Find Sugar Babies In Vietnam: Costs, Options, And Tips

Sugar dating is commonly practiced in Vietnam. However, a large number of people have mistaken the true notion of sugaring for sex services.

However, there are still a bunch of sugar babies who understand what sugar dating truly means.

And they are looking forward to an intimate girlfriend experience with a generous and sweet sugar daddy.

We understand that looking for a sugar baby in Vietnam can be overwhelming, mostly due to the large number of flakes that must be filtered out.

In this article, we are going to explore the best ways to find a Vietnamese sugar baby, but we also offer tips and rates, so you can get into it right away.


Where Can I Find Sugar Babies in Vietnam?

Sugar websites are commonly used to find a sugar partner in Vietnam, but, there are other options that you can employ as well.

Here are the best five ways to find a sugar baby in Vietnam.


1. Lifestyle Dating Sites

Most people are particularly drawn to using Seeking to look for arrangements in Vietnam.

Once you’ve signed up on the site, you will find many Viet students and girls working regular jobs, and looking for some sugar.

Once you have found the right girl on Whats Your Price, go for a Meet & Greet date to feel her vibe. Also, it is normal to have some intimacy after the date so you get to find out if she is into your kinks.

Keep in mind that several Vietnamese sugar babies have a bad habit of putting false information on their sugar profile. If you’re not sure about something, just video call her before the meet & greet date.


2. Social Media Channels

It is no news that sugaring in Vietnam is widely commercialized and advertised.

You can easily find sugar babies advertising their availability on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter.

A Vietnamese sugar baby’s social media page usually includes information about herself, what she’s looking for, and what she’s willing to provide.

For example, “I’m 21 years old, 164cm, light-skinned, medical student, living in Hanoi, and looking for a sugar daddy to provide for me…”

There are also multiple Facebook groups where sugar babies hang out.


3. Upscale Restaurants and Bars

High-class Viet sugar babies hang around upscale restaurants and bars looking for wealthy sugar daddies.

In big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, there are several venues. You can easily find out about the business hotels in the city and go for a drink or dinner there.

If you see a young girl all alone, just approach and offer a drink.


4. Around Universities

Vietnamese sugar baby near university

It is no news that the higher percentage of Vietnamese sugar babies are students.

According to this report, about 42% of sugar babies in Vietnam are students searching for extra income.

This is why it is highly advisable to hang around or attend social events located around the universities. If your hotel or apartment is around a university, that’s even better.

For starters, you can visit a café in the area at lunchtime and strike random conversations with the girls eager to speak with you. It won’t take long before a lady offer to become your sugar baby.


5. Sugar Brokers

In Vietnam, numerous brokers act as middle-man between any potential sugar daddy and sugar baby.

The good thing about brokers is that you can tell them what you’re looking for in a sugar baby, and they’ll match you.

Yet, make sure that the brokerage service is not a disguised sex work service.


How Much Do You Pay A Sugar Baby In Vietnam?

A Vietnamese sugar baby’s average cost can be between VND7 to 30 million Dong per month if you’re into exclusivity.

However, if you prefer to pay for visit, it’ll cost you about VND1.5 to 7 million Dong for a stunner. But in this case, she’ll have multiple sugar daddies.

There are sophisticated, intelligent and beautiful Viet sugar babies that command high prices around VND50-100 million Dong per month.

But they usually don’t accept foreign sugar daddies. Unless you can speak Vietnamese.

The standard rates for sugar babies in Vietnam change based on location. In cities and major tourist destinations expect to pay at least double then sugar babies recruited in second-tier cities.

Just keep in mind that most sugar babies in Vietnam are happy if you can cover their rent and bills. And some extra pocket money occasionally will do.

This video give you a good idea about the cost of living in Vietnam…

So you can figure out how much a Vietnamese sugar baby might cost you.


Tips For Sugar Daddy In Vietnam

There are many sugar babies in Vietnam, but finding the right sugar baby isn’t that easy. After all, there are many hookers and gold diggers in the country.

Below are some tips to avoid bad experiences:

• Be Private – When associating with a sugar baby, avoid talking about your net worth, money storage, or any other monetary and confidential information about you.

• Understand the Vietnamese Dating Culture – If you’re going for a Vietnamese sugar baby, it would be advantageous to learn a little about how to date Vietnamese girls.

• Meet & Greet Date – A Meet & Greet date is essential for every sugaring relationship. The date would help you discern the necessary details of the relationship.

• Set a clear boundary – Setting a boundary with your sugar baby would help create an organized and clear relationship. However, do not act nonchalant about this.

• Communication – To get the best intimate girlfriend experience, you should be knowledgeable about the basic parts of the Vietnamese language.

This would improve your communication with any Vietnamese sugar baby.


Sugaring In Vietnam FAQs

What are the best sites for sugar dating in Vietnam?

I’ve reviewed some sugar sites as well as hook-up and dating sites here.

Is having a sugar baby considered appropriate in Vietnam?

Having a sugar baby is appropriate in Vietnam, as long as it does not promote sex work.

What is the best city for sugar dating in Vietnam?

The best city for sugar dating in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City.