Bangkok swingers at a sex party

How To Find Swingers In Bangkok

It might come as a surprise that swinging is illegal in Bangkok. I mean this is a city where prostitution is openly done.

The good news is that even though there aren’t swinging clubs in Bangkok and swinging is outlawed, there are still swinging parties taking place privately.

In fact, you’ll be surprised by the number of couples that are open to swinging. And you’ll find not only local swingers but also foreign couples visiting Bangkok regularly to swing.

If it’s your first time here and doesn’t know where to start, I’ll show you the various places to find swingers in Bangkok, and offer tips to help you connect with them.


Where To Find Swingers In Bangkok

It is not that easy to find swingers in Bangkok if you’re new here. But there are specific places to meet them like…


1. Swinger Communities Online

The best way to find swingers in Bangkok is to use a community site like Asian Match Mate and SDC.

Asian Match Mate is a hook up site where you can find people that are very open-minded and look forward to a no-string attached sex.

There are many swingers that use this site to find someone interested in threesomes, couple-swapping, and to get invitations to sex parties.

Then you have SDC which is also popular among Bangkok swingers. It’s specifically made for swingers, so it’s easy to connect with people in the lifestyle.


2. Nudist Resorts

You’ll be thrilled to know there is a nudist resort in Bangkok. Those places are excellent venues to relax, make new friends, and get into swinging activities.

Barefeet Naturist Resort is the only nudist resort in Bangkok, and there you’ll find couples interested to swing with you.

The downside is you might have to stay a few days at the resort to get to know the couples there.

If you plan to visit, I suggest checking in on Friday evening and staying until Sunday when the resort has the most visitors.

Bring a swimsuit because the pool is the place to network with other couples.


3. Mantra Workshop

A Mantra Workshop is a good place to go with your partner to improve your sexual energy and to meet up with potential swingers.

In the workshop, you might’ve to go through a series of intimate games such as; nudity, genital massaging, tantric love, body massage, and a host of other pleasurable experiences.

Now, you can either decide to visit a mantra workshop and experience all of the activities with different couple partners. Or you can decide to get connected with one of the couples for further swinging.

Either way, you’d still get that swinging experience.


What Expect From a Swinging Party in Bangkok

Swinging Party in Bangkok

The swinging parties in Bangkok are privately hosted, strictly invites-only, and there are rules to follow.

The rules depend on the host, but you will have something like:

  • Consent is important. Do not touch someone without asking for consent.
  • Condom is a must.
  • No same-sex intimacy.
  • Sexual kinks like BDSM or voyeurism are allowed but within boundaries.

If you’ve been to a swinger party before, you’ll notice that in Bangkok you’ll follow similar rules. The only difference here is that Thai swingers are less aggressive and much more polite than in the West.

And because they place a lot of importance on manners and politeness, make sure to behave if you want to get invited to future swinger parties here.

Keep in mind that the swinging community is well-connected, so people will talk about your manners to other members.


Tips to Swing in Bangkok

Once you’ve found someone eager to swing with you in Bangkok, keep these few tips in mind:

  • Communication is important: this is important in general, and even more in Bangkok if you’re swinging with Thai couples. Many Thai people can’t speak English well enough so it’s easy to be misunderstood.
  • Ladyboys: There are couples with her being a Thai ladyboy and him a Westerner. So make sure to be clear you aren’t into ladyboys before meeting up.
  • Use protection: The swinging lifestyle in Bangkok is riskier than in developed countries. Ask politely and softly for an STD test, because couples here can get insulted by the suggestion.
  • Consent: If you’re into sexual kinks, you’re better to be upfront. Most local swingers aren’t into BDSM.


FAQs About Swinging In Bangkok

● Are there any swinger clubs in Bangkok?

Swinger clubs are illegal in Bangkok, but there’re strict and invitation-only swinging parties.

● Is swinging legal in Thailand?

Swinging is illegal but widely practiced in the country. You can follow the guide in this article to learn more about how to find swingers.

● Can I buy sex toys in Bangkok?

Sex toys are illegal in Bangkok, but they are openly sold at stores in the red light districts area and online stores.

I wrote an article about sex toys in Thailand where you can find more details.