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filipino cupid review

Filipino Cupid Review

If you would like to meet Filipino girls, the easiest way is through this dating site. The reason is simple: it’s the biggest dating site in the Philippines with 3.5 Million users worldwide. It specifically caters to matching Filipinas to foreign men.

In this review, I’ll show you how to use Filipino Cupid effectively so you don’t waste money and time in useless shenanigans. Instead, you get to meet beautiful women that scream for your attention…


This Site Is All About Connecting Filipino Women With Foreign Men

Filipino men do not use the website while Filipina girls use it exclusively to meet foreign guys…

Filipina girls on filipino cupid

That is already half the job done for you. You might know this already, but not all Filipinas are into foreign men. Actually, the majority only feel comfortable with a man with a similar background and culture.

If you plan to meet girls directly in the Philippines like in malls or clubs, you’ll have to go throughout heavy rejections simply because you are not a Filipino. That can be detrimental for your self-esteem.

The first time I visited the Philippines in 2009, I felt depressed to get rejected so often. I didn’t know that most Filipinas weren’t interested in foreigners. I’m talking about regular girls here, not bar girls and prostitutes.

Back then dating sites weren’t popular, so the only way to meet Filipinas were to approach in malls, streets, clubs or get introduced by friends. Today thanks to the spread of the internet and cheap smartphone, online dating is the way to go.

Filipino Cupid is a great solution because it’s only used by Filipinas interested in foreign men, and most of them can speak proper English. Communication is fundamental to build trust and intimacy.

You don’t need to try your luck by approaching women on the street or somewhere else for that matter, on Filipino Cupid any woman is open to the idea to meet a foreigner.


My Personal Experience With Filipino Cupid

In the beginning, it seems the girls are only looking for love or a serious relationship… At least is what they all say. But in reality, I realized Filipino Cupid could be also used as a hookup tool.

As in real life, women say a thing but they mean something else. These are dynamics at play: men want to get laid with different women while women want to settle down and have kids.

The most powerful way a woman has to keep a man interested is to please him. It can be intellectually or sexually or both.

When I used Indonesian Cupid for the first time, I soon realized girls were eager to meet up. It didn’t take weeks of chatting, but a couple of days were enough to build trust and sexual attraction.

You can get several women interested in you simultaneously in a short span of time when is most convenient to you… And once in the Philippines, you can get intimate right off the plane.

That’s the reason why whenever I plan to visit the Philippines, a few weeks before my arrival, I start conversations with girls in the location I’m planning to visit.

You can always find a few friendly and beautiful girls willing to take you for a tour of their place…

filipino cupid reviews


The Pros & The Cons of Filipino Cupid

There are good and less desirable things about Filipino Cupid. Let’s start with the downside:

  • There are millions of users, but not all active. The best way to avoid the inactive profiles who clutter the site is to search for members online or have logged in recently.
  • The profile photos aren’t so clear. I think the reason is Filipino Cupid need to reduce picture size to keep the site fast.
  • There are so many options to help you search the perfect match that can be overwhelming. I wish they toned it down a little.

And now the good points:

  • You can sign up for free and get a feel for the site before you decide to become a member.
  • A huge pool of girls. You can find girls in their 20s, 30s and even 40s if milfs are your thing.
  • You can find many girls also in smaller cities in the Philippines.
  • The membership is cheap considering all the good features you get like VIP badge, you can message or video chat to any girls and use their translation service. If you become a member for one year, it’s $11-12 per month.
  • You can cancel your membership anytime.

If this it’s something you want to use to meet Filipino single girls, then…


How To Use Filipino Cupid

Upon landing on Filipino Cupid’s homepage, new users are prompted to register. Add your email, create a username, choose a password, and write a short 10-words introduction.

When writing your profile, write in simple English. Put out there your feelings why you want to meet a Filipino woman.

Yes, feelings. Women are receptive to emotions, especially from a man. By saying something like: “I have a strong desire to meet a woman that can love herself and allow me to love her deeply.”

Then, upload at least 3 pictures of yourself dress nicely. I’ve found that using real-life photos are the best way to portrait yourself as real as it gets. So when you meet, she’ll have an instant connection with you.

After signing up, you can find several potential matches at the top of your personal home.

filipino cupid dating site

If you would like to look for members in other destinations or to refine your preferences, you can do it manually: age range, location and mile radius, race, sexual orientation, body type, and marital status.

If you want to get many matches, you need to work hard on your profile’s photo and communication system.

As with all dating sites, your chances of being pursued are way higher if you have quality pictures and a genuine profile that lets people know they’re not dealing with someone sketchy.

Keep in mind that you will get nowhere if you are thinking to use the site for free. Think about it, if you can’t afford such an affordable membership, which woman would take you seriously.

Yes, online the reputation is essential… And that is earned by getting a membership and by not spamming girls with copy-paste messages.

You can create your free Filipino Cupid account here