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How And Where Can I Find A Thai Girlfriend?

Every year, thousands of foreign men flock to Thailand hoping to get a girlfriend.

But once there, they discover the hard way that finding a decent Thai girlfriend isn’t as easy as walking in a bar.

And whether you’re searching for an educated, wild, or traditional Thai girl, I’m going to show you the way. I will guide you on how to find the perfect Thai girlfriend so you won’t feel lonely anymore.


Where To Find A Thai Girlfriend

There are many places where you can find a potential girlfriend in Thailand. It all comes down to the type of Thai girl you’re looking for and what type of relationship you’re seeking.

So let’s get started with the easiest option:


Dating Sites

Thailand girlfriends

Dating sites are a common and effective method for finding a girlfriend in Thailand.

If you’re looking for a hot, intelligent and communicative girlfriend Seeking is your best bet. You can find not only Thai girls but also foreign women living in Thailand.

The girls on this dating site are classy, can hold quality conversations, and know how to please a man. It’s best for successful men who are looking for a young and hot girl without the drama of a serious relationship.

Then you’ve Thai Friendly which is another popular dating site in Thailand that best suits men looking for a Thai girlfriend without many pretenses.

Most girls in Thai Friendly can’t speak English well and don’t expect to have interesting conversations. They are just a warm body for your lonely nights.

For both sites, set up your profile by uploading an image that depicts your lifestyle.

And remember to include catchy bios, hobbies, interests, and general information about yourself. It helps to find the right match for you.


Sugar Sites

It may seem strange searching for a girlfriend on a sugaring platform, but it’s actually a smart move.

Unlike young women on dating sites, who usually become sentimental pretty early in the relationship, sugar babies understand the boundaries of your association.

You won’t have to deal with drama and unreasonable demands but only enjoy the girlfriend experience.

On sugaring sites like Sugar Daddy Meet, you’ll find girls for all sorts of arrangements. You decide the terms of the relationship.



Thai girlfriend clubbing

Young Thai girls visit nightclubs occasionally, especially university students.

So if you’re searching for an outgoing and extroverted girlfriend, then your best place for a first stop is a nightclub.

Make sure to go only to nightclubs popular among foreigners. The reason is there you’ll find Thai girls into foreign men.

Yet, watch out for Thai freelancers who patronize nightclubs looking for customers.

Check out our single men travel guides to find out the best nightclubs to visit in most cities in Thailand.



Many women in Thailand often hang out in groups at the mall.

However, most of them are usually shy to talk to foreigners because they are not fluent in English. They often think it might frustrate or upset both parties, so they avoid such situations altogether. This is why learning a bit of Thai would be helpful.

You can start learning the basic ‘Sawatdii’ (Hello) and ‘Khuṇ pĕn xỳāngrị b̂āng’ (How are you). You might even be a little flirtatious by using pick-up lines for some young Thai women at the mall.

You can try out something like Tam-mai kun nâa-rák jang? (ทำ ไมคุณคุ น่าน่ รักรัจังจั, “Why are you socute?”).

As cheesy as it may sound, knowing some pick-up lines actually work as you can see in this video:



7/11 Stores & Ice Cream Shops

If you want a young girlfriend and an innocent Thai girlfriend, stores like 7/11 and ice cream shops are great hunting grounds.

Stores like this commonly hire students, and they are usually open-minded when it comes to relationships.

You can visit a particular store often and try to joke around with the girls you’re attracted to. The more you see and keep in touch with her, the more she will feel comfortable being around you.

Once she feels more friendly and open to you, you can then move to ask for her contact info. Then message her and offer to have lunch or dinner together.


Cooking and Yoga classes

Taking up classes like cooking, yoga, dance, etc., is an excellent way of meeting like-minded, fun, and leisure-oriented women in Thailand.

You can use the class to start conversations, get to know the ladies and find a girlfriend suitable to your needs.

Keep in mind that Thai women attending classes are usually conservative forward strangers. So you should try taking things slow with them.



You could sign up for a gym membership if what you first search for is a healthy, fit girlfriend.

Not only it’s a great opportunity to keep fit and get to know girls, but also to find someone who
appeals to you.

Once you’ve found her, you can use the classic “new to town” excuse to approach her. And why not ask for a tour of the city?


Tips To Get A Thai Girlfriend

If it’s your first time dealing with Thai girls, these tips will help you to land a girlfriend:

• Speak Softly: Thai women do not like talking to “loud” foreigners. As such, speaking kindly and warmly would show what a gentleman you are and depict a positive attitude.

• Understand the culture: You should try to learn about Thailand’s culture in food, religion, music, art, dating, and numerous others areas. This would appear thoughtful to any Thai woman.

Be patient: Do not expect to find a girlfriend in Thailand within a few days. You have to be patient. Contact Thai Girls online and start networking.

Learn basic Thai Language: The effort of learning the Thai language would go a long way in improving your chances to get a girlfriend in Thailand.

Appear Smart: Dressing smart, keeping good hygiene, and smelling wonderful are very important to find a worthy Thai girlfriend. Appearance goes a long way in Thailand.



Is It Easy To Find A Thai Girlfriend?

Yes, you can easily find a girlfriend in Thailand by following the tips I laid out in this article. Start by signing up with a popular dating site in Thailand, learn about Thai culture, and be kind to the girls. It won’t take long before you land a girlfriend in Thailand.

How Can I Find A Thai Girlfriend Online?

You can find a Thai girlfriend on sites like Seeking and Thai Friendly.

Can I Get A Decent Thai Girlfriend Online?

Yes, you can. Dress well, speak softly and gently, be generous, and you’ll get a decent Thai girlfriend.