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smooci review

Smooci Review: Escort Booking Site

Smooci has been introduced in Bangkok as an escort booking site in 2016. Since then it expanded to Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and in a few parts of Europe.

The reason for its success is because it solves common industry problems: bait and switch, false ages and heavily photoshop pictures.

Meaning, by booking an escort using Smooci, you decrease the chances to get a girl that doesn’t look like her photo or get a girl that isn’t your selection.

In this Smooci review, I’ll explain exactly how the platform works, what to expect from your experience, and whether or not it is worth using.


How Smooci Work

It works exactly like Uber or Grabs, the only difference is you book an escort instead of a taxi.

You pick a location, a time, how long you want to book an escort for and choose one of the many available independent girls and those from trusted escort agencies. Within 3 minutes, you receive a confirmation with her location and how long it will be before she arrives.

If before you’ve used Uber or Grabs, you’ll find your self comfortable using Smooci.

Now, to be clear, Smooci is a tech company, not an escort agency. Meaning it’s the meeting point between escorts and customers, making sure both parties have a safe and discreet experience.

For example, if an escort girl gets flagged from a customer – she has uploaded an old picture, or she doesn’t perform the services stated on her profile – her account gets reviewed by Smooci and can potentially be banned. The same can happen for a customer that miss behave.

So, it’s a fair platform that helps both parties to have a good experience.


My Personal Experience On Smooci

Not often I book an escort girl because I have a good system in recruiting Asian girls online. But I was intrigued at how Smooci has created this vast network of escorts that are ready any time.

The right occasion came when I passed by Bangkok only for a night. No way I could hook up with a Thai girl if not an escort as I would check in the hotel at 10 pm and had to wake up at 6 am.

So, I booked in advance this young spinner for 10.30 pm…

smooci escort girl in bangkok

If you are wondering, I requested the bunny outfit too 🙂

She arrived 15 minutes late, that pissed me off but soon realized that in Thailand, it’s hard to get someone to meet you in time.

The good thing is she looked like in the photo and was more than willing to perform.

When you pick up an escort from Smooci, you know that she won’t complain and she will be ready to do whatever you want… Her reviews depend on it.


How Much It Cost To Use Smooci?

You can use Smooci for free, but there aren’t benefits in doing so. You can book an escort but you can’t:

  • read her reviews
  • you can’t chat with her before booking
  • you must book within 24 hours
  • the minimum time service is two hours, not one hour (yes, it’s more expensive)
  • can select only escort available at the moment, not the girls offline.

Basically, if you don’t become a premium member, you are booking a girl the same way you would from an escort directory or directly from an agency.

Premium membership is preferable and very affordable considering the benefits:

  • 3 days: $9.99
  • 7 days: $14.99
  • 30 days: $24.99
  • 1-year: $99.99

So, what are the benefits?


Membership Benefits

Here the list of benefits when you buy a premium membership:

  1. Can book a girl for only 1-hour instead of the standard 2 hours.
  2. Live chat with the girls – so you can bargain the price and ask for special requests.
  3. Online notifications – this allows premium members also to search offline Escorts and click to be notified when that Escort next comes online.
  4. Advance booking – standard members get to book up to 4 hours in advance, premium members up to 24 hours.
  5. Comments – can read girl’s reviews from other customers. Useful to know how the girl perform.
  6. Photo Seal – photos that receive a high number of votes from members, get a budge.
  7. Age verification – companions can verify their age by sending their ID card. As a premium member, you can see the ‘age verified’ seal

Furthermore, using Smooci allow you to see girls from different agencies plus independent escorts all in one place.


So… Is It Worth It?

Depend on how you value your time. If you don’t have the time to scout for girls on dating sites or can’t bother to visit the red light districts, booking an escort using Smooci is the way to go.

I’d rather spend the additional US$10 for the membership and have a good experience, rather see US$100+ going down the drain because I book the girl from an escort directory found on the net.

I also noticed that Smooci cost you less than going to the bars. The reason is most you waste time and money on drinks and bar fines from finding a woman that you really like. With Smooci, the whole process is much less complicated.

All that said, I still prefer dating sites to prostitution. I do see the appeal for those that have more money than time though.


How To Get Started On Smooci

Visit Smooci’s homepage and press the big pink button “book an escort”. Follow the simple steps until you get to show the girls…


Choose a girl by clicking on her photo, and there you’ll find her info. There are a few options that required you to become a premium member to enjoy the Smooci Premium features:

  • Booking Escorts for 1 hour
  • Track your escort
  • See photo and age verification
  • Read customer reviews
  • Offline Searches and Notifications

You just need to sign up, and Smooci will send you an email confirming your membership details…


NOTE: You pay with credit card only for the membership on Smooci. You’ll have to pay for the escort girl in cash once she arrives at your room. As said earlier, Smooci is a tech company and has nothing to do with the escorts.

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