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guide to bangla road phuket

Bangla Road Bar Guide in Phuket

As the sun slowly sets off the western Andaman Sea, the heart of Patong Beach awakens from its sleep.

The road, innocent enough by the light of day, is slowly transformed back into the infamous party hub that put Phuket Island on the map. As the sun sets, Bangla Road closes to traffic and the action begins.

map_Bangla_Road phuket

Bangla Road is one of the top Phuket attractions and for good cause. It is something that you cannot truly understand until you have seen it with your own eyes.

On the main Bangla Road are bars lining both sides of the road. There are several side roads (called Soi’s) leading from Bangla Road which are more like entertainment complexes then actual roads.

These complexes are loaded with beer bars and full of beautiful Thai girls.

If you are a first time visitor to Soi Bangla, it is like something out of deranged fantasy. If you are a man, it could be your greatest dream come true.

This is the heart of the Phuket sex industry and there is nothing subtle about it.

In almost every bar, you will find scantily clad Thai girls, some dancing on poles, others on the road coaxing customers into various bars, the rest sitting around talking with customers, hoping to earn some cash for the night.

However, you don’t need to visit Bangla road to get laid or meet a girlfriend. You can easily meet local girls on Thai dating application sites that in most cases aren’t so hardcore like in the red light districts.

Let’s get stuck into the Bangla road logistic which is home of many streets with different venues from bar girls to freelancers.

Best Adult Location in Bangla Road

Soi Easy

About 200 meters up Bangla Road from the beach road, Soi Easy is the first side street that you will come upon. There are many bars located within this two story complex, but the venues of note are the Hollywood Discotheque and the relatively unknown The Secret A Go Go.

Soi Gonzo
Next up the road is the often overlooked Soi Gonzo. This quiet (of course it’s all relative) little street hosts less then a dozen bars, but for the most part, they are much more friendly. A couple bars worthy of mention are the Black Cat and the very popular Aussie Bar.

Soi Crocodile (Soi Kathoey)
If you are interested in Thailand’s third sex (kathoey’s), then Soi Crocodile is a must see on your next trip to Patong. You may also want to check out the popular The Point Bar and The Rasta Bar. In the very back of this complex you can find the Dclub Discotheque.

Soi Eric
Soi Eric is likely the most well run of all the Soi’s on Bangla Road. Unlike most Soi’s off of Bangla that play different music from bar to bar, Soi Eric offers a single DJ playing the music for the entire complex.

Soi Sea Dragon
Completely remodeled, Soi Sea Dragon is possibly the best looking Soi off of Bangla Road. Known as the top destination for Go-Go Bars. The most notable are Diablo A Go Go, the Devil’s Playground and the famous Suzy Wong and Suzy Wong II.

Soi Tiger
The famous Soi Tiger on Bangla Road is probably the most unique of all the Soi’s. The entire complex of about two dozen bars is literally a huge concrete cave. When there are a lot of people partying on Soi Tiger, it can get pretty sweaty and hot.

The majority of bars are Girl Bars (aka Beer Bars), with a few that are similar to go-go’s but not quite. Sharky Bar located right in the front is one of the most popular, it is easily recognized as the bar with all the girls dressed as schoolgirls.

Other popular bars include Hot Rock, Crazy Horse, Cocktail and Dreams Bar. Leading up a flight of stairs onto the second floor is the popular Tiger Entertainment Discotheque.

Soi Vegas
Soi Vegas is home to a number of bars as well as a variety of go-go bars.

Money Night A Go Go and Roxy A Go Go are popular some of the more popular establishments, as well as a Russian owned go-go called Moulin Rouge. Or you can grab a shot of hard alcohol at the very unique Ice Bar, which is maintained at a cool -15°C and -20°C.

The highlight of the complex is likely Seduction Discotheque.

Soi Sukhumvit (on Rat U Thit Road)
Although Soi Sukhumvit is not technically on Bangla Road, it is the first busy cross street and is full of enough action that we consider it an extension of Bangla.


If You’re Planning to Bang a Hooker In Bangla Road, Read This First

Always wear a condom – it is just not worth the risk. If you do not have a condom then the girl should have one. Remember no matter how lovely the girl may seem, she is working in an industry that is likely to corrupt.

When the girls first arrive in Phuket, they are usually well-mannered Thai country folk.

However, they very quickly learn the tricks of the trade. And above all else, they are working for money.

If you take a girl back to your hotel then many hotel receptions will ask to see the girl’s ID card. They do this to ensure the girl cannot get away with committing a crime against you.

Theft is the main danger. You go to the shower and she takes your wallet and leaves. You go to sleep and she takes your valuables and is gone. You are not looking and she takes your jewelry before kissing you good-bye.

Remember if the girl knows you are on holiday for two weeks, then she can disappear for two weeks. If you take a girl from a beer bar or go-go she will be easier to trace but it is no guarantee.

You could consider asking to see the girls ID card yourself. It might not be romantic or charming but let’s face it, this is not romance. You can check her date of birth to be sure she is over 18 by subtracting 543 from the Thai year.

There have now been a few confirmed reports of this happening in Phuket. Men are often reluctant to report these crimes so there is no knowing how prevalent this is in Phuket. We do not believe it is common in Phuket but still, it is a good idea to be careful with your drinks.

Theft from customers is not the most common scam.

The girls know they can make much more money if the customer gives it voluntarily. The sob stories the girls tell their customers are brilliant heart-tugging tales of woe designed to elicit sympathy.

The punch line will invariably be that she needs to make big money to pay for someone’s hospital care or to save her family from starvation.

The old-hands call them sick buffalo stories and treat them with great skepticism. In fact, there is often an element of truth to the stories.

The girls do come from poor backgrounds and their families are often suffering from hardship.

That does not mean the final punchline for money is true or that you have any responsibility to pay for it. Another common scam is the girl will tell the man she will stop working in bars and be faithful to him, if he can send her money.

The man will then go home and send the girl regular payments thinking he is keeping her out of the bar.

Many of the girls have several western boyfriends on the go at the same time sending money and they are still making more money from new customers in their bars. It is not fair to portray all the girls as scam masters.

Many are honest, hard working girls trying to make a living as best they can. Lots of western men have married Thai girls they met in bars and are very happy.

However, the sex industry is a corrupting influence and you should be on your guard. There are no hard-and-fast rules – every girl is different and should be judged individually. A good dose of cynicism is sensible.