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Krabi Guide For Single Men


If you want to know how to meet girls in Krabi and the best ways to get laid, this guide is for you.

Krabi is a second-tier destination for tourism in Thailand, so don’t expect to find easy girls in any corner of the city. But when you know how to move around, you can get instant action the second you arrive.

The first part of this guide focuses on the P4P scene (Pay for Play/Sex). While the second part explains how to meet every day Thai girls in Krabi (non-prostitutes).

This Krabi sex guide was last updated on 3 May 2022

Travel Restrictions Update: You can travel here without taking any Covid test if you’re vaccinated.

Yet, the best news is there are many Thai girls online eager to meet you. Just pick the site that suit your needs, create a profile and contact the girls.

So once you’ll arrive in Krabi, you won’t be alone.




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Intro To Sex Tourism In Krabi
General information about the sex culture in Krabi

Where To Find Girls For Sex In Krabi
An overview of the best places where to have sex in Krabi

Costs + Tips
Tips and prices in Krabi to help you budget your adventure

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Krabi
How to meet and date Krabi women during your vacation


Intro To Sex Tourism In Krabi

If you are wondering where to have sex in Krabi, you should know there are two main red light areas in Krabi:

Krabi Town – It’s a small city without beaches but with great nightlife. Most foreigners don’t know there are karaoke bars with young and sexy girls in Along Maharaj Road.

Ao Nang – A small beach town with the only red light street in Krabi. There are girly bars, beer bars, nightclubs, and even massage salons.

It means that most of Krabi’s sex tourism is located in Ao Nang. The reason is most guys don’t consider Krabi town a place to have fun.

However, in both areas, you can pick up girls and get laid, if you know what I mean…

krabi sex girl

The difference is that in Ao Nang, most girls are prostitutes. They work in girlie bars or freelance in the streets and clubs.

Instead, Krabi Town not only has working girls but also civilians interested in foreign men. By civilians, I mean ladies working in restaurants, hotels or offices and students.

That the reason why Krabi City is better than Ao Nang. You can hook up with girls genuinely interested in you, not your wallet. The best way to meet civilians for friendship and intimate moments is to use a popular Thai dating site.

Some travelers hope to find escorts in Krabi. Unfortunately, there aren’t any escort agencies and not even call girls advertising online.

Krabi is a layback place to get a girlfriend experience with easy-going Thai ladies. Not a sex tourist destination like Pattaya with all sorts of naughty girl services.

Even the red light area in Ao Nang is teme compared to other popular sex tourism destinations in Thailand. The bar girls are a bit on the conservative side like sex girls in Hua Hin.


What About Sex And Girls In Krabi?

Krabi girls are friendly and accommodating which makes them perfect for guys looking for a girlfriend experience.

Thanks to their rural lifestyle being far away from big cities like Bangkok, girls in Krabi not only are wonderful girlfriends but excellent marriage material too.

They are family orientated and focus on their studies to make their parents proud. This kind of upbringing also makes them very down to earth and less materialistic than their counterparts down in Bangkok.

Less known is the fact that Krabi has 1/3 of the population Muslim, offering an exciting variety to the mix. And don’t worry, Muslim women in Krabi are liberal and open-minded forward sex.

However, in a small city like Krabi, social pressure is high. It means that if you try to pick up girls in nightclubs or other social venues, you are going to have a hard time.

The best way to meet every day Krabi girls is to use the privacy of dating sites. It’s the easiest way to start a conversation with a local girl and to quickly escalate to sex.


Where To Find Girls For Sex In Krabi

Definitely you don’t want to go on an island like Koh Lanta to search for sex. The only two locations to get laid in Krabi province are Ao Nang and Krabi Town.

First, you start to search…

1. Online

call girl in krabi

The easiest and most private way to connect with Thai girls and couples interested in no-string-attached sex is to use a site like Asian Match Mate.

It’s a worldwide community where people look for sex partners and they share their sexual experiences. Most probably you’ll find girls and couples in your city too.

2. Red Light District

krabi red light district

In Krabi town, there aren’t any red light districts. You need to visit Ao Nang for that sort of entrainment.

The area is called RCA Entertainment, and there are several girlie bars with drinks and sex on the menu.

Center Point at Ao Nang beach has two a gogo bars: Nova and Sabina. The girls are sexy, but it’s expensive.

3. Nightclubs And Pick Up Bars

krabi hookers working in bar

Maharaj Road is at the center of Krabi nightlife. You can find nightclubs and hostess bars cluster together, making it easy to walk around.

The three main nightclubs in Krabi are Godang 8, Number One, and Khwuang Flawn. Typical Thai style clubs/bars with a live band, tables, and many hot girls.

Hostess bars are more direct and have girls that offer sexual services for 2.000 baht.

4. Soapy Massage Parlors

krabi nightlife massage

There are several erotic massages in Krabi and many more places that offer happy massages in Ao Nang.

The most popular parlor is Lee Lao Dee at Sudmongkol. It’s the only soapy massage in town that offers bath, massage and happy endings.

The cost is 2.000 baht for full service or 800 baht for massage and handjob.

There are also two other sex massage places next to each other in Soi Seebaramee 1. You can’t miss them because the girls are very inviting.


Typical Costs

Entraitment and Companionship: Krabi girl prices aren’t that expensive like in Bangkok and Phuket.

The most expensive girls are the ones working in gogo bars. The standard rate is 2.000 baht for two hours, and 4.000 baht for all night.

That is ridiculous! For the same amount of money, you can rent a Thai girl for a week.

If you don’t mind mature ladies, there are several bar girls in Ao Nang. The price is 400 baht bar fine and 1.500 baht to the girl.

Another option is to have an erotic massage in Soi Seebaramee 1. A rub and handjob for 800 baht or 1.500 baht for all-inclusive service.

Accommodation: If you stay in Krabi, opt for a hotel in Along Maharaj Road like Peak Boutique Hotel. It cost only 1.000 baht per night and it’s a great stay.

In Ao Nang, a good hotel on the beach is the Holiday Inn Resort for less than 2.000 baht.

There are several Airbnb apartments in Krabi and Ao nang from 600 baht for a simple room to 3.000 baht for a villa with pool.

Food: Plenty of small restaurants and street food vendors selling delicious dishes for 50 bah.

There are also buffet restaurants in hotels for 600-900 baht per person and independent foreign own restaurants with prices similar to the West.

Soft drinks are between 50-100 baht in most places. Wine it’s expensive and can cost up to 200 baht for a glass.

Transportation: Simply hire motorbike taxis to go around for 50-100 bahts… Or rent a motorbike for 200 baht per day.


Tips & Tricks

Contact girls online – Before traveling to Krabi, get in contact with local girls on a popular dating site in Thailand.

• Be direct Don’t over chat on dating sites: “Hi, my name is… and I noticed your profile. Let’s meet…”. It’s a yes or no.

• Treat girls with respect – It doesn’t matter what type of girls you hook up with, be gentle and respectful. It pays dividends.

• Use a condomBetter to be safe than sorry later.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend in Krabi

krabi girlfriend

If you are asking yourself: “How do I get a holiday girlfriend in Krabi?” You’ll find the answer here.

Having a temporary Thai girlfriend to have all sorts of romantic and intimate experiences. It’s the best way to enjoy this part of Thailand.

She can help you to plan activities, be your friend during the day and lover at night. Not only does she make your holiday in Krabi a lot easier, but you can genuinely experience the Thai culture.

It’s a combination of a sensual travel companion and a native-speaking guide. Just imagine having a young, beautiful, and horny girlfriend in Krabi.

Girls in Krabi are easy going and love to have fun… They are a pleasure to hang out with, even if you don’t have sex in mind.

The only challenge that you face is to find a girl that knows English and feels attracted to foreign men.

For that matter, the best way to find a girlfriend in Krabi is to use the online game. It means to use the same sites and apps that Krabi girls use to meet foreign men.

At the moment the most popular site is Thai Friendly. There are plenty of girls eager to meet a foreign man.

There is no reason to waste time and money with Thai girls working in the red-light districts when there are so many single girls online eager to meet you.

The girls are on a dating site because they want to meet a foreign man… And you want to meet a Thai girl. It’s perfect.

To get started, upload a few photos of you at your best. Not drunk, stoned or posing in front of a Lamborghini that isn’t yours 🙂

Feel up the profile with a realistic view of life. Mention what you are looking for in a girl.

Make sure to verify your profile as this puts you straight up on the search… And that “verified badge” is going to land you more attention and response from the girls.

Just search for your perfect match and start the conversation with the girls. That’s it! Build your list of potential girlfriends, and once in Krabi, just meet up.

I hope this Krabi sex guide has been helpful. Enjoy your vacation.




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