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Taiwan Sex Guide For Single Men

If you are considering to visit Taiwan for a sex holiday and want to know the best cities to get laid, this sex guide is going to give you some direction.

You want to enjoy your adult vacation instead of worrying about what to do, where to go, and how to find girls.

This guide focus on the P4P scene (Pay for Play scene). If you prefer to meet and date “everyday” girls that aren’t affiliated with prostitution, then use a popular dating site in Taiwan.

This Taiwanese Sex Guide was last updated on 26 December 2019




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Taiwan
General information about Taiwan sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Taiwan
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Sex Price In Taiwan
General prices for girls in Taiwan to help you budget your adventure

How to Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Taiwan
How to date women in Taiwan for foreigners

Best Destinations to Hook Up in Taiwan
Best cities in Taiwan to meet girls and to get laid


Intro To Sex Tourism In Taiwan

Taiwan isn’t a sex tourism destination popular like the Philippines or Japan, but Taiwanese prostitution is alive and kicking.

In Taipei alone, you have two red light districts with hundreds of brothels…

And in other smaller cities, you can buy sex online.

Considering Taiwan a developed country with high salaries, it’s shocking to learn that prices for sex girls aren’t that high. The reason is the abundance of Vietnamese and Chinese girls that keep prices affordable.

Although what makes Taiwan an excellent destination for single men is the abundance of beautiful and welcoming women in the country. Unlike Japan and Korea, Taiwanese girls love to hook up with foreign men.

If you don’t like to pay girls for sex, in Tawain you have the option to meet everyday girls. But for the senior men, the only option is to pay girls for companionship.

Hostess clubs are where you pay female companionship, but don’t expect to have sex. The job of the girls is to be a pleasurable companion rather than a full out whore.

Another option is to opt for an erotic massage in the numerous saunas. It’s straight down to business way to get a happy ending. No talking, only action.

When going for paid sex, the thing is there isn’t any intimacy. You get plain sex, nothing else. Fortunately, there are other ways in Taipei to get laid, which I’m going to explain in a bit.


What About Sex & Girls In Taiwan?

Taiwan girls are among the most beautiful and best ladies to marry in Asia. It isn’t only about their cute look, but they are feminine, smart and modern.

In other words, they are the best of the two worlds (Ease and West). Cute little Asian things with an independent and confident attitude but also a submissive and obedient nature.

Are Taiwanese girls underrated?

First, these women aren’t desperate financially as in other Asian countries. It feels good to date a girl that likes you, not your wallet.

Also, they know how to dress, makeup, and show their beauty without looking like whores…

hot Taiwan girls 

And at last, you can have a proper conversation that isn’t like speaking to a child. In other poorer Asian countries, women in their 30s and 40s are like teenagers.

The upper-class Taiwanese women are superficial, but you should bother because you can’t get them anyway. The good news is another class of women is down to hearth and can speak English.

If you plan to date several girls, it isn’t going to cost you a fortune. Most girls in Taiwan don’t drink that much, and it’s quite easy to get them drunk after the second round.

And when you get intimate, Taiwanese girls are pretty sexually adventurous. They love to try new things and don’t refrain from giving you pleasure.

It’s also easy to convince a girl to spend some private time with you because there are plenty of motels in the country. And culturally speaking, it’s normal to book a short time room.


Where to Find Sex in Taiwan

If you want to get laid in Taiwan, the best places to meet horny girls are…

1. Online

sexy taiwan girl online

Meeting people online isn’t a taboo in Taiwan. It gets abused by prostitutes and single girls who want desperately to get laid with foreign men.

If you use a popular dating site like Asian Dating, you realize pretty quickly how the girls are eager to talk to you. Some girls want a relationship, others more than a friendship.

The cherry on the cake is a site called Asian Match Mate. It’s a dating site focused on hookups connecting single men to single girls and couples. Little talks, more action.

2. Erotic Massage

Many sauna and spa in Taiwan are fronts of brothels. They offer relaxation, beautiful girls, and happy endings.

After getting work out by a masseur, you can enjoy the amenities such as the bath, sauna, and steam room.

If you prefer drinking while playing with the girls, try out the…

3. Hostess Bars

hostess bar girls in Taiwan

This type of bar is the most popular business in the Taiwanese red light district. You book a karaoke room for at least one hour, and you get to choose one or several girls for companionship.

You can drink and play with the girls, but you can’t have sex on the premises. For that, you negotiate directly with the girls or the manager to go in your room after work.

3. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

nightlife Taiwanese girls clubbing

Taiwan nightlife isn’t anything to brag about it. People do go out to have fun, but not often, and girls aren’t that sexy.

The best day to go out and pick up ladies is on Wednesday because it’s lady’s night. The good thing is there aren’t that many hookers in clubs and bars like in other Asian countries.

If you are looking to pay girls for sex, visit a red light strict.

4. Escorts

independent Taiwan escort

The Taiwan escort market is well developed like in Singapore. You can find independent escorts coming from most countries in the world, and of course, plenty of Taiwanese escorts — not the cheapest option to get laid in Taiwan, but the most convenient.

Most escorts charge $6.000 NT per hour and $30.000 NT for all day.

5. Street Hookers

Taiwan prostitutes in the street

Street prostitutes aren’t so common in Taiwan. Most girls work in a regulated brothel or as escorts advertising directly online.

You can find a few street walkers in the red light districts around the country if that is your thing.

6. Strip Clubs

Taiwan strip club girl

There aren’t any strip clubs in Taiwan conceptualize like in the West. But you can get private stripteases in a hostess bar.

I highly recommend visiting those places with a local friend to navigate the language barrier, so you don’t get ripped off.


Typical Prices For Sex In Taiwan

The paid sex scene in Taiwan is mostly operated by businesses with fixed prices.

Unlike other poorer Asian countries, in Taiwan, there aren’t any freelancers apart from the independent escorts. And they too have fixed prices. Meaning you can’t bargain for sex in Taiwan.

Here a comprehensive list of the cost for sex in Taiwan:

  • Hostess Bars: There are several charges room rental, girls by the hour, plus drinks and food. To keep things simple, the average going rate is 4.800 NT$ for the first hour and 3.000 NT$ for any extra hour all-inclusive.
  • Erotic Massage Parlors: starting at 2.000 NT$ for a massage and handjob to 4.500 NT$ for full service.
  • Love Hotels: The cheap motels 600 NT$ for three hours. The best motels cost 2.400 NT$.
  • Escorts: the price for the majority of independent escorts in Taiwan is 4.800 NT$ per hour. Prices between foreign escorts and Taiwanese escorts are similar. The cheapest escort I ever saw was charging 4.500 NT$ per hour.
  • Hookup Sites: the cheapest option to get laid in Taiwan. Plenty of everyday girls on sites like Seeking Arrangement.

If paying a girl for sex isn’t your thing, consider reading the next section where I explain how to get a vacation girlfriend in Taiwan.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Taiwan

holiday Taiwanese girlfriend

If you want to find a Taiwanese girlfriend to spend your holiday together, and why not, to have intimate moments together… I’m going to show you how to find her.

You can find someone to explore places, caring you, enjoy each other company, and share the bed.

Having a girlfriend sorting out things for you, be your best friend during the day and a passionate lover at night, it’s the best way to experience the Taiwanese culture.

Can you imagine to be with a young, submissive, and turned on Taiwanese girlfriend all alone?

my girlfriend in Taiwan

Have an intimate moment with her, and enjoying each other.

No need to be lonely in a foreign country when you can have a warm body next to you at night. A girlfriend in Taiwan is your ticket to an unforgettable vacation, and maybe something more.

Traveling to Taiwan without having a few girls’ contacts is a sure way to end up in the red light districts instead of enjoying the company of a caring woman.

Unfortunately, most solo travelers get busy to find accommodation and book the flight but never get in contact with the girls. They think it’s only possible to get to know girls only when they are in Taiwan.

Yes, they got to know prostitutes. No wonder they feel resentful when they go back home.

If you want to get laid in Taiwan or enjoy the company of a beautiful lady, you don’t have to pay for it. There are many everyday girls online dreaming of getting a foreign boyfriend.

Here is how it works: you meet and get to know girls online while waiting for your trip to Taiwan. Once you reach there, you meet up and get intimate.

The best way to find a girlfriend online is to use a well-known dating site like Asian Dating. There is plenty of Taiwanese ladies craving to meet a foreign man.

To get the ball rolling, create a profile mentioning your interests and hobbies. Then add some of your best photos with a big smile on your face 🙂

Verify your profile and upgrade the membership, so you get more attention and responses from the girls. Get the conversations going and build a list of potential girlfriends. Once in Taiwan, meet up.


Best Destinations To Hook Up In Taiwan

Taiwan sex tourism destinations

Taipei – The capital and most populous city in Taiwan, there are plenty of venues where to meet girls and get laid.

There are two red light districts, nightclubs, and bars to pick up girls.

Kaohsiung – The second biggest city in Taiwan with plenty of sexy Taiwanese girls.

There are similar sexual entrainments like in Taipei, slightly less foreign-friendly.

Best Taiwanese Cities to Meet Girls

That’s the end of this Taiwan sex guide. Have fun with Taiwanese girls!


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