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sex guide in koh samui

Koh Samui Sex Guide For Single Men

If you would like to get laid in Koh Samui with beautiful girls, this guide has all the info for a great sex holiday.

Samui is the sort of place where you can meet some nice and attractive Thai women during the day at the beach or in the shops… And at night, pick up a hooker in the red light districts.

This guide is going to show you where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

The first part of this guide focuses on the P4P scene (Pay for Sex), while the second part focuses on how to find everyday girls in Koh Samui (No Pay for Sex).

This Koh Samui Sex Guide was last updated on 19 March 2020



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Intro to Prostitution in Koh Samui
General information about Koh Samui prostitution & sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Koh Samui
An overview of the best places to get laid in Koh Samui

Typical Prices For Sex
Koh Samui girl price to help you budget your adventure

What About Girls In Koh Samui
Koh Samui sex life: how to get laid in Koh Samui

Where To Find Koh Samui Girls Online
Best sites and apps to meet girls in Koh Samui

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Koh Samui
How to meet and date girls during your vacation


Intro To Prostitution In Koh Samui

Koh Samui sex tourism is located on the east side of the island around Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai. This is the center of Koh Samui nightlife.

On the west side of the island, there is nothing beside the ferry port and a few beaches.

So, if you want to pick up girls and get laid in Koh Samui, book an accommodation nearby Chaweng Beach.

When walking around Chaweng, girls are hungry for your attention, especially the masseur working in erotic massage parlors. If they really like you, they grab and try to pull you inside the shop.

The Koh Samui prostitution might seem aggressive at first, but in reality, they are playful and very horny…

sex koh samui

The most famous strip of action is Soi Green Mango in Chaweng. It is a red-light district with gogo bars, beer bars, and nightclubs.

You can find sexy Thai girls working in the bars, streetwalkers, and freelancers in the nightclubs after midnight…

girls in green mango koh samui

Another red light area is Soi Reggae on the peninsular at Chaweng Lake. Here the bars have live bands and of course, hot Thai girls for rent.

If you want to pick up freelancers prostitutes, visit Mango Street that is home to the 3 most famous nightlife venues in Koh Samui.

There aren’t only prostitutes in Koh Samui if you want to get laid. Many single Thai girls are working in shops, clinics, restaurants and hotels.

Those girls are safer then prostitutes because they don’t have sex every day with a different man. Also, they are very horny and eager to please.

The best way to meet everyday girls is to visit popular dating sites in Thailand or go out clubbing during national public holidays like New Year’s Eve.


Where to Find Sex in Koh Samui

If you are wondering how to get laid in Koh Samui, the best places to find girls are…

1. Online

koh samui sex girl

Koh Samui girls with an interest forward foreign man, use apps and websites for hookups.

There are plenty of hot girls that want to have a good time, and it’s pretty easy to get them to your place. The best strategy is to contact girls in Koh Samui on a popular dating site like Thai Cupid.

Make sure to upload a few good pictures of yourself. Thai girls in Koh Samui are tired to deal with men in flip flops and backpackers. Look presentable and you’ll get overwhelming responses from the girls.

Simply send messages to the girls, and be direct: Hi there -) My name is XXX and your profile caught my attention. Let’s meet this evening or the date you plan to arrive… Are you up for it?

Simple as that, no more or less. It’s a yes or no. That’s why the first impression matters a lot online. So make sure to look like a respectful man.

And dating sites aren’t only great for hookups, but also to find a holiday girlfriend in Koh Samui.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

koh samui nightlife girl

Koh Samui nightlife revolves around three places: Chaweng, Soi Green Mango and Soi Reggae.

In Chaweng, you can find beach clubs with high-class girls. In Soi Green Mango there are several nightclubs where to pick up freelancers. In Soi Reggae, there is a line of small beer bars with live bands and many bar girls.

The most popular venues for each area are:

  • Henry’s Africa Bar is a friendly pick up bar with free pool, hot bar girls and cheap drinks.
  • Ark Bar is the number one beach club with cool parties and many sexy girls in bikini.
  • Green Mango Club is the only nightclub happening on the island. The majority of girls are freelancer prostitutes.


3. Erotic Massage Parlors

koh samui hookers

Just walk down the streets in Chaweng and you will be overwhelmed by the eagerness of the massage girls to make you relaxed.

All those massage shops line up in the street with girls outside dress casually are there for only a reason: sex massages.

You can get a message with the following extras: handjob, blowjob, and full sex.

If you want a body to body massage, visit the ex Kimono in Koh Samui now rebranded Supaporn Massage Samui.

4. Go Go Bars

koh samui gogo bars

There a few gogo bars are in Soi Green Mango. Unlike the gogo bars in Pattaya where girls dance naked, here girls wear a bikini. Meaning no nudity is allowed in Koh Samui.

The only gogo bars worth is Dream Girls if you are into Thai girls and Galaxy if you prefer Russian women.

5. Red Light Districts

red light district in koh samui

Koh Samui red light districts are located on the West coast of the island. The two major red light areas are Lamai and Chaweng.

In Lamai, you find only beer bars, gogo bars and erotic massage places. Instead in Chaweng, there are also nightclubs. Meaning Chaweng is the biggest red-light district in Koh Samui and the main center of nightlife.

6. Escorts

koh Samui escort

There are a few independent escorts in Koh Samui that advertise on escort directories. But they aren’t worth the money considering you can hook up with Thai girls online easily.


Typical Prices For Sex

Koh Samui girl prices vary according to different factors like where you meet her, the age and attractiveness.

The most expensive girls are working in gogo bars as dancers. The standard rate is 2.000 baht for 2 hours or 5.000 baht for all night.

Better value for your money are massage girls, with rates starting at 700 baht for massage and handjob up to 1.500 baht for full service.

However, the cheapest and best way to go, especially if you plan to stay a few days on the island, it’s to get a holiday girlfriend in Koh Samui.

When you get a Thai girlfriend, it isn’t only about money but feelings too. You can expect intimate moments like only a girlfriend can offer. She is going to be extremely grateful for a tip like 500 baht per day.

To recap, the standard rate for girls and sex in Ko Samui are:

  • Erotic Massage Parlor: 700 baht for a handjob, 1.000 baht for a blow job and 1.500 for full service.
  • Freelancer: between 1.300 baht up to 2.000 baht for all night.
  • Gogo Dancer: 2.000 baht for short time and 5.000 for long time, plus drinks.
  • Girlfriend/Every day Girl: 500 baht tip per day.

Some people ask me how much does a Thai girl cost for a week in Koh Samui. It depends on many factors, but generally, the rate starts at 3.000 baht up to 14.000 baht.


What About Sex & Girls In Koh Samui?

Most women in Koh Samui are from the Isaan region. It means most luckily you are going to experience Isaan girls instead of native Koh Samui girls.

Isaan girls have rounded bodies and tan skin. Instead, native Koh Samui girls have white skin and tend to have a smaller ass and breast…

koh samui girls

Local girls have white skin because they are Chinese descendants.

Besides the physical aspect, all girls are cultural Thais. They are soft-spoken, well manner and extremely feminine.

It’s a pleasure to have them around. They know how to have fun and make you feel good.

koh samui bar girl prices

When you meet everyday girls in Koh Samui (not prostitutes), at first, they are shy and reserved. It takes some talking and convincing to make them feel comfortable around you.

In public, they don’t display any intimacy, but once behind closed doors, they go wild. Sexually speaking, they are very horny and eager to please. A girl rarely refuses to do certain things in the bedroom unless she is a teen.

Probably the best thing about girls in Koh Samui is their cleanness. It’s a pleasure to go down on them.


Where To Find Koh Samui Girls Online

In recent years the best way to meet with Thai girls in Koh Samui has moved from nightlife places like bars and clubs to online. And not only here, but also in all other major tourist destinations in Thailand.

In Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai the online phenomena is gone insane for hookups and dates. There are so many girls eager to meet a foreign man, that is hard to decide who to pick…

For that matter, expatriates in Koh Samui often fly in girls from Phuket and Bangkok. The reason is the higher quality of ladies compare to Koh Samui girls. After all, Koh Samui is a small island with a limited amount of women.

There are several apps and sites to help you connect with Thai girls, and the best are:

  • Thai Cupid – The largest dating site in Thailand.
  • Thai Friendly – The best dating site in Thailand to meet girls for a serious relationship.
  • Asian Match Mate – The naughtiest site in Thailand

If you want to get results and attention from girls online, you need a tested strategy.


Online Strategy To Meet Thai Girls In Koh Samui

For Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly, write an honest profile expressing your views in life. Then add 3-4 photos of yourself looking good. Not wearing boxer or posing drunk in front a Porche that isn’t yours 🙂

When using Asian Match Mate, the photos must be kinky if you want to attract couples. The best is 2-3 photos of you with a sexy girl semi-naked or alone posing in underwear.

Once you set up the profile, you get contact immediately for people who are gold diggers or desperate. Don’t bother with them.

You choose the people to have conversations and invite them out if they fit your expectations. A suggestion is to keep the conversations brief online and ask to meet personally after 6 messages.

If you are not in the country yet, you can keep in touch daily with a message until your arrival.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Koh Samui

koh samui girlfriend

If you would like to get a girlfriend in Koh Samui for a week or two to experience intimate and romantic moments together, I’m going to show how to get one.

Having a temporary girlfriend in Koh Samui is the best way to enjoy the Thai culture. Let alone spending long nights of intense sex.

Just imagine being with a young, attractive, energetic and horny lady in Koh Samui…

koh samui girlfriend in my bedroom

Spend a vacation with her while enjoying each other company.

While there are many prostitutes in Koh Samui interested only in your money, there are far more everyday girls craving to meet a foreign man. They give you intimate moments only a girlfriend is capable of offering.

The thing is most single men visiting Koh Samui end up with a prostitute only because they are unaware many everyday girls dream of meeting a foreigner.

Before my trip, I always search for local girls first, and then I book the flight and hotel room. Find a girlfriend in Koh Samui is the most important thing you should do when planning the trip.

Think about this: you are at home chatting with this gorgeous Thai girl waiting for the day to meet her in Samui.

She wants you desperately, and you want to feel her. How is it going to be once both of you are in the privacy of a bedroom?

The best way to find a Thai girlfriend is to use a popular dating site like Thai Cupid. Visiting Thailand without using this site is plain madness because it lets you connect with girls interested in foreign men.

What is the point of getting drunk in clubs and bars trying to pick up girls when you can just meet girls on dating sites?

Thai girls use dating sites because they want to meet a foreign man… And you want to meet a Thai girl. It’s the deal.

To get started, fill up the profile, upload a few of your best photos, and start to search for Thai girls. That how easy it is to meet girls online.


Dating In Koh Samui

Koh Samui girls are pretty easy going. You don’t have to take them to fancy restaurants, a simple meal and a few drinks by the beach are enough.

If she is in her early 20s, it’s a good idea to go clubbing because young girls love it, and some extra drinks make her feel more relaxed around you. Older ladies prefer something less active, like watching a movie in your room.

It’s expected to get laid on the first date, so don’t hesitate to get her back to your place. You have been nice to her, and she wants to pay you back with some fun.

This concludes the Koh Samui sex guide. Play hard and have fun.


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