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How To Find Escorts In Manila: Places And Costs

Most men think the only way to find an escort in Manila is to use an escort agency or scout for call girls on ads directories.

And that’s a shame because there are better ways to get escort services in Manila.

By escort girls, I’m referring to ladies that offer companionship, intimate moments, tour you around the city, and general entrainments. Similar perks of renting a girlfriend in the Philippines.

In a country where the majority of people make a mere $150 per month, there is an army of beautiful and young girls that crave some extra income.

So, the Manila call girls available on escort agencies and ads directories are only a fraction of the total available ladies in Manila.

On top of that, booking a professional escort isn’t always the best solution unless you are ok with mechanical sex.

In this article, I’m going to explain the best ways to find ladies in Manila willing to offer companionship and intimacy. Whether it’s for a few hours or days.

Also, you’ll find Manila’s escort rates so you can immediately get down to business.


Where To Find Manila Escorts

If you’re looking for an escort by the hour, your best option is to book a call girl from an escort agency or on personal ads directories. In this case, you can also visit the red light areas if you aren’t too distant.

Yet, if you want to rent an escort for a day or more, you should recruit her from a popular dating site or arrangement site as explained below.


Call Girls By The Hour

Probably you’re in Manila only for a short period, and you want just to get laid. It’s only a matter to book n escort and pay her fee.

If you’re after high-class escorts, use exclusively agencies. I’ve reviewed the best escort agencies in Manila so you can pick the right fit for your needs.

For cheaper options, you can find independent escorts on ads classified sites like Locanto.


Escort Girl For Long Term Arrangements

When you want a girl to escort you around, you have basically two options:

  1. find a female travel companion
  2. get a sugar baby

There are many girls in the Philippines that want to travel but can’t afford it. Simply scout for a Filipina travel companion and cover her expenses to travel with you.

If you prefer to have a young and beautiful girlfriend but don’t want to deal with relationship drama, simply get a sugar baby in the Philippines.

There are many college and university girls who struggle to make ends meet, and looking for a generous man. You get all the benefits of having a girlfriend but without the downsides.


What’s The Price For An Escort In Manila?

The price for an escort girl in Manila depends on where you get her from.

For example, a student girl escorting you for a few days will cost much less than a call girl booked through an escort agency.

When you give a student girl 1.000 Pesos per day she’ll be grateful for your generosity. A professional escort won’t even consider meeting you. That’s why it’s important to recognize the different types of escort ladies in Manila.

Now, if you’re wondering how much a Manila escort is going to cost you, here are the typical rates:

Agency’s escorts: 2.500-5.000 Pesos per hour depending on whether she is Filipina or a Russian escort.

Independent escorts: 1.500-3.000 Pesos for two hours. Some might accept to extend the service for 5.000 Pesos per day if there is some sort of chemistry.

Civilian escort girls (students, girls with a regular job, etc.): 500-1.000 Pesos for a night. 1.000+ Pesos per day. Less than 15.000 Pesos per month in case you want to hire her as your Filipino girlfriend.



Best & Worst Escorts In Manila

The best and cheapest escorts in Manila are the civilian girls that need some extra cash. If you have the choice, go for university girls.

University girls have a playful attitude that is very easy to get along with. On top of that, they are curious and want to try new things.

The lifespan of a university girl working as an escort is usually less than a year. Basically, until she finds a sponsor that supports her needs or she starts to work and get regular income.

But occasionally, some of the girls are open to the idea to meet with you over the years for a good time together even without financial compensation.

On the other hand, the worst escorts are the ones from agencies. Not only they are expensive, but they make you feel like a customer rather than a lover or an intimate friend.

In conclusion…

Professional call girls aren’t that intimate, but for a quick fuck, they are ok.

Whereas civilian girls escorting as a side gig are more enthusiastic and offer a wholesome connection with intimacy. An excellent option if you want something more than just sex.

Have fun in Manila!