Thai girl in Thailand

12 Types Of Thai Girls You’ll Meet In Thailand

There are all sorts of girls you’ll meet in Thailand… From the shy next-door type to the model wearing high heels and a shirt skirt.

This is only the personality and appearance, do not get me started with the sexual part.

There are kinky girls as well as vanilla ones in Thailand, so you should figure out who is who if you want to find your perfect match.

In this article, I’ve listed the main 12 types of girls in Thailand so you won’t get confused.


Sugar Babies

Thai sugar baby in Thailand

There are plenty of sugar babies in Thailand. And the one into foreign men can be found in tourist destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Phuket.

The most interesting part is that a Thai sugar baby can be anyone from a working-class individual to a college student.

Most Thai sugar babies are submissive and eager to please. After all, you’re the boss.

You can find them on sites like  Sugar Daddy Meet, around universities, upscale bars, and in exclusive events like fashion shows.


Fashion & Event Models

Thailand models are usually the hottest girls in the country. They are hard to socialize with and are rarely found in common places like bars and average restaurants.

Models are icons that influence a brand and participate in runway shows or other fashion/beauty contests.

You can find a Thai model in exclusive fashion shows and events, upscale bars and restaurants, and private parties.

However, fashion and event models are different from online influencers (more on them below).


Student Girls

thai university girl

Who isn’t attracted to a Thai university or college girl? They are young, hot, and eager to try new things.

Also, their sexy photos in uniform are been published all around the net. And now people fantasize about Thai students all around the world.

But many don’t know that many student ladies in Thailand make extra income on the side.


Office Girls


Thai girl at work

Even though a lot of foreigners think that most Thai girls are hookers, some actually work in an office.

However, some are independent but most aren’t, and they end up sugaring on the side to make ends meet.

You’ll find them behind the bank’s counter, in money exchanges, but most are working in the back office.

There are three ways to find a hot office girl:

  • Networking: Make friends with a white-collar worker who will introduce you to their female coworkers.
  • Dating sites: There are several popular dating sites in Thailand where you’ll find office girls looking for a boyfriend.
  • Nightclubs: On the weekend, office girls go out to have fun in nightclubs.


Party Girls

Thai girls partying

A party girl can be a singer, dancer, model, or net idol. Party girls are pretty, young, hot, and educated compared to most bar girls in Thailand.

They are hired to keep the guest entertained. Events such as bachelor and private parties and places like gentlemen’s clubs and nightclubs.

Generally, party girls are all about the party vibes. They can do all sorts of things to keep their client amused, such as pole dancing, doing shots, twerking, role-playing, and so on.

And because Thai party girls enjoy having fun, it’s common for them to end the night in bed with one of their customers.


Beer Bar Girls

Beer bar girls in Thailand

Beer bar girls are quite popular in tourist destinations like Pattaya, Koh Samui and Phuket.

They are basically your drink buddy if you happen to be alone or your female companion if you happen to be only with male friends.

Beer bar girls usually are in their late 20s and in their 30s, and are not the most attractive. The most attractive bar girls end up in the Gogo bars.


Gogo Bar Girls


Gogo bar girls are young, sexy and hot for action. Simply because they’ve to dance in a bikini and sometimes nude, to attract the attention of punters.

These dancers could also provide sexual services to any interested party for a fee. Just visit any red light district in Thailand and you’ll find plenty of good bar dancers.


Escorts & Call Girls

call girls Thailand

Thailand is a country where you can easily find companionship and sexual services thanks to the many escorts. You can find them online by searching on Google.

But keep in mind that they are pricey and usually offer a poor girlfriend experience. Especially if you’re in the capital.

There are better alternatives to call girls in Bangkok if you’re looking for a hot girl.



girls freelancing in Thailand

A freelancer can be a university student taking a break from school or a retired bar girl. Either way, freelancers are girls who hook up with guys in order to make extra cash.

You can hook up for a night or a few days, but not by the hour.

These types of Thai girls aren’t pro-hookers, but amatorial prostitutes trying to make a few extra bucks.

You can find Thai freelancers at public clubs, bars, and sex parties in Thailand.


Massage Girls

Thai massage girls in a soapy massage in Thailand

Thai massage girls know how to touch your body, not only for therapeutic reasons. A lot of them offer happy endings to clients.

There are areas with massage shops clustered together and girls outside trying to bring in customers. And high-end massage parlors knowns as soapy massage filled with young and hot Thai girls.


Social Media Idols

Thai girl modelling on OnlyFans

Social media Idols also known as “Net idols” are Thailand’s influencers, Onlyfans, TikTokers, and Instagram models.

These types of Tha girls are very sexy and attractive, which makes it easy for people to be obsessed with them.


Village Girl

If you’re familiar with places in Thailand, you must have heard about “Isaan”. It is the poorest region of the country.

Isaan girls move to other developed areas, to search for all sorts of jobs. But many end up as bar girls (I’ll talk more about bar girls below).

Village girls can be easily distinguished from other Thai girls based on their appearance, background, skin, physique, intelligence, and age.

These types of girls are known to be the most conservative, submissive, and hardworking in Thailand. Many foreign men marry them.


What Type Of Thai Girls Are Best For A Girlfriend Experience

If you’re in search of a girlfriend experience with a young, intelligent, and attractive Thai girl, you should find a college or university girl in Thailand.

Not only are student ladies accessible on dating sites, but they also offer a drama-free relationship when you pay for their tuition fees.

Also, most Thai students are open-minded and eager to explore sexual things with you.

However, if you want to find a girlfriend in Thailand for a serious relationship, I recommend an office girl. They are the best choice for a girlfriend among other types of girls in Thailand.

Having said that, if you meet a Thai model on the street like the guy in this video, don’t miss the opportunity…


FAQs About Thai Girls

– Is it easy to get Thai girls?

Yes, it is easy to get a Thai girl. Girls in Thailand are very straightforward and open-minded.

– How to meet girls in Thailand?

You can meet Thailand girls online, around the university, at clubs, bars, fashion shows, and private parties.

– Can I rent a girl in Thailand?

Yes, you can rent a girl in Thailand.