Thai Femboy in Thailand

How To Find Thai Femboys: Options and Tips

Thailand has the most attractive and stylish Femboys. You can easily spot them on the street with their skinny shaved body, and small clothes with makeup.

You should know that most Femboys don’t speak much English unless they work in the tourism industry.

If you’re looking at just having sex with a Thai Femboy, you’ll find lots of interested individuals at the bars in the red light districts.

But it’s something I don’t recommend because most are cheaters and troublemakers.

In this article, we’d cover the best places to find Thai Femboys, and offer tips to help you get the most attractive ones.


Where To Meet Femboys In Thailand

You can meet Thai Femboys everywhere in Thailand, but these are your best option to score a date or hook up.


1. Online

With sites like, you can easily connect with Femboys all over Thailand. Just sign up on the site, click travel, and type in a destination.

You’ll find a lot of Thai Femboys who are searching for a casual relationship or hookup.

However, you can also find a Thai Femboy open to date, but this takes time and patience because you need to build a connection with him first.

You can also hookup on Tinder. However, most Thai Femguys on Tinder often do not use a profile picture or direct words on their profile in order to avoid negative comments from other users.

So you need to create a profile that states what you’re searching for. In your bio, you can put something like; “searching for a Thai Femboy as a companion”.

In no time, you’ll get messages from interested Thai Femboys.


2. Femboys Bar

You can find Femboys for companionship and sex working in bars in major tourist destinations like Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya.

Although foreigners tend to enjoy the company of Thai Femboys in Phuket because it’s not as busy as the bars in Bangkok and Pattaya.

If you’re visiting Phuket, you should try out the Gogo bars at Passport pub, Mamasan Bar, and Tangmo. You’ll find a lot of Femboys around this bar area.

Whereas, if you’re in Bangkok or Pattaya, try out the bars and Gogo bars at Boyztown, Jomtien Complex, Sunee Plaza, Blue Ice on Walking street, and Winner Gogo.

The best way to attract Femboys in these bars is by getting their attention and engaging them in a conversation where both parties can feel a connection.


3. Hotels, Coffee Shops, and Restaurants

You can meet Femboys working in the service industry mostly as a waiter.

If you meet one that you’re attracted to, try to visit often and offer a good tip. You’ll most definitely catch his attention.

He might even start making advances to you before you even begin.


4. Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are another venue where you can find Thai Femboys.

Ask him questions about Thai food, and don’t shy away from complimenting him. Then make small talk and invite him for dinner with you.

They are usually not that hard to get, but they need to feel like they can trust you.


5. Facebook

It might come as a surprise but there are numerous groups and forums on Facebook with Thai Femboys. They are searching for a hookup arrangement or date.

I’d recommend that you join the group, and join the conversation. Send private messages to your favorite Femboys.


Misconceptions About Thai Femboys

There are three main misconceptions that foreigners popularly have about Femboys in Thailand.

These misconceptions are:

  • Thai Femboys are crossdressers.
  • All Thai Femboys are gays.
  • All Thai Femboys are sex workers.

All of these are untrue. Thai Femboys are not crossdressers, and neither are all of them gay or sexual workers.

You can find a Femboy in Thailand who is straight or just bisexual, and most of them aren’t into prostitution.

Also, remember that Femboys aren’t ladyboys…


Tips When Dating or Hooking Up With a Thai Femboy

• Learn Thai: It helps a lot if you speak the Thai language a little. This would help you communicate with your partner productively.

Dating Culture: The Thai dating culture is quite different from what’s found in the West. As such, you need to know their dating lifestyle before you kind understand your partner. This is essential especially if you’re dating a Thai Femboy.

Establish a good connection: Regardless of whether you’re hooking up or dating a Thai Femboy, you still need to establish a healthy relationship where he can trust you. This would also give room for good sex and a better companion.

Do not judge: You need to understand that even though Thailand is an accommodating country, Femboys do not like to be stigmatized. As such refrain from any demeaning language that can make him insecure.

Speak slowly: Most Thai Femboys are slow in speaking English. As such, you need to speak softly and slowly whenever you’re communicating with him. Also, do not say any English slang or joke.


FAQs About Thai Femboys


Can I Rent A Femboy in Thailand?

Yes, you can easily rent a Thai Femboy for a hook-up or a dating relationship.


What is it like having sex with a Thai Femboy?

It is one of the best feelings since they understand just how you want it and where you want it. Most people describe sex with Thai Femboys to be unforgettable.


Are Femboys and ladyboys the same thing?

No, Femboys are guys with feminine appearance and personalities, while ladyboys are transgenders.