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Guide to Dating Cebu Girls For Single Guys

If you are planning to visit this city because you want to meet single girls in Cebu, this guide is for you.

I will show you the best ways to hook up with local Filipina at any time of the day and night.

First, we get into Cebu nightlife with the hottest clubs and bars to pick up girls at night. Then, we talk about how you can play your day game and meet girls online.

That way, you can meet women in Cebu in any way you are most pleased. Also, I’d chip in a few tips to make your dates with Cebu girls a win.

Let’s get started with…


Cebu Nightlife for Singles

Let’s start the night game with the best pick up bars in Cebu because they are the go-to spots to flirt and meet girls early in the evening.

The hookers usually dominate the scene during the weekdays but some office girls might come around early to have some fun.

During weekends is your best bet to hook up with students and office girls as they go out to have fun. But don’t worry, you are going to meet Cebuana any day of the week in a way or the other.

This is a dating guide, so I’m going to focus on every day single girls, not professional hookers. If you prefer to pay for sex and want to meet Cebu girls for rent, you can make a deal with freelancers to stay with you during your vacation.

Mango Avenue used to be the top spot in Cebu but many clubs are been closed down and it isn’t any more fun how it used to be.

However, Club Holic still rocks and is still a great place for weeknights. If you want some more fun, you can head up to Mandaue City where you’ll find plenty of Cebuana singles clubbing.

That said, you should know that most, if not all of these areas have hookers and ladyboys hanging around in bars and clubs.

Although it shouldn’t be a problem as you can easily spot them from the fun-seeking girls.

If you prefer a place with fewer hookers, I recommend going down to Davao for dating girls.


Best Bars To Pick Up Girls In Cebu

  1. The Distillery

This is a high-end bar where mainly high-class girls go to enjoy exotic and assorted drinks.

  1. Blu

It’s a classy bar that serves great booze and awesome food. The girls here are also classy and usually independent women. If you are into milf type of girls, this is the place for you.

  1. All Stars

It’s a great sports bar that offers live music, live sports and of course, plenty of sexy girls.


Best Nightclubs To Hook Up with Davao Girls


  1. OQtagon by J. AVE

It’s a famous nightclub with a large foreign crowd.

  1. Liv Super Club

A great club to party and meet quality Filipino girls on weekends. Low ratio of hookers and ladyboys so you know you are dealing with office and independent women.

  1. Club Holic

It’s the hottest club in Mango Avenue and has a crowd with mixed backgrounds. It’s always bubbling through the week and has lots of young Filipina girls.

  1. Club Icon

It’s located in the heart of Cebu City with lots of office girls partying during the weekends.

  1. Complex Bar and Lounge

It’s a great place to chill and enjoy contemporary music while hook up with easy going Filipina girl.


How To Meet Women During The Day

cebu girl in shopping mall

If you are not a fan of the nightlife scene, there are still lots of women in Cebu to meet during the day.

The city is underdeveloped and isn’t really a great location for day game, except for the shopping malls. The most popular one is the Ayala Center Shopping Mall located in the city center.

Cebu women are friendly and most speak at least basic English, making it easier to communicate with the girls. If you find some to be too friendly and smile sheepishly at you then she might be a hooker.

Just make a quick and smart judgment before you approach any girl.

Keep in mind that most girls in Cebu are really shy, so be gentle in your approach.

Here are the best malls where to pick up Cebu girls:


Chat With Single Girls Online


Most guys find strange to walk up to a girl and start a conversation, others fear to be rejected or ignored altogether.

A softer approach to meet single girls is through Cebu dating sites where girls with a fetish for foreigners hang around.

On those dating sites you can meet different kinds of women in Cebu – There are students, office girls, independent women and as I said earlier, most have a fetish for foreign men.

You don’t have to worry about getting into a sticky situation in public anymore, all you have to do is to send a few messages to the girls that you like and get the conversation going.

When she replies, you know that she is interested in you and that you are going to score. Just keep things simple and be honest, you can rest assured to get laid at the first or second date.

The good thing about meeting girls online is that you can build a friendly relationship without wasting money on drinks or dinners.

When you both clicks, you can date in real life without feeling embarrassed because you aren’t anymore two strangers. That way you can go from a date, to a kiss and to sex in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.


Tips For Single Guys

Now that I’ve shown you the best ways to meet singles, it’s natural to get ready for your first date in Cebu.

A great place to set up dates is in Ayala Mall at the heart of the city. There are restaurants and bars where you can spend time with her.

You can also take a romantic walk in IT Park after a date at the Ayala Mall, it’s the perfect place to kiss her.

If you prefer a romantic evening, there are many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs where you can take your date to.

Also, don’t forget that Filipina girls in Cebu love to sing and dance. After dinner head into one of the many families Karaoke to make her really into you.

Cebu women really appreciate a meal at Jollibee or Burger King or any good fast food outlet. It might seem lame but for them, it’s better than an expensive dinner in some classy place.

If you are into young girls, there are many universities and campus locations around Cebu City where you can hook up with students. Most of them are attracted to foreigners thanks to the widespread of international movie and songs.

Yes, you are a kind of knight on a white horse sort of speak.

In general, Cebu is a great place for single guys to meet women for a relationship or a fling. Plus, going out on dates is relatively cheap.


Enjoy Dating Cebu Girls


Metro Cebu is the second largest metropolitan area in the Philippines with a great deal of hot Cebu girls to hook up with.

There are plenty of women with a fetish for foreign men. Just look in the right places as we’ve explained earlier and you will find your wife, girlfriend or a one-night stand.

Once you get them talking to you, just go for a date at Ayala Mall or around Mango Avenue at night to close the deal. It usually doesn’t take long before getting laid depending on your confidence and the type of girl you are dealing with.

But I can assure you, dating Cebu girls is an awesome experience whatever the end result is going to be.

Now, we can call it the day on this guide to meet and date women in Cebu. Enjoy your stay in the city.