to use apps and sites that Seoul girls use… Even better is to use apps and sites that girls in Seoul use to meet foreign men.

The best way to find a girlfriend in Seoul is to use a dating site like Korean Cupid. Visit Seoul without knowing Korean and use this site is just crazy because it helps to get you in contact with local girls before you arrive.

Since your time in Seoul may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand, so that when you meet you can start having some real fun.

The best part of going online is that you can handpick girls and talk to them without face to face pressure.

Also, you have the time to build attraction and trust that is essential to get more intimate with her.


Best Sex Hotels In Seoul

Sex hotels are commonly known as love hotels in Korea. They sound romantic but at all effect couples and single hunters go there to get laid with sexy Korean girls…

girl in sex hotel in seoul


The rooms provide the perfect ambiance to have sex with all the comforts like.

So, if you are planning to hunt down girls in Seoul, these are my favorite erotic hotels to stay:

  • IP Boutique Hotel – Located near restaurants and bars in Itaewon, it’s the perfect place to bring girls to have fun. When booking, ask for the room with the wardrobe mirror and transparent bath wall, so can see the girl from different angles and while showering.
  • Hotel the Designers Seoul Station – If you like design, class, convenient location and are looking for a great erotic playground, this hotel offers it all.
  • Seoul Shilla Hotel – This hotel is a great choice to impress the girls and get them wet. The window overlooking the bathroom is great to watch the girls taking a bath.

This concludes this Seoul Sex Guide. Have fun!


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