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How To Date A Girlfriend In Thailand: Cost, Ideas And Tips

Many people go to Thailand just for sex. We all know that certain tourist destinations like Pattaya and Phuket are like Disney Land for adults.

But there are also foreign men who want to have a girlfriend experience. Someone to spend a romantic time together besides having intimacy with.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t know how to date a Thai girl properly. Also, they need some dating ideas to make the experience memorable.

In this guide, not only I’ll share a few tricks for dating Thai girls and how to make them fall for you, but also tell you where to take her for unforgettable moments.

Before getting to the main part of the article, let’s get an idea of how much you should budget.


How Much Cost To Date A Thai Girl In Thailand

Generally speaking, the amount of money you have to pay depends on the type of girl you’re going to date.

As you can presume, sophisticated city girls from Bangkok usually require much more spending than those countryside girls you’ll find in Pattaya and Phuket.

But to give you some numbers, expect to spend between 800 to 2.000 TBH per day when dating a girl in Thailand.

Here is the breakdown:

Food and drinks –The cheapest solution is to take your date to eat Isaan food in a restaurant. This will make any girl in Pattaya and Phuket pretty happy.

Expect to pay at least 300 TBH for a meal. For sophisticated girls in Bangkok, you should go for foreign restaurants and international buffets which will cost you at least  2,000 TBH for two.

Entertainment – You can save a lot of money on entertainment if you’re creative.

For example, going for a massage would cost approximately TBH 600, Cabaret shows costs TBH 1,200, and island hopping is from TBH 2,000 to TBH 6,000. Clubbing is also fun it costs between TBH 200 and TBH 500 (depending on how much the girl drinks).

Shopping – Like all girls, Thais love shopping. You can spend as little as TBH 200 to the moon. It’s up to you.

If you rent a holiday girlfriend in Thailand, you should also add an allowance to the dating expenses. Basically, you pay for her time.


Best Ways To Find A Girlfriend In Thailand

I already explained how to find a girlfriend in Thailand. In short bars and clubs are optimal if you’re looking for a face-to-face experience while dating sites are better for less outgoing men.


High-End Dating Site

Thailand girlfriends

If you are searching for a first-class girl in Thailand who can offer you quality companionship, make sure to visit

There you’ll find mostly young and beautiful girls who can hold intelligent conversations and know how to treat a gentleman.

The best part is you can be straightforward about your needs on this platform. There is no second guessing for most dating sites.


Common Dating Site

Thai girls for rent online

Unlike high-end dating sites, Thai Friendly is popular among all layers of society. There you’ll find young girls as well as mature women eager to date a foreign man.

Don’t expect girls on Thai Friendly to speak fluent English or be charming like on Seeking, but they’re fun to be around.

Just create a profile, contact a few girls and it won’t take long before you find the right girlfriend for you.



In the last few decades, a lot of people have relocated their businesses to Thailand. This practice is especially common among freelancers.

Although the initial month might be rough, you’ll eventually start meeting the locals. Take this opportunity to expand your social circle, thus becoming more available for Thai women.

If you already know someone who is living there, it will be even easier to make direct contact with Thai girls.


University Campus

For all those in their early twenties, the university campus might be the ideal place to find a Thai girlfriend.

If you are an international student or a professor, you’ll probably want to taste the local delicacies. Just keep in mind that you should be able to speak some basic Thai language like the guy in this video…

Make sure to show them respect, take them out for lunch, and propose some interesting activities.

Restaurants, gyms, and swimming pools within universities are the typical places where you can meet these girls. But there are also other better ways to meet university girls in Thailand.


Other ways to find a girlfriend in Thailand

Another option to find a Thai girlfriend could be through the Instagram application. You can simply slide into her DM’s in order to start the conversation.

This allows you to make an appointment before you even arrive in Thailand. Don’t feel discouraged if her profile says “business inquires only,” as most Thai girls are willing to entertain all types of offers.


Tips To Date A Thai Girlfriend

Here are a few tips that will definitely help to date Thai Girls.


1. Be yourself

Whenever you date someone in this country, it is important to be as natural as possible. Trying too hard is easily noticeable in Thailand.

Western guys often have a habit of being too cocky, which is something that local girls simply hate. Furthermore, you will have a much better time if you simply take it easier.


2. Be polite

There is a saying that goes, “Kind words will unlock an iron door.”

Since words are such a powerful weapon, you should use them wisely. Keep in mind that having a lot of money doesn’t give you the right to treat her like your possession.

Appreciation should be a two-way street. If you notice that she is being disrespectful to you, don’t enter into any conflict with her.

Just leave it all behind you and find another Thai girlfriend. There are lots of options out there waiting for you in Thailand!


3. Be honest and straightforward

You should be honest and direct with Thai girls right from the start.

If you just tell her that you’re in the country temporarily for a vacation, it will save you a lot of trouble in the upcoming days. Among others, she won’t develop high expectations.

Moreover, it’s important to let her know that you aren’t into long-distance relationships and getting married. I wrote extensively about how to find a holiday girlfriend in Thailand if this is your interest.


4. Avoid dating too many girls at once

Don’t get carried away by the fact that Thailand is a paradise for single men. Dating too many girls at once can lead you into a venture with an unpredictable outcome.

Thai girls are known for getting revenge on cheaters, and they can be quite ruthless.


Best Dating Ideas To Make Your Thai Girlfriend Fall In Love With You

Here are some best dating ideas that will make any Thai Girlfriend fall for you:

Go for a weekend getaway in a 4/5 resort hotel –  One of the best ways to charm a Thai woman is to take her to a luxurious resort.

Most of these women don’t have money for top hotels in the country, which are generally reserved for foreigners. So, by taking her to one of these places, they see a glimpse of the glamour that you can offer her.

Take her to fine dining and finish the night on a rooftop bar – Speaking of luxury, you can’t go wrong with fine dining…

dating Thai lady in restaurant

After that, you can finish up by visiting a rooftop bar. The ambiance and experience will make your companion extremely horny.

Take her to buy an expensive gift – Like all women, Thai girls love shopping. Don’t need to be expensive, but if you don’t mind going the extra mile, Gucci is well-appreciated in Thailand.

Although this is a great way to entice a Thai woman, be careful with your spending as you can easily go overboard.

A trip abroad – Taking a trip to one of the region’s countries is another great option. Thai women simply love Japan. Malaysia and Singapore are also fantastic choices, and they’re not very far away.

You might also ask your girl where she wants to go.