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Phuket Sex Guide For Single Men

If you would like to meet girls in Phuket, in this guide, I’m revealing the best places and ways to get laid and find intimacy.

You should enjoy your vacation in Phuket instead of worrying about where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

Phuket has beautiful beaches, but also incredible nightlife. Let alone the many horny Thai women craving to meet foreign men.

The first section of the guide focuses on the P4P scene (Pay for Play): freelancers, Thai girls for rent, etc.

Instead, the second part of the guide focuses on civilian girls working regular jobs in hotels, restaurants and shops. They usually hang out on popular dating sites in Thailand looking for a boyfriend or husband.

I don’t talk about where to find Thai sugar babies because I’ve already written extensively about it.

This Phuket Sex Guide was last updated on 28 July 2023


Intro To Phuket Prostitution

There are millions of tourists visiting Phuket each year… And like almost every popular tourist part of Thailand has an associated spot with nightlife, sex tourism, and prostitution.

The center of prostitution in Phuket is Bangla Road in Patong. It is considered the central red light district with countless bars full of hot girls ready for action…

Yes, the place is awash with sex workers and sex tourists, but the whole nightlife isn’t limited to prostitution and/or touting for prostitution. There are also ‘normal’ bars and discos where you can pick everyday girls.

The thing is prostitutes in Phuket don’t operate only in brothels or streets, but it is ingrained in the local culture. It ranges from the hardcore hooker working in gogo bars to the innocuous “good time girls” looking for a foreign holiday boyfriend.

The good thing is you don’t need to pay money to have sex in Phuket. You can meet plenty of girls on popular dating sites and get laid for the cost of a meal or two. I’m going to talk about it further down this guide.


Where To Find Sex In Phuket

If you are wondering where to find girls in Phuket to have fun, the best places are…


1. Online

Sexual activities in Phuket are moving alongside technology.

For example, on the island, there aren’t any swinging clubs but the swinger community is big. And they use sites like Asian Match Mate to arrange private group sex.

Couples are looking for other couples, men and women for sexual encounters, and vice versa.

Then you can meet Thai girls online for all sorts of arrangements. From fuck buddies to hookups to friends with benefits, there are plenty of options.


2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

phuket nightlife sex girls

Head down to Patong in Phuket if you are a party animal. There are nightclubs and pick up bars filled with hookers and some regular girls who need a good fuck.

Don’t expect to find everyday girls at night. They need to rest and work the next day. The most innocuous girls you see in nightclubs are freelancers looking for some easy money.

The best nightclubs and bars to pick up girls in Phuket are:

  • Suzy Wong – A gogo bar with sexy Thai girls dancing in a bikini. Available only for short time sex (2 hours).
  • Hollywood Disco – The most famous nightclub in Phuket to pick up Thai girls freelancing.
  • Patong Beer Bar Complex – An area with several beer bars employing Thai girls for companionship.


3. Erotic Massage Parlors

erotic massage in phuket

Several small massage parlors offer happy endings around Phuket as well as big soapy massage parlors that offer all-inclusive services.

In the small shops, you need to bargain your way for an erotic massage directly with the masseur. They offer handjobs, blowjobs and sex. Instead, the soapy parlors offer only full sex services at a fixed rate.

The best areas to get a happy ending massage in Phuket are Rat U Thit Road, Bangla Road, Sawatdirak Road and Phang Muang Sai Kor Road. While the most famous places that offer sex massages in Phuket are:

  • Christin Massage – In the middle of Patong, this soapy massage employs 10-20 girls at the rate of 3.000 baht.
  • Katherine Massage – Popular erotic parlor in Phuket city. There are several others in the area with rates at 2.500 baht for full service.


4. Street Hookers

phuket street hookers

If you want to pick streetwalkers in Phuket, head down to Bangla Road or Soi Seadragon, or Beach Promenade at night.

They are standing on the side of the road or walking around with friends. Some try to stop you, while others are too much shy to do so.

Some people have spotted hookers near Kamala Beach as well, but I never noticed them.


5. Escort Services

If you don’t have time to search for girls, an escort is an easy solution. Just search on the net, and you’ll find plenty of call girls in Phuket.

A few are independent, and others work for an agency. Expect to pay at least 5.000 baht per hour for an escort in Phuket.

There are better places to find girls in Phuket for sex, who charge an honest price while offering quality services.


6. Strip Clubs

phuket strip club

The strip club that might come closer to your understanding is Moulin Rouge in Soi Vegas. Russians run it, and it is the only place where you can pay to have sex with Russian girls in Phuket.

Thai strip clubs are known as gogo bars. Girls dance on a stage wearing a bikini, and in some places, there are strip shows at certain times. Suzy Wong’s Agogo is one of them.


7. Brothels

Thai girl in Phuket brothel

The two main streets with brothels in Phuket are Soi Freedom and Soi Crocodile. Both are in Patong town, and basically, they are sex bars.

Unlike Soi Seadragon and Soi Tiger where you’ll find expensive a Go Go bars with bikini ladies, here you’ll find cheap beer and on-premises action.

In Soi Crocodile you’ll find Kathoeys (Transvestites). They’ll invite you to the bar for a drink and then offer sexual services.

If you aren’t into ladyboys but prefer a brothel with CIS girls, go for a walk in Soi Freedom.


Phuket Girls Price

If you want to know the price for nightlife girls in Phuket as well as regular girls you meet during the day, below you can find the price menu.

The average street girl in Phuket asks at least 1.500 baht for a shoot while escorts as much as 5.000 baht per hour.

If you don’t like to pay for sex and you prefer something more intimate, you can get a temporary girlfriend in Phuket, which isn’t going to cost you that much. There is plenty of Thai girls craving to meet a foreign man.

So far, I’ve talked about freelancers and independent girls, but there are also businesses that sell sex. Here are the standard rates:

  • Gogo bars: 2.500 baht up to 5.000 baht for a short time (2 hours) or 5.000+ baht for all night.
  • Beer bars: 1.800-3.000 baht for all night.
  • Erotic soapy massage parlors: 2.500 baht to 3.500 baht.

The cheapest option is to rent Thai girls on dating sites.

There are plenty of ladies happy to get some tea money like 1.000 baht per day. It’s like having all the benefits of a girlfriend without the drama.


What About Sex And Girls In Phuket?

In a word… HOT… very HOT. There are many sluts that crave a foreign cock, and not necessarily to gain cash.

The first time I met a Thai girl in Phuket, I was blown away by her beauty, kindness and a deep desire to please.

Now, most girls in Phuket are easy to hook up with. The reason is most of them are working girls.

So, when out at night in clubs or bars, don’t get surprised to find it easy to start a conversation with the girls.

Fortunately, there are girls not working in the sex industry and interested to meet foreign men. You can recognize them because they act reserved and shy away when approached.

It takes some convincing and a few kind words to make them comfortable around you. But once you break the ice, it is pretty easy to warm them up.

When you have a proper system to hook up, most of the job is done.

Talking of that, if you want to meet girls in Phuket, choose a popular site in Thailand and text a few ladies. You’ll be surprised by their eagerness to reply to your messages.

Invite them out to a rooftop bar or for a walk by the beach at sunset… The girls love it because it’s romantic and you enjoy it because it is cheap.

It is also an excellent opportunity to see if she is your type of girl… And take her to your room if you are interested 🙂


Where To Find Single Girls In Phuket

You can easily get a Phuket girl for a week or two or a Thai sugar baby.

I’m not talking about prostitutes or women interested only in your money, but proper Thai girls dreaming of meeting a foreign man. Someone to share experiences and intimacy with.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Phuket

The best way to enjoy Phuket is to spend your holiday time with a beautiful local girl…

phuket girlfriend

She knows the island well, can speak the local language, and how to get the best deals… Not to mention the nights of intense sex and beautiful moments together. No feelings of loneliness and frustration because she looks after you.

In other words, having a girlfriend in Phuket improves your experience while eliminating most travel pitfalls.

That’s why I make sure to get in contact with local girls first and book accommodation or flight later.

I notice most men do the opposite. They get busy searching for a hotel, a car to rent, flight tickets and so on, but leave the essential task to the last minute: find a girl.

No wonder they end up with a prostitute and feel disappointed with the holiday. They think it is easy to get a proper Thai girl in a nightclub or bar, but it isn’t.

Proper girls don’t go out in popular tourist hot spots. You have to look somewhere else and be serious about it.

If you want a holiday girlfriend in Phuket, the best way is to use popular sites like Thai Friendly or Seeking.

On Thai Friendly, you’ll find girls with low education. You can have a good time if you don’t mind boring conversations but only need some companionship and intimacy.

Instead, if you value intelligent conversation and looking for an open-minded girlfriend in the bedroom Seeking is a better alternative.

To get started, sign up, create an honest profile and be clear about what you’re looking for.

Build your list of potential girlfriends, and once in Phuket, meet up and have fun.






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