Thai sugar baby in Thailand

Sugar Babies In Thailand: Options, Costs and Tips

You can easily find a sugar baby in Thailand who won’t only make your stay exciting but also help you with the local lifestyle.

Most men have only one sugar baby in a monogamous relationship, but some have multiple girls without any problem. Thai culture is accepting of such arrangements.

But if you have never gotten into a sugar relationship in Thailand before, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

This includes knowing the best ways to find sugar babies, the rates, and how to set up yourself for success.


Where Can You Find Sugar Babies In Thailand

Frankly, everywhere.

Considering that the basic salary is less than 10.000 Baht per month, young girls are eager to get an extra income. Especially those students that struggle to pay rent.

But remember that there aren’t only Thai sugar babies for hire, but also Western women and even some Filipinas sugaring in Thailand.


1. Sugar Sites

On sugar sites in Thailand, you can find anyone from a regular college girl to a famous Thai influencer. It’s all about how much you’re willing to pay.

Just imagine having a young and hot sugar baby…

sugar babies in Thailand lookin for sugar daddies

With sugar girls you meet here, you don’t have to deal with jealousy, drama and there is no place for misunderstandings.

You tell her your needs and expectations, set an allowance, and start to have a good time without any drama.

Whats Your Price is the best website in Thailand for finding such straightforward relationships. This site is specifically designed to cater to sugar relationships and everyone here is on the same page.

It’s perfect for successful sugar daddies who want to save time and find a beautiful girl who knows how to look after his man’s needs.

Just create an appealing bio mentioning your wants and what you can offer and you’ll be flooded by DMs from beautiful girls.


2. Thai Dating Sites

Dating sites are an option if you’re the type of guy who is happy to get emotionally intimate with a Thai girl.

But remember that you can’t be straightforward like on sugar sites. Discussing sexual kinks and terms of the arrangement are going to freak the girls out.

Also, you should expect drama and unreasonable demands because girls on popular Thai dating sites are looking for a serious relationship. Hopefully marriage one day.

But the good thing about Thai dating sites is that not everyone on them is searching for commitment. Some girls are just looking for a man who’ll show them a good and fun time.

For example, these girls on Thai Friendly are sugar material…

Thai sugar babies

They aren’t looking for marriage, but a boyfriend and some extra income. It’s obvious by their young age, appearance, and way to take profile photos.

In addition, search for profiles who in their bio write “looking for a generous man”. That is the right mindset.


3. Upscale Clubs and Bars

If you’re in tourist destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, you can hang out in expensive bars and clubs to scout for sugar babies.

Places like Onyx in Bangkok or Horizon in Pattaya are good hunting grounds.

These places are filled with gorgeous girls who are looking for this type of arrangement. They are well-versed in the art of seduction and understand what a sugar relationship means.

Be aware that sugar girls who hang out in such places have been spoiled by previous sugar daddies. So be ready to spend a lot of money to keep them interested in you.


4. University Campus

If you can speak Thai like Steve in the video below – why not recruit girls from university campuses?

Most of the girls studying in Thailand are in need of an extra income. Many take part-time jobs in Starbucks and 7-11 shops but the pay is meager.

Most girls are happy to be your sugar baby if you can offer a secure allowance.

But keep in mind that it’s essential to speak the Thai language because for those girls it isn’t only about money but also about emotional connection.


How Much Does a Thai Sugar Baby Cost?

A Thai sugar baby can cost anywhere from 7.000 baht to 60.000 baht per month. It really depends on her look, age, and level of education.

If you seek out a college student who’s looking for some extra cash and occasional gifts, it should cost you less than 15.000 baht per month.

If you’re looking for a seasoned sugar baby, someone who’s experienced in the field and will give you exactly what you want then you’ll spend more.

Those sugar babies who know how to dress to impress, have good manners, and speak excellent English are rare in Thailand. So get ready to spend 40.000 + baht in allowance.

Expensive doesn’t always mean amazing… The most exciting Thai sugar baby will be the one who’ll mirror your needs the most.

She can be anyone from a college student to a sugar baby in her 30s, it just depends on what your taste is.


Tips For Sugar Daddies in Thailand

sugar daddy in Thailand giving a gift to Thai sugar baby

Finding yourself a perfect sugar baby in Thailand is not all about money but a combination of different things.

The tips below will help you:

• Be upfront about your needs and offer a fair allowance

The secret of having the most amazing sugar relationship lies in telling your sugar baby exactly what you want and then providing her with the stuff that she wants in return.

Meet and greet the potential sugar baby before starting the relationship. Ask her if she can meet your wants, and what allowance she needs.

Offer the allowance asked because Thai girls see negatively sugar daddies who like to bargain on price. And don’t worry; there aren’t that many gold diggers here.

• Make your Thai sugar baby feel like you’re taking care of her

Taking care is an important aspect of Thai culture.

And if you think the allowance is enough to take care of a Thai sugar baby, think again. It’s important to get into a set mind of giving constantly.

Even a simple milkshake taken from the street can feel like a diamond bracelet on a day she’s not expecting it.

• Don’t be too pushy, especially about your kinks

Thai girls in general are a bit shy if they don’t know you well. Also, there are sex taboos that complicate things.

Don’t be crude when talking to your sugar baby or else you’ll just end up creeping her out.

If you have some unusual kinks then it’s best to introduce your Thai sugar baby slowly to them. Most Thai sugar babies are eager to please, so they won’t negate your pleasure.

• Dress to impress

First, make sure that you dress smartly. As said above, Thai culture revolves around appearance.

Your Thai sugar baby isn’t concerned about your age when in public, but how you appear. Even though it’s hot in Thailand, avoid walking around with flippers all day.

• Be a gentleman

Thai sugar babies are extremely feminine, and that’s what attracts the majority of sugar daddies.

Yet, their feminine personalities expect you to be a gentle sugar daddy.

Do small things like holding the doors or carrying her luggage if heavy. This will increase her respect for you and she’ll be a good sugar baby to you.


FAQs About Sugaring In Thailand


What’s the best sugar daddy site in Thailand?

Whats Your Price is the best site for sugar daddies looking for a sugar baby in Thailand.

It’s a straightforward way of finding a like-minded partner who’ll understand your needs and give you exactly what you want.


Are sugar dating sites good for only rich sugar daddies?

No, you don’t have to be making a lot of money to get a Thai sugar baby.

The cost of living in Thailand is affordable and most sugar babies are just happy to make ends meet.


What’s a good allowance for a Thai sugar baby?

You can get a Thai sugar baby for as low as 7.000 baht/month. But the average allowance is between 15.000 baht to 30.000 baht per month.


How much should I pay per meet?

The first time you meet a potential sugar baby in Thailand, it’s a nice gesture to pay her at least 1.000 baht to cover transportation costs and her effort.


Are sugar babies like escorts?

No, they’re a bit different. Sex is what’s mainly expected from an escort but a sugar baby can meet your various needs like emotional as well as physical needs.


Are there only Thai sugar babies in Thailand?

No, you can find foreign as well as mixed Thai sugar babies.