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Thailand Bar Fine: Meaning, Prices, And Tips

If it’s the first time you’re visiting a girlie bar in Thailand, you might have heard someone talking about bar fines.

Bar fines are common terms used in karaoke bars, nightclubs, beer bars, and coyote bars.

It’s easy to get confused or scammed on things like this. But if you want to have fun with Thai bar girls, there’s no way you won’t come across requests for a bar fine.

In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about paying bar fines in Thailand and also offer tips on how to go about it.


What Is The Meaning Of Bar Fine In Thailand

If you’re interested in a girl and want to take her out of the bar, you’ll have to pay a bar fine. Bar fines are compensatory fees to the bar for losing out on earnings for drinks sold by the girl.

The bar fine applies to any girl working in the bar. From the dancers to the waitress to the hostess.

After paying the fine, you can take the girl away from the bar for a few hours, a day, one week, or even for life.

It does not include any other expense that might come after taking the girl. So don’t be surprised if the bar girl asks for extra money.

For her time or services, you should deal privately before bar fining her. Generally, you get a better deal and avoid misunderstanding.


How Much Are Bar Fines In Thailand?

The price of a barfine depends on the place and time you’re picking up the girl.

Most bar owners charge more money when it’s early in the night. But once it’s past midnight, you will get a better deal.

The catch is that most hot bar girls would have been booked by midnight.

Actually, the majority of hot girls get bar fined several times during the night. They go with the customers to a nearby short time hotel and get back to the bar within two hours.

It’s hard to bar fine girls in high demand for all night unless you’re a regular or she is into you.

Some people take advantage of the cheap bar fines after midnight and take the girl out until the next day.

But keep in mind these girls are below average in attractiveness.

Additionally, bar fines in go-go bars are expensive compared to beer bars and karaoke bars.

Whatever price you get in gogo bars, you will pay 200-500 baht less in beer bars.

On this note, here are the prices of bar fines in Thailand’s major cities;

  • Bangkok: 600 – 2,000 baht for Go-Go bars
  • Pattaya: 700 -1,500 Baht for Go-Go bars
  • Phuket: 1000 – 2500 baht for Go-Go bars
  • Chiang Mai: 600-700 Baht for Go-Go Bars
  • Koh Samui: 600 – 800 baht for Go-Go bars
  • Udon Thani: 150 – 300 baht


Type Of Bar Fines

Prices for bar fines also depend on how much time you want to spend with the girl.

Here are the different types of bar fines you will find in Thailand:


Short Time

If you’re looking to spend just a few hours with a bar girl, you will be required to pay a short-time bar fine.

Depending on the bar rules, you will only get 1 or 2 hours with the girl. Be sure to communicate this before heading out.

After paying, the lady would lead you to a room on top of the bar or a nearby short-time hotel room.

Expect to pay 1000 baht to 3000 baht depending on the city’s location and the sophistication of the girl.

Keep in mind that before bar fining a girl, you will also have to buy the girl at least a drink which usually costs 140-200 baht.

And don’t believe her if she tells you that she will go for you if you buy a drink like the girl in this video…

Plus the hotel room is typically 200-300 baht for a few hours.

So when taking a bar girl out for short time, keep your budget within 1400-3500 baht.


Long Term

Long term bar fines are usually for the entire night. But can be also for a few days as some tourists rent a bar girl for the period of their vacation.

I don’t advise hiring a bar girl for a girlfriend experience, but rather renting a girl in other ways. Not only it’s cheaper, but more fun!

It’s even better to find a holiday girlfriend before your trip so you can build some emotional connection and get better intimacy with her.

The bar fine for the long term is usually between 2000-5000 baht a day. Typically, you will also have to consider the cost of accommodation, food, drink, etc.


For Life

For the right amount, it’s possible to get a girl released from working in the bar for life.

In most cases, a guy falls in love and wants to stop her from working there. So he pays a bar fine to the Mamasan to have the girl released.

The bar fine ranges between 5,000 to 50,000 baht. This is quite expensive but you will be getting the girl to yourself for as long as you want. Or at least until you can afford her.

Make sure to be clear about your expectation and budget because most bar girls are trying to fend for their families, and wouldn’t like their source of income cut short.


Alternatives To Bar Fining In Thailand

If you don’t want to spend money on bar fines, it’s possible to wait until the girl finishes work and then pick her up. Not all the girls accept this deal, but some do.

To avoid spending on bar fines which add up quickly during a vacation, it’s better to get a Thai girl to travel with you around Thailand.

Thai girl in holiday

Alternatively, you can get in contact with girls online interested to date foreign men. That’s the best companionship and intimacy you can get.

Let them know that you’re planning to visit Thailand and looking for friendship. Also, don’t forget to mention that you’re generous and fun to be with. Many Thai girls will jump at the opportunity.


Common Questions on Thailand Bar Fines


How much are bar fines in Thailand?

Bar fines in Thailand depend on various factors. But it ranges between 500-50.000 baht.


How much is the bar fine in Pattaya at the moment?

Pattaya bar fines cost between 700-1.500 Baht. I’ve written extensively about girls’ prices in Pattaya already.


What is a Lady drink in Thailand?

A lady’s drink is a mean to pay for her time. The girl gets a flat fee from the bar for every drink she can get from a customer.