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Guide To Meet Girls In Krabi


Do You Know How To Meet Girls For Fun in Krabi?

This is a 5.000+ words travel guide designed for single men traveling to Krabi to meet local Filipino girls. It gets UPDATED every 6 months.


This comprehensive article came because I wanted to share all the good things and places Krabi has to offer for the naughty travelers – all the tips and steps in one place to get you laid in Krabi, accessible for free for the rest of time.

So, if you’re serious about banging Krabi girls every day, please take 10 minutes of your time to digest the full article. It’ll change your holiday experience!



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The Ultimate Men’s Travel Guide to Krabi
General information about Krabi for first-time travelers

Typical Costs
An overview of general prices in Krabi so you can prepare a budget

Safety Tips & Trick
A few pitfalls that I’ve experienced and you should avoid

Meet & Date Women in Krabi
Here’s the information you need to meet quality local Krabi Girls

Krabi & Ao Nang Nightlife
The best nightclubs, bars and Massage Parlour in Krabi and Ao Nang

Things to Do in Krabi for Adults
Places to visit and activities to do in the company of a local girl


The Ultimate Man’s Travel Guide To Krabi

Krabi offers an escape from Thailand’s hectic metropolitan lifestyle like in Bangkok and other large cities.

Located in the coastal region of South-West Thailand, the province has miles of beaches and lush greenery to explore, better if in the company of a local Thai girl.

Krabi province has two main touristic areas:

  • Krabi Town; It’s a small city without beaches but with a great nightlife. Most foreigners don’t know there are karaoke bars with young and sexy girls in Along Maharaj Road.
  • Ao Nang; A small beach town with wonderful beaches and a red light district (RCA Entertainment) with girly bars, beer bars, nightclubs and even massage salons. It’s a smaller version of Bangla Road in Patong Beach.

Usually, most guys don’t consider Krabi town a place to have fun, and opt for a minivan to Ao Nang. However, in both places, you can pick up beautiful local girls for a banging time, if you know what I mean.

The difference is that in Ao Nang most girls are hookers working in the girly bars and a few freelancers patroling the streets and nightclubs.

Instead, Krabi Town not only have hookers in karaoke bars, but regular girls working and studying. That means you can hook up with local Krabi girls genuinely interested in you, not your wallet.

In fact, you can find quality Krabi girls on dating sites who are open to meet foreigners for casual dating or a serious relationship.

What I love about Krabi girls is their easy-going attitude forward life, kindness and hot temperament in bed.

So, if you’re looking for cute Thai girls with genuine intentions and awesome girlfriend experience, Krabi is the place for you.


When To Visit Krabi

Southern Thailand is generally hot and humid all year round due to its position near the equator. It has a tropical monsoon season where torrential rain and the occasional storm occur.

However, there are better times to visit Krabi and find the perfect balance of good, pleasant weather.

The 3 main seasons are:

Hot Season

The ‘hot’ season is from March to May where the mercury hits high levels which is ideal to go to the beach and sunbathing.

However, It can get very humid and the heat is relentless, but if you don’t mind then this is the perfect time for you to visit.

Thai schools close for Songkran holidays (New Year) so you can meet plenty of schoolgirls either working in bars or holidaying on the beaches.

Rainy Season

This time around June to October is when you can expect torrential downpours and perpetual rain.

There is a higher risk of storms which you do not want to get stuck in and it would almost ruin your vacation.

The upside to the rainy season is that there are more local girls available and everything cost less than other seasons.

Ideal Season

The flocks of tourists would normally visit Krabi between November to February as the rainy season has just finished in November, and the blisteringly hot summer is over.

The average rainfall is also at it’s lowest between these months and the temperature is cooler than the other seasons making it more comfortable to walk outdoor.


What About Girls and Ladyboys In Krabi?

Krabi girls are friendly and accommodating which make them perfect for guys looking for a girlfriendly experience.

Thanks to their provincial lifestyle and far away from big cities like Bangkok, girls in Krabi not only are wonderful girlfriends but excellent marriage material too.

They are family orientated and focus on their studies to make their parents proud.

Their kind of upbringing also makes them very down to earth and less materialistic than their counterparts down to Bangkok.

beautiful krabi girls

Less known is the fact that Krabi has 1/3 of the population Muslim offering an interesting variety to the mix.

So, if you fancy to date a Muslim woman, you can find one in Krabi.

However, Krabi being a small city means social pressure is high. This makes picking up and dating in public a problem if outside the red light districts.

If you would like to meet either a Buddhist or Muslim girls or ladyboys in Krabi, the best way is to use the privacy of dating sites. In this way, you can easily chat with Krabi girls and ladyboys without face to face pressure.

Yes, you heard me right, I said ladyboys.

There are ladyboys working in bars at Ao Nang and there is even a Ladyboy Cabaret show called Blue Dragon in Center Point (2nd floor).

However, there aren’t that many freelancers in nightclubs or streets, but quite a few ladyboys working in restaurants and shops.

Krabi ladyboys

I consider Krabi a destination for any men seeking relaxation and to meet girls or ladyboys either for fun like in Ao Nang or for romance like in Krabi Town.

Also, Krabi is a cheap destination compared to popular places like Bangkok and Phuket, making your money last longer.

Below are the details of Krabi’s prices so you can prepare a trip budget…


Typical Costs in Krabi

If this is your first time traveling to Krabi, you might be wondering how much everything costs.

Don’t worry bro, below is a breakdown summary of what you should expect to pay while in Krabi:


• Krabi Accommodation’s Prices

The cost of a decent room in Krabi start at around 1000 baht for a 3-star hotel without breakfast, but you are likely to find better (and cheaper) places to eat outside of the hotel.

My favorite place to stay in Ao Nang is Golden Beach Resort, just across the road from the best part of the beach, right near bars and restaurants.

Instead, when I visit Krabi Town I like to stay in River Front Krabi Hotel, located near Maharaj Road where there are hot local girls working in karaoke bars.

There are also cheaper options like hostels, but if you’re serious to pick hot girls to bang, it isn’t going to work out well.

Make sure that the hotel is girl friendly. In other words, you don’t get charged extra for bringing back girls to your room. Not only is embarrassing but it can cost up to 1.000 baht per girl.

I didn’t pay extra to show her my hotel room in Krabi 🙂

Krabi girl booking in hotel room


• Food and Drinks Prices

The food in Krabi can be cheap but also expensive: local Thai places offer cheap and authentic food, but there are some westernized restaurants that offer up finer dining experience.

A meal at a cheap restaurant will set you back around 95 baht for 1 person, while a more upmarket restaurant that serves western food like steak, will cost you around 400 – 900 baht for a three-course meal.

Soft drinks like Coca-Cola cost around 35 baht with local beers starting at 100 baht per half a liter.

When in the company of a classy Krabi girl, the best choice is a bottle of wine starting at 600 baht per bottle.



• Cost of Transportation in Krabi

There are many options for transportation in Krabi:

From Krabi Airport

There is an official airport bus service serving Ao Nang and Krabi Town only.

Prices are 100 baht to get to Krabi Town and 150 baht to Ao Nang, all per person.

There are minivans leaving the airport once full for 200 baht.

The more expensive option is taking a taxi. Buy a coupon from the booths inside the terminals for the cost of 600 baht to Ao Nang and 400 baht to Krabi Town.

When going back to the airport, use Grab App from your telephone, it’s cheaper.

Inside Krabi

A songthaew is a popular mode of transport in Thailand and will cost you 10-20 baht for a ride. They have fixed routes in and around Krabi Town, Ao Nang and surrounding areas.

Also, consider hopping on a Samlor. It is similar to a tuk tuk, however, the part that you sit is a sidecar welded on to the bike. These are commonly found around Krabi Town and Ao Nang beach areas.

Expect to pay 50+ baht depending on the distance. Remember to negotiate a price beforehand. Tuk-tuks are also available around the same price.


• Cost For Entertainments

krabi cost for Entertainments - girls, drinks, party

An unforgettable holiday includes girls, drinks and fun. Here an overview of general entertainment’s prices, but remember to bargain as the initial price isn’t always the best price…


1. Girlie Bars Prices in Krabi (Karaoke Bars)

The only place to find girls for short-time and fun is by visiting Maharaj Road in the northern part of Krabi Town.

These venues are set up for Thai men but foreigners are welcome too. It is the typical local karaoke bar where you can sing a song while drinking with friends, but the real reason you’re going there is to bang a sexy local girl.

You can get a girl to sit with you for around 200 baht plus the cost for a lady’s drink is 120 baht. However, most girls grab a glass and drink from your bottle, which cost 100 baht.

Your drink is about 100 baht for a big beer, and a few more baht for whiskey.

The girls ask 2,000 baht for short-time which is negotiable.

Remember that there aren’t any rooms in the building, so you either take her back to your hotel room or rent a “hotel love” room nearby.


2. Girlie Bars Prices in Ao Nang

There are 2 areas in Ao Nang for drinking and meet girls: Soi RCA Entrainment and Ao Nang Center Point.

Well, Ao Nang Center point is a 3 level building with bars, restaurants, 2 nightclubs, the infamous Blue Dragon Ladyboy Cabaret and Nova Club.

Beside Blue Dragon and Nova Club, there aren’t any bars where you can bar fine girls, but only normal bars where you can drink and listen to music.

If you want to play with bar girls, you better visit Soi RCA Entrainment, home of 12 girlie bars with more then 100 girls.

girls in Soi RCA Entrainment near amy bar

Everything is slightly cheaper than karaoke bars in Krabi Town, with beers around 80-100 baht and spirit priced at 150-160 baht.

Lady drinks are expensive at 200 baht while the bar fine is a standard 500 baht.

The girls ask 1.500 baht for short time and 2.000 baht for long-time. Of course, these prices are negotiable.


3. Night Clubs Prices in Krabi

Krabi nightclubs are of two type:

  • Hostess nightclubs; The club employs girls to sit with customers.
  • Typical nightclub; You need to pick up girls by yourself.

krabi night club prices and girls

On the left a girl working in a hostess nightclub – On the right regular girls in a typical nightclub

I discuss more in details about the best nightclubs in the Krabi’s Nightlife section.

Regarding prices in Krabi nightclubs, around 100 baht for a beer and 140-180 baht for spirits or cocktails.

When you order a bottle as the locals do, imported spirit cost about 1,800 baht while the local staff is below 1.000 baht.

If you want a nightclub hostess girl to keep you company during the night, she would drink from your bottle and also wants a few shots of tequila which cost 130 baht each.


4. Krabi Freelancers Prices

Most Krabi girls are employed in bars and nightclubs, leaving out only a few girls who are self-employed.

The only places where I met a few street hookers are Beach Road in Ao Nang and along the River Promenade in Krabi Town.

Don’t pay more than 700 baht for a short time and 1.000 baths for long-time.

You can find freelancers also in most big clubs, especially in Ao Nang. Prices start at 1.000 baht for a short time which is negotiable and can increase if the girl thinks that she is hot.

All night prices are usually upon negotiation, but remember to agree on a price first to avoid any drama later.


5. Krabi Massage Prices With Happy Ending (Boom Boom)

Most Ao Nang massage parlors offer a traditional therapeutic massage; Prices for a traditional Thai massage or oil massage is 250-400 baht per hour.

Some massage girl will not offer any happy ending or boom boom, but some will happily do it. I was lucky enough to get a happy ending in ‘Best Massage parlor’ located on Walking Street right next to the Greek warrior statue and the boogie club.

The massage girl offered HJ for 500 baht and BJ plus boom boom for 1.000 baht. I suppose this is the standard rate in this area.

If you want the all-inclusive happy ending massage with boom boom service, then you will need to go to Krabi Town.

A popular spot for this service is Lee Lao Dee Krabi (ลีลาวดี), which is known for their beautiful white skin girls and soapy happy ending massage.

Lee Lao Dee Krabi happy ending

When I visited there were 7 girls sitting in the fishing ball waiting to massage me 🙂

The all-inclusive price is 2,000 baht, which include: bath, massage & boom boom.


5. “Regular” Quality Girl’s Prices In Krabi

Any girl that you see working in shops, hotels and restaurants might be interested in dating a foreigner, especially in touristic areas like Ao Nang.

Single Girl in Krabi

Regular girls prices don’t really exist – Just like in real life, if you find the right person, you will not have to pay them.

A meal or a coffee with a cake for 300 baht would make most girls get you laid without paying for the sex.

6. Ladyboys Prices In Krabi

There are a few opportunities to meet ladyboys in Krabi like anywhere else in Thailand.

The first place to start is by visiting Blue Dragon in Center Point, Ao Nang. This is a ladyboy cabaret with 3 shows per day from 8 pm to 11 pm.

Before or after opening time, you can approach the ladyboys working there and invite them for a drink before asking to sleep with you.

They are very beautiful and sexy, that’s why their starting price is 2.000+ baht.

Instead, freelancer ladyboys that you meet in bars, nightclubs or on dating sites are happy to go with you for 1.000 baht and some time for free.

krabi ladyboy prices in hotel room

In conclusion, for your single man holiday in Krabi, you’re going to spend on average 1,500 baht for accommodation, 600 baht for foods and drinks, 300 baht for transportation and 2,500 baht for entertainment. All these figures add up to 4.900 baht per day.

This is only an average, you can spend much more by upgrading accommodation or much less by meeting with girls met on dating sites for free instead of working girls.

To get a better idea about Thai girl’s price and their value, see the graphic below:

Krabi girls prices and value


Safety Tips & Tricks

Girl’s ID Cards – You must always make sure that the person you are dating is over the age of 18. Check their ID’s by subtracting 543 from the current Thai year.

Bargain Hard –  The locals take advantage of foreigners by overcharging for common things like food to sex.

Agree on the Price – always agree on a price before taking a girl home. This applies especially for freelancers and bar girls.

Keep Your Valuables Safe – When out and about, ensure that your belongings stay close to you and hidden. While in the hotel, it is advisable to keep valuables inside the safe.

Use Protection – Avoid having unprotected sex, especially with freelancers and bar girls as you never know what they catch when sleeping with strangers.

Drink Responsibly –  You may miss out on the good times when you are too drunk. Remember, you are here to have fun and sex with beautiful women.



dating krabi women

Girls in Krabi are easy going and love to have fun. They are a pleasure to hang out with, even if you don’t have sex in mind.

The girls can be very shy, so you must approach with caution and make sure not being too outspoken. As you might already know, Thai girls are soft-spoken and avoid confrontation at all the cost.

It’s difficult to find Krabi women that can speak perfect English so bear that in mind while communicating.

Due to their conservative nature, once they think that you are boyfriend material, they might ask you to visit their parents. Accept only if you’re serious about the relationship and you’re thinking to marry her.

The first step into finding your dream Krabi girl is to meet one, this brings us to…


How To Meet Local Girls In Krabi

meet krabi and ao nang girls

To meet quality Krabi girls, you’ve 3 main options:

Online Dating

The easiest and fastest way to connect with some local beauty.

Most girls in Thailand have a smartphone so they can have access to dating apps. The good thing about dating online is the convenience (from the comfort of your sofa) and a wide selection of girls only “one click” away.

Picking up Krabi girls online is less intimidating than chasing them in malls or around Krabi’s streets.

Just imagine how she feels by getting approached by a foreign man in a public area; In one world: “intimidating”.

Also, it’s better to set up dates before you get into town. If you arrive with no contacts, then you are putting yourself in a stressful situation.

Quality Krabi girls are busy either studying or working long hours, so don’t expect to meet them in nightclubs or bars.

Most girls you see around town are working in low paying jobs as a waitress or receptionist, besides working long hours, they have only one day off per week. It’s difficult for them to find the time to go out with you, and even harder for you to bed one

So, the only way to meet and have sex with quality local girls is online.

In my experience, building a relationship of trust and affection with girls prior to a trip is the best way to achieve the ULTIMATE HOLIDAY.

If you want to meet online girls in Krabi, I recommend using:

Thai girlfriends for dating– Thai Cupid – It is the biggest dating site in Thailand with thousands of women looking for romance, relationship and why not, a night stand.

Hundreds of girls ready to chat day and night. Talk with multiple girls at the same time. You know, Thai women write very slow.

By signing up with Thai Cupid you will access hundreds of Krabi girls and thousands of Thai women.

Tips-and-hint.jpg2_You can meet sweet country side women looking for love, or some slut in the major tourist destinations for one night stand.

Make sure to complete your profile with some good picture of you (no naked) and a clear description of what you are looking for, what you offer and only talk briefly about yourself.

Avoid pretending to be a romantic man when in reality you love to get tied up and pissed in the face. Be yourself!

– Thai dating website with women and girlsThai Friendly – Not as many women as in Thai Cupid dating website but definitely enough to get you started.

I have found some good girls here. However, I always watch out from women asking you for money.

Good girls don’t do that, and only fool men would wire money to a girl never met before.

I hear horror stories all the time from travelers being cheated by women online. I never had an issue with Thai Friendly. They do a good job by keeping their users in check, trying to remove scammers and fake accounts.

You might find interesting my Thai friendly review.

>>>Read the Online Dating Guide<<<

The second option to meet quality Krabi women is to…


• Walk Around Krabi

There are cute girls everywhere either in Krabi Town or down to the beaches of Ao Nang.

In Krabi Town, you can meet girls going on with their everyday life in restaurants, malls and streets. Instead, in Ao Nang you can meet either local girls or Thai girls from other city holidaying.

To start a conversation a simple “Hi” will do, just remember to speak slowly and have a big smile on your face.

If the girl looks not interested in talking to you, just move on to the next one.

If all else fails, the next option might be for you…


• Visit Nightclubs and Discos

Krabi nightlife is not as crazy as Bangkok or Phuket for that matter, but there are still many places where you can have a good time and possibly meet a nice local girl.

The type of girls in these clubs are freelancers, hostess and HiSo girls.

Freelancers are girls to lazy to work in bars or massage parlors. They are in their 20s and love to party while making some money.

These girls are FUN to be with, LOVE to party hard, and bang even harder… Not only that, freelancers are excellent tour guides showing you around Krabi while doing the girlfriend thing by emptying your balls.

Cheaper than bar girls but still cost money.

Hostesses are usually girls studying at the university and working in the clubs to make some extra cash.

They are young and super cute, but most of them can’t speak any English making it difficult to flirt.

If you manage to convince one to sleep with you is because of your big money offer that she can’t refuse. Expect a nightstand from this type of girls and nothing more.

HiSo Krabi Girls are usually born and grown up in a wealthy local family.

You can notice them because they dress very well, extremely expensive and act like superstars. Usually, they hang out in large groups making them almost impossible to approach.

The best way to meet one of those girls is by befriending a local Thai guy that has access to quality local people.

If you prefer quick sex with hookers rather than quality girls, then check out the Krabi nightlife guide below…



krabi and ao nang nightlife 1

As mentioned already, the nightlife in Krabi is nowhere near as wild as Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.

However, there are fun places to spend the night drinking while picking up local girls.

What I’ve found most interesting is the karaoke bars being less mercenary than Phuket and Pattaya while the girls are younger, friendlier and more beautiful.

Also, there are a few Thai nightclubs where you have hostesses eager to join you for a few drinks, very useful if you’re alone.

In my opinion, Krabi Town nightlife is better than Ao Nang nightlife because the girls are sexier and less used to tourist.

Yeap, in Krabi Town you look more exotic to the girls than in touristic places like Ao Nang, making it easier to get laid with hot local women.


Best Girlie Bars In Krabi

Girlie bars in Krabi are located mainly in two areas:

  • Girlie Bars in Ao Nang – RCA Entertainment.  
  • Girlie Bars in Krabi Town – Maharaj Road.


Girlie Bars in Ao Nang

Most of the girlie bars are located in an area called RCA Entertainment. It’s pretty small, having only 12 bars and some 100 girls.

Here you can relax, have a few drinks, find girls, play pool and ultimately get a companion to sleep with you. It’s a standard touristic Thai nightlife.

The girls are in their late 20s, definitely know how to please and have fun.

When you enter in the RCA Entertainment area if you see a girl you like, just sit down and order a drink from her. Once back with your drink, ask to join you and if you like her, ask: “how much boom boom” 🙂

If you prefer Go Go bars instead, the only one is Nova Club located in center point. See the review below.

The best girly bars in Ao Nang are:


Nova Club

Located in Ao Nang’s – Center point, Nova Club is a hybrid of a nightclub and gogo bar.

It’s fast becoming one of the most popular girlie venues in Krabi. It has gained popularity due to its beautiful girls and friendly staff.

There is a central stage where there are 4 poles for the coyote girls to put on a sexy show for you. The girls are super HOT but be ready to pay the price to get their attention.


Amy’s Bar

This is perhaps the best place to relish the nightlife in Krabi.

Located in RCA Entertainment, this bar is always packed with people thanks to the sexy bar girls and friendly atmosphere.

Huge screens playing live sports and friendly girls are ensuring that you come back again and again.


Many guys make their birthday and stag parties in Amy’s bar, maybe an idea for your next visit.


Chang Bar

This is a bar in the early hours which turn nightclub open till 4 pm in most nights.

The place is crowded with tourist from all around the world, even a few Thais from Bangkok and other cities.

It’s a wild place, especially with tourists doing crazy things when drunk. Unfortunately, I can’t report any freelancers in the venue.

One thing you should avoid at all the cost in Chang Bar if you don’t want to get ripped off – don’t order shisha.

Located in Center Point near Blue Dragon.


Girlie Bars in Krabi Town

Krabi Town nightlife has a lot more to offer then what most tourists think. When walking up Maharaj Road, you can find many karaoke bars with sexy and young girls.

These places are unknown to foreigners because is where Thai men go to enjoy themselves. In fact, these establishments aren’t oriented to foreigners, but they seem not mind whenever I go.

Karaoke bars work slightly differently from beer bars and go go bars. In some bar, hostesses can be invited to join your table for a drink and maybe a song. In other karaoke bars as you sit down, you would pay the manager right away to take one of the girls on stage to your hotel’s room.

The atmosphere is unique and it’s an interesting experience for any guys that are looking for something different than the usual touristic Thai nightlife.

If you like to dance and meet girls at night, then visit…


Best Krabi Nightclubs To Meet Local Girls

The place for young travelers who enjoy partying, sexy local girls, and having a great night.

Krabi has a small nightlife scene but the fun is guaranteed and most probably you will not go back to your room alone.

nightlife girls in the best krabi nightclub

Hitting the clubs is the last resort to get laid with a willing Krabi girl. The club crowds vary from freelancer, HiSo girls and hostess girls.

There aren’t so many freelancers in Krabi clubs like in Phuket, Bangkok or Pattaya, but you can still get laid by paying 1.000 baht.

Most nightclubs employ young and sexy hostess to keep you company during the night. However, they are expensive because they will drink with you and you pick the check. Those girls know how to drink, and will not take long to run a hefty bill.

Also, it isn’t guaranteed they will accept to go back to your room, it’s all up to them.

Lastly, HiSo girls are hard to approach because usually, they go out in groups. They are easy to spot as they act like superstars, dress well and love to show off.

Anyway, to help you decide where to go, I’ve select the best nightclubs in Krabi:


Godang 8

It’s a Thai nightclub on Maharaj Road in Krabi Town with groups of people drinking at tables while listening to the loud Thai music from a staged live band.

The good thing about this nightclub is the many young and cute hostesses who will happily sit with you as long as you buy them a few rounds of shots.

Shots are 120 baht and the girls are pretty aggressive drinkers. Keep in mind that they can’t leave with you before closing time at 2 am. Also, they aren’t obligated to leave with you.



Perhaps the most popular spots for foreigner’s girls and hot local girls. The drinks are fairly cheap making it one of the best places to chill out.

There is a decent dance floor where you can dance away, or chill out in the outdoor bar. This nightclub is where you’ve got the most chances to get a girl or ladyboy for free.

It is located in Ao Nang on the basement of Center Point.



Just above Moonshine, Sabina is a popular nightclub packed with gorgeous hostesses.

I didn’t see many freelancers in here and the local girls didn’t seem to speak much of English.

If you want to get laid, the only way is to buy drinks for the hostesses.


Best Krabi Massage Parlors With Happy Ending

In Krabi you can get a relaxing massage any time during the day and even at night, that’s why I’ve added the massage psrlors to the nightlife section.

The sad thing is most massage shops don’t offer any extras to the traditional Thai massage, but the good news is, a few exist.

Below I’ve select the best for you:


Best Massage Parlors With Happy Ending in Krabi Town

Leo Dee Krabi ลีลาวดี

The only soapy massage in all Krabi, this place is well known for their beautiful white skin local girls that offer an all-inclusive happy ending massage.

Yes… A relaxing bath, a sensual massage and boom boom at the end.

Lee Lao Dee Krabi

When I visited there were 7 girls sitting in the fish ball waiting to massage me 🙂

The damage was 2,000 baht.


Best Massage Parlors With Happy Ending in Ao Nang

Best Massage Parlor

Most Ao Nang massage shops offer regular services but this one goes for extras. It is on Walking Street right next to the Greek warrior statue and the Boogie club.

Full service is 1.000 baht, BJ 1.000 and HJ only 500 baht.



Railay Beach – Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, this place is only accessible by boat.

This is a great place to take your beautiful local girlfriend for a quiet moment. You can escape the hustle and bustle of Krabi Town and enjoy each others company.

Entrance to Railay Beach is 400 baht per person.

Railay Beach with krabi girlfriend

Thung Teao Forest National Park – In the park, you can see the Crystal Lagoon also known as Emerald Pool where the water is warm and clear.

You can spend time swimming in the pristine lagoon while admiring the waterfalls.

Entrance is 90 baht for locals and 200 baht for foreigners.


Meet Girls Online – While relaxing in my hotel room, I seduce Thai girls on Thai Friendly. This is a good habit to pipeline girls on the go.

Wat Tham Suea – A visit to the cave temple in Wat Tham Suea is a definite must.

The temple sits inside a cave that is nestled deep in the jungle. Local legends say that there was a tiger living inside the cave.

However, the main attraction is the “Footprint of Buddha”, which is a 1237 steps climb to the top.

It’s not easy but when you do reach the top, the journey is worth every step as you get a 360-degree view of the jungle and the sea.

A perfect romantic spot to spend time with your Krabi girlfriend.

If you would like to contact me with any updates, suggestions or anything that matter, contact Rocco here.


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