How Much To Pay For Girls In Thailand

One common complaint I get about Thailand is the high prices for the girls which seem out of control in the last few years.

Even “civilian” girls who’re out to party are likely to ask you for gifts, money or drinks.

It’s not that the girls in Thailand are spoilt or greedy – it’s that the men who come here are often naive or so eager to have sex that they end up overpaying.

The truth is that Thai girl prices aren’t out of control, but there is an increase in newbie tourists coming to Thailand, and they tend to get ripped off.

The fact is that you can get girls in Thailand on the cheap if you follow the right steps.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get laid with beautiful Thai girls without overpaying for it.

First, though, let’s cover how men tend to get ripped off in Thailand.


Thailand Girl Prices Vary According to Your Knowledge

Here’s how most new visitors meet women in Thailand.

They visit one or several Go Go bars in the red light districts.

He buys a few rounds of lady drinks for the girls which are expensive at about 140-200 baht.

Thai lady drink price in go go bar for girls

Once the punter has found the girl he wants, he makes a deal with her. If she agrees on the conditions, you have to pay for two things:

1. The “bar fine: a fee of 500-1.000 baht paid to the venue’s owner in exchange for taking a girl out of the Go Go bar.

2. The girl’s time; Thai bar girl prices vary from 1.500-2.500 baht for 2 hours or 3,000+ baht for all night.

Just walking around looking for the right girl, will cost you at least 1.000 baht only in lady drinks.

If you also book a girl for a whole night, add up to the lady drinks at least 3.000 baht.

Therefore, we can assume that Thailand’s nightlife with a girl cost on average 4.000 baht or US$120 per night.

This may not seem like much at first, but consider this…

If you want to spend time with hot girls regularly – even a few nights a week – you’re going to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on Thai women during your trip.

That’s not how your friend Rocco rolls… And if you ask me, it’s not how you should roll, either.


Because Thailand has thousands of beautiful girls who are happy to have sex with you for free, or for a lot less money (if they’re working girls).

Thai girl for free and cheap working girls

Many are students, Thai travelers or just girls looking for a fun time with a foreigner.

Not only they are cheaper, but they are genuinely interested in you, and not just in for the money.

Spending the night with a regular Thai girl isn’t the same experience of spending the night with a hooker.

A hooker gives you sex, a regular girl give you sex and love. There is nothing better in life to feel a wet girl only for you.

“Do you agree?”

The Thai ladies I’ve been with, were extremely grateful when I took them out for meals, bought them small gifts and let them travel with me…

In the section below, I’ll explain how you can meet these ladies and save yourself a lot of time and money in the process while experiencing the real Thai women.


How To Get laid With Genuine Thai Girls Without Overpay

As a rule, I only have sex with working girls when I want a threesome or an orgy.

For the rest, I look for young and attractive women by avoiding the red light district scene.

What I do is very simple… I hook up with Thai girls online about two weeks before visiting Thailand.

I build trust and sexual attraction by taking the time to chat with them and share my life stories.

Once I land, I take them out for a coffee or lunch, then invite them back to my place – sometimes on date 2.

Dating Thai girl for lunch

After that, it’s on!

We can see each other regularly and if I like her very much, go on a trip together…

That is how I roll.

This strategy has 2 main benefits:

1. Most of the girls you meet on dating websites are regular “civilian” chicks. They like to have a good time, but they’re not out for your money.

2. Dating websites are full of women who are way hotter and less used than bar girls. Classy girls don’t work in the red light districts – and prefer to find foreign guys online.

My favorite website to find Thai women is Thai Friendly. This is a very popular dating site in Thailand with more than 1 million users.

Second, don’t take this article as a call to ignore Thailand’s nightlife. You can certainly go out and pick up Thai women, especially in Bangkok.

On the other hand, you can also take the girls you meet online out to bars and clubs to have some fun that way.

I wish you a blast in Thailand.