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Where To Meet Russian Girls And Escorts In Phuket

If you are not interested in Thai girls, and you want to hook up with a Russian girl in Phuket, there are a few opportunities out there.

Due to the waiver of visas on citizens visiting either country, agreed upon by Russia and Thailand, there has been a huge contingent of Russians in Phuket.

Meaning that it’s quite easy for you to meet and get laid with Russian girls in Phuket. What it also means is that there are quite a good number of Russian singles craving sex while on vacation.

I know the age-old debate that if you want a Russian girl you should go to Russia and not Phuket. Yet, it can get boring to taste Thai Girls every other day.

Which brings us to the question, where exactly can you find Russian girls in Phuket?​

In this article, I’ll show you where to find Russian working girls as well as where to pick up everyday Russian ladies on vacation.


Russian Prostitutes & Hookers russian prostitute hooker in bangla road phuket

With Phuket having a large number of Russian, it is quite expected that you’d find a good number of Russian hookers.

There are also a good number of other nationalities represented in the sex trade in Phuket as well. But that is a discussion for another article.

So where do you start with your search?

1. Online

sexy russian girl in phuket

If you don’t enjoy going out at night or prefer a top class Russian companion in Phuket, you can find Russian girls on Seeking Arrangement.

You’ll find the girls to be higher class and more beautiful than Russian girls freelancing or working in bars.

You can create a profile on Seeking Arrangement without making your photo public. Yet, you can contact the girls, ask for their phone numbers, and privately discuss all the details.

2. Bars

There are a few bars in Bangla road where can have a few drinks and enjoy the company of a hot Russian chick.

When walking down the road, look for the promo girls…

If you’re aware of how strip clubs in Europe or America operate, you might know that drinks are very expensive and the girls have all sorts of policies. The same applies to Phuket bars owned by Russian

Basically, you need to spend big money on drinks first, and only later you might be able to convince a lap dancer to see you after work for a 10.000 baht+.

3. Nightclubs

Nightclubs are like paradise for singles when it comes to meet freelancer girls in Phuket. But let’s face it, you simply can’t just walk into any night club and expect to meet Russian freelancers (self-employed working girls).

You need to be specific with your search and narrow down the best places frequented by Russian freelancers. And the best nightclubs are:

Keep in mind the not all the Russian girls in those clubs are working girls, some of them are simply on vacation.

The standard rate for 1-2 hours with a Russian freelancer in Phuket is 4.000-6.000 baht and 8.000 baht for all night.

Of course, you should have a few drinks with her and some good time before heading to your place. Or you might risk her being moody and don’t have a good time.


Meet Single Russian Girls On Vacation

single russian girl on phuket beach
There are a good number of Russian single ladies in Phuket. Or at least they are singles while in Phuket, but when back to Russia they are married.

Anyway, if you feel confident approaching girls, visit Koran or Paradise Beach. Here you can find plenty of Russian ladies enjoying the sun and breeze.

But you have to make sure that there aren’t concessionaires that may bring up complications. And don’t forget to visit the bars and nightclubs where they go to chill out at night.


Russians Resident In Phuket

european women dancing in phuket nightclub

The number of Russian residents in Phuket is now around 5,000 marks, according to the local newspaper. Most of them are Russian girls employed as tour operators, real estate agents, and other service jobs.

You can hook up with them around town if you are confident enough to approach them.

The most popular nightclub where Russian residents usually hang out is Sugar Club. On weekends is your best bet to pick up as it is their day off.

Some girls might give you the impression to be stuck up or not sociable, but it’s how Russians behave in general.

Just say “hi” and carry on the conversation. When she knows a bit more about you, she is going to open up.

I hope this guide has given you a good rundown of places where you can meet Russian girls in Phuket. Have fun, get laid!