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Guide To Lap Dances In Bangkok: Places and Costs

If you want to enjoy a lap dance in Bangkok, you can either visit a strip club or get a drunk Thai bar girl in your room for a private performance.

Both experiences have their pros and cons, so the choice is about what you’re looking for.

Most tourists go for the obvious option which is to visit the red light districts where there

and private Bangkok is a world famous tourist destination that is mainly famous for its naughty nightlife.

There are all sorts of adult entertainment venues in the city, so needless to say, getting a lap dance won’t be a problem.

But the overwhelming number of options can make you feel confused, especially if you’re new here.

In addition to that, you might even get ripped off if you visit the wrong place.

So in this guide, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about getting lap dances in Bangkok.

Not only will we share the best places, but also the expected cost along with some practical tips to avoid scams.


How Much Does A Lap Dance In Bangkok Cost?

The cost for a lap dance In Bangkok generally varies on the strip club’s reputation and how hot is the stripper.

But on average, you should expect to pay between ฿500-฿1500 for 2-3 songs which is approximately 6-8 minutes. Although it’s worth mentioning that in the U.S the conventional price for a lap dance is only $20.

So if you’re paying ฿1500 then it should be at a premium place performed by one of the hottest dancers.

If this is your first time in Bangkok, it’s worth getting a general idea of how much to pay for girls. That way you avoid getting ripped off.


Where to Find The Hottest Strippers in Bangkok?

The hottest strippers in Bangkok can be found inside strip clubs known as Go Go bars.

In case you don’t know, Go Go bars are just a raunchier version of a strip club.

If you’re curious to know what a Go Go bar looks like from the inside then this video by Dave Daly will give you a good idea:

You can find our review of the best strip clubs in Bangkok here. But in a nutshell, we recommend visiting the following places for a lap dance:

Those strip clubs are located mainly in the red light districts: Patpong, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

In the Bangkok city sex guide, we’ve covered in details everything you need to know about nightlife, sex life and prostitution.


Tips To Enjoy Lap Dances in Bangkok

If this is your first time, then here are some tips to enhance your lap dance experience in Bangkok:


1. Discuss the Price

Make it a rule to confirm the price before getting any service in Bangkok – lap dance included. If you don’t, then it’s pretty much like voluntarily walking into a scam.

The stripper would charge you an exorbitant amount that’d instantly make you regret your life.

And similar to the strip clubs in the West, some strippers might even ask you to buy them drinks in exchange for a lap dance.

So once again, verify the prices of those drinks otherwise you’re likely to get overcharged.


2. Ask the Duration

The duration of a lap dance is calculated by the number of songs.

An average song would last about 3 minutes, so if you’re paying around ฿500-฿800 then expect over 6 minutes or about 2 songs.

However, the twist here is that there’s another scam you need to watch out for.

Sometimes the length of the songs can be small and you’d hardly get a 3 min lap dance from them.

On the other hand, some songs be unusually long and the stripper might try overcharging you for those as well.

This is the reason clear communication is important inside strip clubs in Thailand. Not only do you have to confirm the price, but also verify the duration of the lap dance.


3. Don’t Pay in Advance

Paying in advance is probably the biggest mistake you can make. Once the stripper gets her money, most of the time she would half-ass her job.

And the experience you’d get would also be pretty mediocre because she doesn’t have the motivation to please you anymore.

So pay her only after she’s done performing the lap dance. Although you can still tip her during the performance, especially if she’s doing an exceptional job.


4. Bring Change

Bring at least ฿3,000 and get the change beforehand. You don’t want to fill your pockets with ฿1,000 bills unless you’re feeling generous.

If you’re giving ฿1,000 to a stripper then most of the time she’ll keep the change.

This can be a bummer because if she agreed to perform a lap dance for ฿500, then you’re essentially paying double.

And then, you have to buy drinks and tip the performers as well. That’s why a general worldwide rule when visiting strip joints is to keep some small change.


5. Protect Your Valuables

Some people get so invested in a lap dance that they completely forget about their valuables.

There are plenty of people waiting for such opportunities at these places. The moment your attention diverts, your valuables would be gone.

This happens far more frequently inside low standard strip joints, and at times, the dancers may also be involved.

So if you can’t keep your valuables in your pocket, then at least keep them in your sight.


Alternatives To Lap Dances

There are plenty of thrilling alternatives to commercial lap dances in Bangkok.

For instance, there are plenty of freelancers in Bangkok eager to go back to your hotel for a private striptease and some sex.

Just make sure to warm her up with a few drinks otherwise she might feel too shy to dance for you.

In this video, you can get a good idea of what I’m talking about…

As you can see, it isn’t necessary to go to a strip club when craving a lap dance. There are plenty of Thai girls eager to satisfy your desires at your place.

Also, the cost of a lap dance in Bangkok is less when hiring a freelancer.